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16th May 2018

Beautiful Photo
Hello- I just fell in love with photo #24 (and #23)- I think they are both of the Japenese garden. Can you email me photo # 24, if it is possible? I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. It is one of the most beautiful photographs that I have every seen. Sam
18th April 2018

Have you read Bernard Cornwell series on Sharpe?
Hi Renae, Portugal (and Spain) is one of my bucket list locations, mainly due to my love of historical fiction and specifically for there the "Sharpe Series" by Bernard Cornwell who uses a figure of Richard Sharpe to follow Wellington's Peninsula War between Britain and France all the way through to the final battle of Waterloo in 1815. Here is one book from the series based around Coimbra Keep on travelling safe. Love your posts. Thanks,
19th April 2018

No, but Dwayne has the tv series with Sean Bean
Hey Simon, we haven't been reading up on any England/France history at the moment, as we've focused mainly on the transitions between Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and Christian rule. Will probably start looking at French history in the next week since we move into France this weekend.
3rd April 2018

I especially like the ride sharing concept...although it used to be called hitchhiking right...and it was free haha. Looks like Spain is delivering the goods, and good weather too!
28th March 2018

Dear Renae and Dwayne,
We enjoyed Fes and Tangier and your descriptions. We loved Granada, especially as we had been there. Thank you and love to you both, Shirley and David.XX
From Blog: Fes & Tangier
23rd March 2018
An oasis in the Vallee du Ziz

Dear Renae and Dwayne,
You sure get around. We enjoyed your visit to Vallee du Ziz etc. You two sure get around. You should write a book of your travels. I write a small book with story and pics of every country we visit. Our family and friends enjoy them. The kids enjoy the pics. Love to you both, Shirley and David XX
From Blog: Moroccan Desert
16th March 2018

Dear Renae and Dwayne,
We enjoyed your travel this time and felt for you struggling with THE COLD!!
From Blog: Marrakech
16th March 2018

Dear David & Shirley
Yes, having a cold whilst travelling is horrible but you can't come all this way to stay at home and lie in bed!
From Blog: Marrakech
14th March 2018

Dear Renae and Dwayne,
Thanks again for your travel Diary of Chicago etc, Enjoyed. We have made 20 page books of each of the countries. families and friends enjoy them. We love you, Shirley and David Cowell.
From Blog: Chicago
22nd February 2018

Great views
Glad u r having a good time skiing. Sorry Dwayne about sore thumb....mine's been a bit sore too as grated a bit off! Enjoying reading about your adventures. Love Lueen
14th February 2018

Hi Renae and Dwayne, Thank you so much for your travel blog. We found it quite amazing. We still live at Neutral Bay and anticipate celebrating Shirley's 90 th and David's 88th!!Not travelling so much but rewriting our travel stories for our grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren!! Hope to go to Graham Loftus's life story on Sabbath. We may see you. We send our love to you both. Shirley and David. XX
22nd April 2017

You seem to have had a great time. Safe travels home. I enjoyed reading
18th April 2017

I can understand why traveling denote to cenote on the Mayan coast would be fabulous. Sounds like your parents are in their elemrnt.
From Blog: Tulum
14th April 2017

Read all your stories backwards, chronologically, that is. Interesting observations. Glad your dad didn't don't break a bone in his fall. Glad Dwayne got his backpack. A pity I couldn't have met you as it's only a few hours away.... sounds like you're having a great if not very different time.
15th April 2017

It's a shame we couldn't have met up! I thought Dwayne would have shared our plans during the Christmas phone call...
8th June 2016

Loved your Turkey experience
It brought it all back for us as we had been to Turkey many years ago. Thank you. Shirley and David XX
From Blog: Cappadocia
28th May 2016

What an incredible journey so far! You know if I ever go to Turkey, I'm going to ask you for the details (b&b, restaurant , etc.) Maybe you should add them to the blog now. 😉 Miss you Two! x0x
21st May 2016

Loved the pics and reflections about the cruise- glad you guys have had a ball and been safe!!!
9th May 2016

Loved your descriptions of Istanbul. They took us back to our visit 30 years ago, Thank you. Did you notice the worn steps made by the shuffling of sentry's feet over many years?
I should have put that comment here but I'll leave it there. It was a real trip back into history for you. Love and blessings, Shirley and David XX
From Blog: Istanbul
12th September 2014

more pics
love travelling with you all, more pictures pls! R xx
From Blog: Riga
13th September 2014

More pics
Hey Mellies, we will eventually whittle our pictures down to the top 200 and upload these after the trip. For now, we really only have time to scour a couple hundred and pick 4-5 to upload once a week. Otherwise we'd be here for hours and miss all the sightseeing! Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the long tales :-)
From Blog: Riga
25th July 2012

Bucket Elevators
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18th July 2012

Hmmm. About that pass behind Innsbruck... who was driving? It MIGHT just be one of the worlds best drives (if you are behind the wheel!) ;) Some really facinating stuff in this post - I think there is a lot we don't really know about European royals. Looking forward to seeing your photos. :)
24th July 2012

We were both behind the wheel at one time or another!
Seriously - too much traffic to be the best drive in the world.
22nd June 2012

Sobering Experience!
Hey guys, Loving your descriptive writing about your travels. I have always wanted to visit one of the concentration camps as the plight of the jewish in WWII has always been something that interested me. Sounds like you are packing quality expereinces into every second of your day! Great pics too!!!! Safe travels xx
From Blog: Munich, Germany

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