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Did you know?

Are you planning to come to Helsinki? But you are bored to those sightseeing busses that only show you all the historical stuff and you would rather experience the city in a new exciting way?
15 years ago, March 27th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #12274  
N Posts: 1
BizarreOne offers exclusive, short term, non-mainstream
travel experiences and services to foreign visitors.

The following facts describe our products;
Something you yourself would not think of doing. Experience the real local culture. You’ll pay only for what is happening, not for the "props". We do not offer products that you could do without hiring us.

BizarreOne proves that Helsinki Rocks!
Helsinki is Hip, Cool, Pop, Sexy and Trendy!
BO specializes in producing travel experiences and services to young and young-at-heart people.
We want people to experience the real life, authentic people, funny things. Things that you cannot find from the basic tourist manual. Things that may be a bit bizarre!

Well there’s a challenge…

Visit us: www.bizarreone.fi
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