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5th October 2022

Thanks for Sharing
It's great to hear about a cruise in Alaska that has some normalcy to it... not every cruise can have the great weather and "once in a lifetime" experiences! It was refreshing to hear about clouds and rain and "normal" Alaskan weather. Thanks for sharing.
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2nd October 2022

I’ve enjoyed the tales...
as much as I’ve enjoyed penning them. While you may have had bad weather for your cruise, you saw many more animals than we did on the same cruise in 2008. I agree that Utah and Arizona should be on everyone's destination list!
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15th September 2022

thanks Renae and Dwayne for doing this hike ... we won't have to now!!! What spectacular views ...
13th September 2022

No small holiday!
Love reading your blogs and look forward to living vicariously through you! Stay safe and well my friends.
12th September 2022

Zion National Park was lovely but we particularly loved Bryce canyon. We also loved the inside passage Alaskan cruise. Enjoy.
11th September 2022

It is a wonderful itinerary!
I look forward to reading your blogs.
11th September 2022

Enjoy your holiday. Will look forward to reading your blogs
13th April 2020

Fellow wailer here for you!!!
I agree with you that the most frustrating part of this is the illogical government regulations and overreacting response to the virus. I say, let the virus run rampant across our countries to build up herd immunity, and advise those at risk, such as myself, to maintain social distancing and washing hands often. And it that doesn't work, I'll take hydrochloroquine which big pharma is fighting like hell to keep from being the inexpensive solution to the whole mess. The big argument here is that Trump believes that he can lift the shutdown, and the governors think only they can. The matter is moot as without Trump's support for more money, the governors will then have the bear the financial burden of a continued shutdown in their own state. I appreciate what you wrote about Good Friday and Easter.
13th April 2020

Happy to be home
What a trip...a 20th Wedding Anniversary that will dance dinner parties for years...the highs & lows with incredible lows. Being a Sydneysider following fulltime ABC through the bushfires, floods and now the matter what your thoughts were on the doomed Zaandam and numerous carriers and airports...I believe you were never out of mind of the Australian Government. Desperate Yes...abandoned No. We have been walking a tightrope in Oz and there is still a rough road to go. But in Oz thanks be to God and the Australian Government there is no safer place to be. Now you are safely on our shores its time to hear the magpies and kookaburras sing and as long as we all observe safe distancing we will overcome this pandemic for sure. Welcome home. At last you are safe. Time to dream of Torres del Paine and something to look forward to. The thrill of entering that park once denied...when you do so should be (other than Oz) your most beautiful place in the World.
From Blog: The Journey Home
10th April 2020

I'm pleased to hear that you made it home!
You experienced bureaucracy at its worst and inconsistent behavior. Trump really is trying to break through this bureaucracy. My guess is that he is going to start reopening our economy on 1 May, despite the screams of his medical advisors and their supporters of the main stream media. I'm in the 65+ age with underlying conditions so I will continue to practice social distancing and hand washing, but that's it because if I catch Covid-19 I will just get a prescription for hydrochloriquine and be done with it. The U.S. should be letting a herd immunity build up.
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30th March 2020

What a disaster...
the Panamanian authorities are sadists. They are now on my do not go list should I visit Central America. I don't think much of Holland American Federal bailout for them since their ships aren't registered in the U.S. to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
30th March 2020

Precious friend, your struggle is real, but Your Saviour has not forgotten you. Each worry you've had. Each tear you've shed. He has seen each one and is right by your side even now giving you strength, giving you courage, flooding you with hope, surrounding you with protection, covering you with grace. You know whom you have believed... He is in this boat with you... and He's heard your cry! ? He's not sleeping. Stand up with Him now. Call upon Jesus' faith to so fill you that you can speak peace and hope into the ship wherever you are! There is no greater power on earth than all that is bestowed in your best friend! He will never leave your side!!! PAPA GOD, our loving King, be very near to Renae and Dwayne right now and all those on their boat. Stand up in their ship this moment and speak words of peace, healing, restoration, life and courage. Squeeze their hands Lord Jesus to remind them that you are near. Be not slow in hearing our prayer. Defend your servants. Protect them from all harm and give them a soon rescue we pray! Amen
29th March 2020

Global News
So sorry that your anniversary trip turned into a world wide health issue and is making the news. Stay safe and update us as you can. We will be thinking of you.
28th March 2020

Yes, I saw your ship on the news...
and then awaited your blog for the personal impact. I'm not sure if they will report on your ship until you arrive in the States, so please keep blogging. I pray for your safety and health.
28th March 2020

Keep Safe!
Gutted to hear you did not get through the canal - praying for The next plan to work out! This will definitely be a story of faith that will have impact for years to come. Love to you both!
25th March 2020

Hi Dwayne and Renae, Mark and i hope you have a great celebration for your wedding anniversary ... despite your confined quarters. You have certainly been having an adventure ... though very different to the
one your anticipated and planned. We are praying for your safe return. xx
23rd March 2020

Happy Anniversary
Hi Renae and Dwayne - Although it is not how you pictured spending your anniversary...stuck on a ship! I wanted to wish you both a HUGE congratulations for the many years God has blessed you with each other. You to plan to celebrate it again when you return home...full of your fave foods and chocolatey goodness! Bxx
16th March 2020

It's nice to hear about your trip in almost real time...
with updates about how the Covid-19 virus is affecting you. Even without these updates, yours is one of the better "cruise" blogs I've read with all the interesting details. I look forward to reading about how all this turns out.
6th March 2020

Hi Renae and Dwayne, Trusting you have arrived safely and have begun your adventures in the South! Will be keeping oyu in my prayers especially with COVID-19 spreading so rapidly. We do serve a faithful and good God who hears our payers!
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3rd March 2020

Hi Renae & Dwayne.
You two are gamer than Ned KELLY heading off into the unknown! Honestly. Praying you will stay free if this wretched virus spreading the globe. Take care at all times. And remember what MUMs always say! “Don’t forget to wash you hands!” Tread carefully. Our prayers go with you. Merilyn.
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16th May 2018

Beautiful Photo
Hello- I just fell in love with photo #24 (and #23)- I think they are both of the Japenese garden. Can you email me photo # 24, if it is possible? I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. It is one of the most beautiful photographs that I have every seen. Sam
18th April 2018

Have you read Bernard Cornwell series on Sharpe?
Hi Renae, Portugal (and Spain) is one of my bucket list locations, mainly due to my love of historical fiction and specifically for there the "Sharpe Series" by Bernard Cornwell who uses a figure of Richard Sharpe to follow Wellington's Peninsula War between Britain and France all the way through to the final battle of Waterloo in 1815. Here is one book from the series based around Coimbra Keep on travelling safe. Love your posts. Thanks,
19th April 2018

No, but Dwayne has the tv series with Sean Bean
Hey Simon, we haven't been reading up on any England/France history at the moment, as we've focused mainly on the transitions between Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and Christian rule. Will probably start looking at French history in the next week since we move into France this weekend.
3rd April 2018

I especially like the ride sharing concept...although it used to be called hitchhiking right...and it was free haha. Looks like Spain is delivering the goods, and good weather too!
28th March 2018

Dear Renae and Dwayne,
We enjoyed Fes and Tangier and your descriptions. We loved Granada, especially as we had been there. Thank you and love to you both, Shirley and David.XX
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