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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki January 19th 2016

The brand new airbus 350 was slicing through the skies on its way to Helsinki, Finland. This was a major upgrade from the tiny plane I had used to get to my first layover in JFK. I did my best to try and sleep on this flight, because I had a ten hour layover ahead of me and I was going to try to get as much out of it as possible. The plane descended through some thick grey clouds as it approached the runway and I got to watch it happen in real time through a camera that was setup on the tail and fed through the in-flight entertainment system. This was apparently a new Finnair feature and so very cool. I disembarked and carried my one and only small backpack with me. I would ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 7th 2015

Monday 6 July: Well the big news in this part of the world is that the Greek citizens have resoundingly voted “No”.. That means they do not accept the austerity measures that are required for them to get their credit extended. So that means the banks are basically out of euros and, unless a new deal is negotiated very soon, the country is for all intents and purposes bankrupt. If that happens then they may well have no choice but to leave the Eurozone. All very interesting and we’ll keep an eye on what happens. Another sunny day but the wind was out in force and it was a cold one! Temperature dropped to about 10 in the wind, but out of the wind it was much more pleasant. We caught the ferry to Suomenlinna which ... read more
The church on Suomenlinna
Model of a Finnish ship - you may be able to make out her name which is the same as one of my sisters.
Zachary showing off his new swing technique.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 5th 2015

Friday 3 July: A quiet day today. We played outside a bit, although the bugs are really out in force. Watched a couple of movies and generally did stuff all. We headed into town in the afternoon and updated emails, blogs etc before going to one of the two restaurants in town. TripAdvisor suggested the food at the pub was better but that the Tower Restaurant was better for children, so that’s the one we chose. I went for a typical Lappish dish of sautéed reindeer with mash, lingonberries, and pickles. Heather chose the Arctic char and pike. Overall the food was okay. The reindeer had no resemblance to venison, it was more like beef. Heather’s char was good but her potatoes and pike not so much. Zachary’s fried chicken was excellent, but he didn’t eat ... read more
A real summer day at the harbour! You can see the SkyWheel on the left. Also on the left the ferry to Tallinn, on the right the one to Stockholm. (Photo by Zachary)
Senate Square, dominated by teh impressive Helsinki Cathedral.
The Sibelius monument.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 27th 2015

An update to let you know about our great day on Thursday and our shambolic day courtesy of FinnAir on Friday. IF I have internet access in Akaslompolo I’ll post some photos of Thursday and do updates as per normal. But if you don’t see a blog for a few days then don’t panic! I’ll update everything next weekend when we get back to Helsinki. Thursday 25 June: A little bit of a sleep-in and then Zachary went and played with the dogs for a while. He really enjoyed throwing them the ball and was able to get them to listen to him. He definitely is a “dog-person”. We then headed for the Givskud Zoo and Safari Park. We parked in the first parking lot and from there walked a loop to see elephants, buffalo, and ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 16th 2015

Flight was in uneventful from Chicago to Helsinki. Helps when it is direct flight. feeling a bit jet lagged, but wandered around Helsinki. Went down the sea-edge and the Hesinki Lutheran and Finnish Orthodox cathedrals. Had great dinner that included scalloped beets and live music. We are staying a modest studio apartment along a side canal that we rented from Airbnb.... read more
Finnish (Russian) Orthodox Cathederal
Pam with steer
Enjoying a local band with a glass of wine

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Hyvinkää June 16th 2015

The journey starts from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. First flight to Arlanda where we took our second flight to our first way-point: The Netherlands. Finally arrived safe and sound to Zaandaam at evening. A great beginning for a wonderful exploration.... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 5th 2015

No niin... Taas mennään. Katselin tuossa vanhoja blogeja ja näköjään trendinä on usein jättää viimeinen postaus joko täysin vajaaksi tai sitten pois kokonaan. Ja osa reissuista kokonaan loistaa poissaolollaan. Oltiin helmikuussa 2015 8pv New Yorkissa. Se oli sinällään jännä reissu, että ensimmäistä kertaa harjoiteltiin kahden lapsen kanssa reissaamista. Nyt on sitten näin lapsiperheen näkökulmasta isompi vaihde silmässä ja lähdetään pe-iltana ensin Istanbuliin 4 päiväksi ja sitten 10pv Iraniin. Viisumi Iraniin oli yllättävän hankala. Kolme kertaa kävin suurlähetystössä viemässä lappuja. Helpommalla olisi päässyt, jos olisi hankkinut turistitoimistosta kutsun maahan. Mutta menihän se sit näinkin. Itse kohdetta olin lobannut S:lle jo muutaman vuoden ja nyt heti kun sain myöntävähkön vastauksen, varasin suoraan lennot. Yhtenä myyntiargume... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 16th 2015

It's my last day in Helsinki, and in Finland, and I've got a lot to see still. I spend the day wandering with a purpose around the city, ticking off attractions as I hit them. First is the 'red cathedral,' really an old Russian Orthodox Church perched properly atop a hill near my hostel. I had passed it several times already, but hadn't yet taken time to appreciate the incredible architecture, or to actually go inside and check it out; both of which I proceed to do. Like any old church, it was littered with paintings, spectacular chandeliers (yes Sia, I know you want to swing from them), and silencio signs. I had never seen a church of this religion before, and it was pretty intense... Definitely glad I checked it out. The next stop on ... read more
Majestic Cathedral
It's true, I do.
My fave.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 16th 2015

I was originally going to title this blog as “The best laid plans of mice and men – Part 3” as the first two blogs of with that title, and , dealt with plans gone airy. However, those blogs dealt with making connections with family at our final destination who were arriving on different flights from different places. Furthermore, I cannot state that my plans for this trip were “best laid” as my itinerary involved multiple transfers from Colorado Springs to Dallas Fort Worth to Charlotte to London Heathrow with bus transfer to London Gatwick and finally to Dubrovnik. The return flights also involved five transfers. The more transfers the more probability of something going wrong; e.g., missed connections, missing luggage, etc. Such is the downside of using frequent flyer miles. The more apropos title would ... read more
To get to Customs and Immigration in Helsinki...
Helsinki Airport Hilton...

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 15th 2015

I'm falling behind, I'm sorry! I'll have a lot of travelling time to post today's blog tomorrow so I'll be back on top of things then, I promise! But yesterday, oh yesterday!!! Man this was the coolest thing. So yesterday, I took a ferry to this island called Suomenlinna which I knew very little about... Something about a sea fortress, but that's all. However, it turns out that this island was absolutely 100% the coolest thing I've ever seen, I swear! Comprised of 6 different islands, and built in the 17th century, hundreds of tunnels and 8km of fortress walls make up this incredible place. It was like walking through time and a seriously awesome history in real life experience. There were still cannons mounted in every direction outwards towards the sea, and some tunnels open ... read more
One of those holes
Big guns

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