Renae & Dwayne Knowles

Renae and Dwayne Knowles

Renae & Dwayne Knowles

Obviously we love to travel - who doesn't?!!.

Each traveller has their own style and I describe them in three styles - McDonalds, Cafe & Degustation.
1) McDonald's - country hopping in a drive thru fashion
2) Cafe - choosing a smaller region to linger and explore
3) Degustation - choosing a town and living like a local

Our travel style is Cafe - choosing a smaller region to explore and soak up the atmosphere in. I like to journal my experiences and thoughts and share them with friends and family. And I like to revisit the memories once we're home, reading and reminiscing on what we shared.

I hope you enjoy reading our tales as much as I enjoy writing them, and the ultimate joy for us would be that you find inspiration and ideas for your own trip.

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin March 26th 2015

Arrived at dusk into Dublin and made our way to the apartment. The first surprise of the stay was finding out we’d been upgraded to a 2bd apartment. Given Dale didn’t have to stay on the sofa bed and we had room for our luggage, this was most appreciated. The second surprise was that whilst we’d had 13C in the Alps and shed thermals because they were not needed, it was 9C on the coast and the thermals were getting active use. Oh the irony! The Irish are very accommodating. We went out for dinner to The Brazen Head, which is the oldest pub in Ireland, established in the mid 1100’s. I asked Dwayne to order me a sparkling apple juice and the waiter brought out a 750ml bottle of apple cider instead. I commented that ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Meribel March 23rd 2015

Skiing in The Three Valleys Our second week in catered chalets continued at Freeride Lodge, based in Meribel Mottaret. As it turned out, Mottaret was arguably the best location in the whole resort. Meribel is right in the middle valley, with Courcheval and Val Thorens on either side. So we were only 1 gondola ride from all 3 resorts. The other benefit of Motteret is that it’s at the high end of the Meribel valley so is at 1750m. When it snows in Mottaret, it can rain in Meribel, 3km down the road at 1450m. We arrived on Sunday and met Lisette for lunch, as she’s been there for 3 months doing her ski instructors course. I always love rendezvousing with people overseas. It was quite cool that day and we were hopeful for a few ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Montchavin March 14th 2015

I’ve been quite slack when it comes to blogging, mainly because we’ve been tired at the end of each day so writing seems too big a task. However, I’ll do a summary of the places we’ve visited since arriving so at least you have an update of some sort. Paris We arrived in Paris on a chilly Tuesday morning and made our way to our brilliantly located apartment in the 10th arrondisment (Republique). The owner allowed us to check in early at 10am so we dropped our bags, freshened up with showers and headed back out to sightsee. We decided to explore the local area so we walked up to the Place de Republique, stopping at every boulangerie to check out patisserie items, and criss-crossed through the 10th, up to the Canal St Martin. The temp ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes March 2nd 2015

Mon 2-Mar - SYD > SIN on SQ232 @ 1215 - 1720, SIN > AUH on EY 473 @ 1945 - 2335 Tue 3-Mar - AUH > CDG on EY 31 @ 0225 - 0710 Wed 4-Mar - Paris Thu 5-Mar - Paris Fri 6-Mar - Paris > Lyon @ 0955 - 1156 on TGV Sat 7-Mar - Lyon Sun 8 -Mar - Lyon > Montchavin Mon 9-Mar - Paradiski (Le Plagne, Les Arcs) Tue 10-Mar Wed 11-Mar Thu 12-Mar Fri 13-Mar Sat 14-Mar Sun 15-Mar - Meribel Mottaret (Three Valleys) Mon 16-Mar Tue 17-Mar Wed 18-Mar Thu 19-Mar Fri 20-Mar Sat 21-Mar Sun 22-Mar - LYS > DUB on EI 553 @ 1555 - 1710 Mon 23-Mar - Dublin Tue 24-Mar - Dublin Wed 25-Mar - Wicklow NP Thu 26-Mar - DUB > AUH on ... read more

Europe October 7th 2014

Europe October 7th 2014

Photos from our 2014 Eastern Europe trip.... read more

Asia » Singapore October 7th 2014

Sabbath, 4 Oct - Singapore Arrived safely in Singapore on Sabbath arvo and met up with Mum and Dad at our hotel. We went to Little India to a restaurant recommended by a couple of articles that placed it in the top 10 Indian places to eat. The food was nice, but not comparable to some of the great Indian food we have had elsewhere. The first thing I noticed about Singapore is the overwhelming number of people. It makes Poland look positively empty! Especially when we wandered Little India, my disinterest in visiting India was confirmed. I understand why Aussie families come to Asia for cheap holidays, but Singapore isn’t cheap so I have no idea why so many of them are here. Still, it’s very much a cross between East and West – it’s ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 4th 2014

Monday 29 Sep – Budapest Today is 23C and sunny. Our hotel had THE best beds we’ve encountered in Europe. The only bed that stands out even more is the Westin heavenly beds (and of course, my own latex piece of awesomeness)! Eger is a cute town surrounded by vineyards. It’s famous for Bull’s Blood – a type of dry red wine. Nothing to do with animals but that was the rumour back in the 1500’s and it’s stuck ever since. There is an old fort that is being renovated, although you can still wander around it whilst they are hammering away. It gives a good view of the town. We decided to have lunch here before heading to Budapest since there was a 3-course meal on offer for 1300HUF ($7) at one of the restaurants. ... read more
140929 - Hungary
140930 - Budapest 1
140930 - Budapest 2

Europe » Slovakia September 29th 2014

Tuesday 23 Sep – Zakopane We regrettably checked out of our palace and given it was still raining, made tracks to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, about 30mins out of Krakow. It has been a working mine since the early 1200’s and only stopped production in 1997. It is only open for tourism now, and they sure do capitalise on it with a horrendous entry fee (more than any other attraction we’ve been to). There are 9 floors within the mine ranging from 62m – 327m below ground, 300km of corridors and about 3000 chambers. All individual tourists are forced into a guided group, aka Auschwitz style. Unfortunately our guide was an older lady with a bored expression and a quiet, monotone voice with such terrible English that we could barely understand her. Whenever someone asked her ... read more
140924 - Morksie Oko 1
140924 - Morskie Oko 2
140924 - Morskie Oko 3

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków September 22nd 2014

Sabbath, 20 Sep – Krakow The rain and cold that was supposed to be in Vilnius has finally caught up to us. It started raining overnight so we slept in, had a lazy breakfast and then walked around our district, Kazimierz (the Old Jewish Quarter) in Krakow. There are a number of synagogues and Jewish restaurants all within the small suburb, although the businesses don’t all observe Sabbath as most were open. Since the Jews were forcibly relocated to the ghetto in 1941, other people moved in and have lived here ever since, so it is Jewish mainly in name. In 1987 some Jews started to return to the area however but they are still small in number and mostly older Krakovians. After wandering Kazimierz, we crossed the river to what used to be the ghetto. ... read more
140920 - Krakow 2
140921 - Krakow 3
140921 - Krakow 4

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