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Sunday, 9 April 10am - I had not pre-booked the water taxi as all the blogs said you could just rock up. At first the booking agent said they only had 2 seats but she called the captain and he said he had 4 seats. So we made a reservation and was told to go to the bus station to collect the tickets. We then drove around town trying to find the mystical bus station, only to discover it had completely shut down, as in, no longer in use. So back we went to our hotel, called the water taxi people and they told us to pay online via paypal. We then sorted secure parking for our rental car for 3 days. Subway for lunch. 2pm – we arrive early to check in for our 3.30pm ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas April 10th 2017

Sunday, 2 April We’ve now been here one week and I think it’s fair to say that Mum and Dad are not enjoying it as much as Eastern Europe. They have issues with a couple of things: · The language barrier – not many people speak English and whilst Dwayne and I have been able to pick up a word here or there, Mum and Dad have found it more difficult to communicate. Just this morning at breakfast, they ordered an Americano breakfast from the a la carte menu, but ate from the buffet table and had to pay an extra 45 MXN ($3)pp for the upgrade. · Toilets – you can’t flush toilet paper here. You have to place all used toilet paper in bins beside the toilet. · The food – whilst Mexican is ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca April 3rd 2017

Thursday, 30 March Retrieving our rental car was relatively painless as car hire goes, and after 30 minutes we were off in our VW Jetta. The road rules are pretty straight forward and nowhere near as crazy as driving in Turkey. The motorways were packed in CDMX but before long we were on the toll roads for 450km to Oaxaca. The 6hr drive was very cool, with the scenery changing from agriculture farming land with horse and plough, to cacti desert, to forest, to high plateaus and soil that seemed to change colour every 50km. The roads were excellent compared to what I had expected and the driving was easy. Oaxaca is very cute and for the first time since we’ve arrived, it feels like we’ve finally arrived in Mexico. CDMX was very European but Oaxaca ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City March 31st 2017

Sunday, 26 March Both flights were quite eventful as far as turbulence went. The LA leg was bumpy for over 80% of the time, and the Mexico City flight was like a rollercoaster with those high rises and stomach curdling drops. I didn’t mind it though. The Air Canada lounge at LAX was a good place to whittle away a couple of hours between flights. We arrived 2 mins late to our Mexico City apartment, which is pretty impressive given I had to estimate how long it would take to get through customs and immigration and catch a taxi. Our AirBnB host, Pablo, was there as organized, and after a quick handover of how things work, he walked us several blocks out of his way to one of his favourite restaurants, La Buena Tierre. The menu ... read more

Middle East » Turkey February 5th 2017

Photos of our trip to Turkey in May 2016... read more
Turkey 2016-002
Turkey 2016-003
Turkey 2016-004

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia June 2nd 2016

Saturday, 28 May – Cappadocia This was our biggest day of driving with 600kms to cover as our adventure turned inland. 50kms outside of Antalya, as we were hooting down the dual lane freeway at 110kph, we faced a semi-trailer driving in our direction in the emergency lane! He wasn’t even reversing – he was literally driving the wrong direction into oncoming traffic in a lane that barely fit his vehicle! Why? Because…Turkey!! We followed the coast for an hour before heading over the mountains. The highest pass was 1850m and it was a very pretty drive. The mountains were rocky and steep, covered with perfectly shaped pine forests from peak to creak. The road was fantastic as it had passing lanes the whole way up, there was not much traffic and there are no towns ... read more
Our room mate. She came in a window during the night :-)
Love Valley
Sunrise over Cappadocia

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean May 27th 2016

Sabbath, 21 May – Fethiye (“Fet-ee-aye”) We decided on the scenic route along the water, even though it was going to take longer than the inland highway. However, we were rewarded with drop-dead gorgeous scenery as we wove between coast and mountain. The landscape is rocky yet shrubs and trees abound on the steep slopes between coast and peak. The Grampians meets the Aegean. Along the way there were families selling gozleme from their open-air pizza ovens. I wanted to stop but we didn’t have any small change and we couldn’t ask a poor family to break a hundred. 100kms later we re-joined the main highway and we both agreed that today has been the prettiest day of driving thus far. It still astounds me how mountainous and green Turkey is. Once in Fethiye, we spent ... read more
Rock Tombs - Fethiye
Somewhere in Canada...err Turkey!
Patara Ruins

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum May 21st 2016

Sabbath, 14 May – MS Myra, Bodrum We woke up in a leisurely fashion, had breakfast, and checked out about 11am. Unfortunately rain had moved in so we shared an umbrella as we trundled down to the waterfront on a reconnaissance mission to find our boat. We found the boat, had a look on board at our cabin and what luggage space we’d have and then found a place for lunch. It was most yummy because I had a veggie casserole for 12TL ($6) and it was not tomato or cucumber! It was full of carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms and cheese. Talk about cheap and wholesome. However, I have to state for the record that I HATE tipping. I don’t understand why companies, hotels and restaurants can’t simply raise their prices 10% and then ... read more
MS Myra forward deck
Georgiou Bay, Greek island of Simi

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean May 14th 2016

Friday 6 May – Istanbul to Gallipoli Turkish drivers are absolute tossers! Indicating is non-existent and lanes and directional travel are optional. Merging is about cutting in at the last minute with only 30cm of vacant space. They don’t wait for you to let them in and they don’t let you in unless metal is about to clash. Even trucks pull out with no warning. People overtake on blind corners, reverse down motorways in the emergency lane and if they have time to turn around and face the direction of traffic, they’ll do that and then drive back down the emergency lane to the exit they missed. If we ever felt ripped off, it was today. We were approaching a police radar and I looked at our GPS and said to Dwayne “You’re good. We’re only ... read more
North Beach memorial
Ataturk's famous words

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