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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 13th 2017

Hei, ystävät! Hey, friends! After a long 24+ hours of traveling, I finally arrived in Helsinki airport at 18:40 yesterday, May 12 kind of swept up in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. My journey had gone so smoothly up until that point that I was certain that something would go wrong once I arrived in Finland, not because I'm doom and gloom, but because I kept imagining that there had to be a universal law that said something, anything, even the smallest of things would go wrong between Pittsburgh and street Uudenmaantaku, Helsinki, where my hostel was located. It didn't though; everything went as smooth as I could have imagined. It was almost like I had done it before; IT being buying the correct train ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 9th 2017

Finland Day 1 "It's a different kind of cold.' My arse! They always say it don't they 'It's a different kind of cold.' What does that even mean before we get into the basic fact that minus 9 is still flipping cold even without the wind chill factor?? You're still chilled to the bone and at one point I almost considered putting a hat on. Okay so that was at the point when Claire threatend to tell my Mum of me but hey. Even the sea is frozen so that's pretty damned cold whatever type of cold it is. Anyway we're in Finland and the trip was a present for my latest significant birthday last year from Claire. We woke at 2am and drove over 300 miles to Gatwick before the usual dipsticks had chance to ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 9th 2017

When telling people that I was visiting Finland during February, I was often told that 'yes it is cold, BUT a different type of cold', thus insinuating that the colder temperatures of Finland are somehow more bearable than the wet and grey cold nights of England. What a load of cobblers. Let me tell you: there's cold, there's extremely cold, there's 'oh no I can't stand this much longer' and then there is a whole lot colder than that. Finland in February stings your skin and makes your eyes water, you need to spend at least a month's wages on cold weather gear to survive it - it was -7 when we arrived sinking to -9 later. And if that isn't cold enough for you, why not step into a bar where the barman is wearing ... read more
Train to Helsinki Central
Helsinki ice rink near station
Hotel Finn (on 6th floor)

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki January 24th 2017

Koska lento oli seuraavana aamuna klo 9.30, menin jo yöksi lentokenttähotelliin. Valitsin tälle päivälle kuvan sen perusteella, että se näkyy koko matkan ykköskuvana. Kuvahan otettiin vasta Panamassa myöhemmin.... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 1st 2016

Our third last country. Plus this was our first time taking a ship on our Eurotrip.... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 13th 2016

Gestern bin ich mit der Faehre planmaessig und an vielen kleinen Inseln vorbei in der Umgebung von Helsinki angekommen. Mit Bus und U-Bahn habe ich problemlos die Innenstadt und dort mein Hotel erreicht. Nachdem ich dort mein Gepaeck gelassen habe, bin ich am Ufer entlang zum Mannerheim Mueseum, welches aber leider nur von Freitags bis Sonntag geoeffnet ist. Das ist natuerlich sehr praktisch. In der Naehe konnte ich immerhin hinter hohen Mauern die US-Botschaft und weitere diplomatische Vertretungen sehen. Danach bin ich zum alten Hafen und war dort in der Markthalle mit vielen interessanten kulinarischen Spezialitaeten, am Markt davor und von dort zur russischen Kirche (Uspenskin Katedraali). Diese ist sehr sehenswert und ein Relikt der russischen Herrschaft ueber Finnland. Anschliessend bin ich zum Dom von Helsinki (Tuomiokirkko) der innen eher etwas schlichter gehalten aber von aussen ... read more
Die russische Kirche von Helsinki.
In den Markthallen am Hafen.
Im Ateneum.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 12th 2016

Den gestrigen Tag habe ich auf See verbracht. Das Schiff war von der Gesellschaft Finnlines und bietet bis zu etwa 500-600 Passagieren Platz. Ich habe lange die Zeit mehr oder weniger schlafend im Bett in meiner schönen Kabine verbracht, bevor ich zum Brunch bin. Dort war ich mit einem Ehepaar zusammen am Tisch, welches schon oft in Finnland aber auch schon in anderen Gegenden der Welt wie in der Antarktis oder mit der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn unterwegs war. Finnland ist eben kein Mainstream-Reiseziel. Nach dem ersten Essen bin ich auf das Sonnendeck (wenn auch nur im Schatten) und habe dort den Nachmittag verbracht. Abends gab es nochmals ein gutes Buffet und danach habe ich den Sonnenuntergang auf See bewundert und viele Fotos gemacht. Das Wetter war während des ganzen Tages sehr schön.... read more
Meine schöne Kabine.
Fahrt nach Helsinki.
Das untere Sonnendeck.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa July 2nd 2016

This time,while in Finland, I spent a lovely day in this charming town called Porvoo. Porvoo is located 50 km east of helsinki from the city center. Finland has been for centuries under the Swedish Empire, roughly 700 years, until the 18th century and after came the influence of the Russian ,for about a century, until Finland got the indepence in the 1918. My favourite side of this town is the old city which was founded in the 13th century and is the second oldest city in Finland with beautiful stone made streets and tiny wooden houses. Today a lot of souvenirs shops line the marvellous stone streets and many tourists are attracted here. The sightseeing of Porvoo are those stunning red wooden homes just facing the river with boats anchored next to the concrete step. ... read more
Porvoo charming old houses

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 30th 2016

The weather has been extremely kind, 20 degrees here today and just beautiful to walk around. We are docked quite a way out of town, even though there are docking ports close into the city centre. Walked from where we are docked into the city centre around the bay area, 6klms in, very peaceful and tranquil! Still can't believe with their climate here they are a very big boating nation, hundreds of boats big and small. Went through the local markets both foods and handcraft goods, great area and even saw bear meat for sale! Poor little bears! All sorts of meats here for sale, big hunting nation as well! Helsinki has a really nice feel to it, up and down dale around the city area, it has a lot of Russian feel to it since ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 29th 2016

We pulled into a cloudy Helsinki, Finland at approximately 8am and were fully disembarked by 9:30am. At the ferry terminal, we caught a taxi to take us to our nearby hotel, Glo Hotel Kluvvi, just off Helsinki's main pedestrian thoroughfare, the Esplanadi. I had figured that at this point in the trip, we would all be tired of sharing the same room in such close proximity. So for our final destination, we all got our own separate rooms! It was still too early in the morning to check in so we dropped our bags at the hotel and set out to explore. We walked over to the nearby Helsinki Cathedral, one of the most visited sites in Helsinki. This Lutheran church is well known for it's tall green dome which is very distinctive in Helsinki's skyline. ... read more
Sailing Along The Finnish Coastline
Helsinki Cathedral
Helsinki Cathedral

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