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Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku July 8th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Je confesse ce soir d’avoir été réjoui de la défaite des Russes hier. Merci aux Croates de m’avoir vengé. Pour quelqu’un qui voulait diminuer les km je n’ai pas vraiment réussi. Mais ils étaient plutôt agréables par rapport aux jours derniers. Et cerise sur le gâteau je n’ai pas utilisé les essuie-glaces de la journée. Je quitte Tampere, qui ne va pas me laisser un grand souvenir. Sauf peut être l’anecdote du souper hier au soir. En me rendant à l’hôpital, non à l’hôtel de l’hôpital, j’avais repéré un restaurant, pas très loin, en fait c’était un kebab, mais écrit en finnois. Pas pour moi. Je retourne dans le centre, j’en avais vu là aussi un qui paraissait me convenir, lorsque je suis arrivé il y avait la queue jusque dehors. Le reste ... read more
infos plus loin
A rentrer dans le GPS
curieuse cette pose????

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku July 11th 2017

Jusqu’en 1812, Turku, dont le nom était alors Åbo, fut la capitale de la Finlande, alors assujettie au royaume de Suède. Lorsque la Russie administra le pays après la guerre russo-suédoise de 1808-1809, la capitale fut transférée à Helsingfors(aujourd'hui Helsinki), les Russes trouvant Åbo géographiquement trop proche de la Suède. La capitale est restée à Helsinki depuis, et Turku a perdu son caractère de premier ordre. Si son centre, au quadrillage rigide et aux immeubles sans âme, s'avère décevant, Turku a su nous séduire rien que par cette marguerite... Elle se trouve le long du musée de la marine et un pas... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku July 15th 2016

Die gestrige Nacht war eher unangenehm. Ich konnte eigentlich gar nicht schlafen und so etwa gegen 2:00 oder 3:00 Uhr hatte ich auch noch Durchfall und ich habe mich uebergeben. Ich denke mal, dass entweder der hochgelobte Fisch aus dem Restaurant oder so Dinge wie die Eiswuerfel am Nachmittag im Wasser nicht mehr ganz frisch waren. Schade. Ich habe den Tag dann dennoch ganz gut ueberstanden und mir Turku Castle (Turun Linna) angesehen. Es liegt etwas ausserhalb in der Hafengegend und ich bin dazu am Marktplatz in einen Bus eingestiegen. Danach bin ich wieder zum Hotel, habe mein Gepaeck abgeholt, etwas im Internet gesurft und bin zum Bahnhof, um den Zug nach Tampere zu nehmen. Dort habe ich wieder ein ganz ordentliches Hotel. Nachmittags habe ich viel BBC ueber Nizza und spaeter die ZDF-Nachrichten gesehen. Abends ... read more
Turku Castle.
Turku Castle.
Der Marktplatz von Turku.

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku July 14th 2016

Gestern habe ich nach dem Fruehstueck mein Hotel in Helsinki verlassen und bin zum Bahnhof. Dort habe ich am Automaten problemlos ein Ticket nach Turku gekauft. Im Intercity hatte ich eine im Preis inbegriffene oblgatorische Reservierung und WLAN, welches schnell genug war, um alle Fotos des Vortages upzuloaden. Der Zug kam dann puenktlich in der frueheren Hauptstadt Finnlands an und ich bin zu Fuss zum Hotel und habe dort eingecheckt. Danach habe bin ich in die Stadt um diese zu erkunden. Zuerst habe ich mich aber noch mit einem Latte Macchiato in einem Cafe am Aurajoki-Fluss gestaerkt. Dann bin ich in die Kathedrale von Turku (Turun Tuomiokirkko), zum Museumsdorf Luostarinmaki Handicraft Museum und am Ende in das Muesum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, welches eine Mischung aus archaeologischer Ausstellung und Mueum fuer moderner Kunst ist. Interessante ... read more
Am Fluss in Turku.
Im Museumsdorf.
In Aboe Vetus & Ars Nova.

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku August 12th 2014

Turku Finland 10 August 2014 Turku is a city in the Southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of Aura River. It is within the region of Finland Proper in the Province of Western Finland. It is believed that Turku came into existence during the end of 13th century which makes it the oldest city in Finland. Turku was for a long time the most important population centre in Finland: it was the first capital city of Finland from 1809 to 1812 and continued to be the largest city by population in Finland until the end of the 1840s. Nowadays its significance nationwide is not the same as it used to be, but Turku is a regional capital and important location for business and culture in Northern Europe. Turku has approximately 175 000 people, and was ... read more
Turun Linna - castle in Turku Finland (7)
Turku Cathedral - Turan Tuomiokirkko - Finland (3)
Medieval town in Turku - Luostarimaen Kasityolaismuseo - Finland - they cook bread twice a year and then hang it

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku June 6th 2014

0605 Donderdag – Stockholm Rustige dag vandaag. Loozen, bunkeren, wat boodschappen. Alles klaar maken voor de oversteek naar Finland morgen vroeg. De dag begon fris met dreigende bewolking die overdag wegtrok naar een open hemel. 606 – Vrijdag – Tampere (Finland) 580 km - N61 28 19 E23 44 21 Waarvan 400 km met de boot. Van Stockholm naar Turku (Finland). 11 uur varen. Enorme boot. 12 Dekken. De MH stond op dek 3. Onze kajuit op dek 5. Tax free op dek 10. Disco en bars op dek .11. Zonneterras op dek 12. Gelukkig voldoende liften. Je kon er verloren in lopen. Lichte paniek toen we (ik dus) bij aanmeren te lang gewacht hadden om onze spullen in de kajuit te gaan ophalen en we met het liftensysteeem er niet onmiddellijk geraakten. Iemand in een ... read more
Overtocht Stockholm - Turku
Overtocht Stockholm - Turku - altijd tussen de eilanden
Overtocht Stockholm - Turku - onze Cabine

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku September 3rd 2012

A Baltic Cruise The "ferry" with 2500 people aboard, mostly Finns, was a surprise. Promptness is very important. When it is scheduled to leave at 8:15pm, it leaves. I check my watch, 8:15pm and we are speeding out of Stockholm, past hundreds of thousands of islands, all night long. We always seem to be near land as we journey 11 hours to Finland. How many islands are in the Archipelago Sea? Of course the largest is the Aland Islands forming an autonomous region that's part of Finland. But if you include all the smaller "islands" including rocks and dry land sticking out of the water, maybe 50,000, maybe 400,000. Who knows? Our cabin, with private bath & shower is comfortable enough on Deck 6 with an ocean view. Not that there is time to sleep. There ... read more
Baltic Cruise

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland November 2nd 2011

I recently returned from Thailand and I had the best trip of my life! My husband and I, Thomas, realized it would make sense to go with a tour because of the language barriers. We found a great resource, Trips in Asia ( and browsed trips and found the Beaches of South Thailand tour package. We went to Koh Samui, Koh Hai, Phuket and other beautiful islands. I loved it-the blue waters, the soft white sands, the service was impeccable. People were so nice and we had 16 days of total relaxation by the sea. Everything was affordable and I truly enjoyed. This was worth every penny and when I return to Southeast Asia again, I will definitely be going with Trips in Asia again!... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku August 3rd 2011

Day 14, Wednesday, 3rd August, 2011 Turku Naantali is regarded as a separate town to it’s close neighbouring city of Turku. Don’t suggest to any locals that it’s a satellite town or worse yet, a suburb, although the 20km distance between the two to an Australian, would suggest it. Turku is the local ‘big smoke’ and my birth town, into which we headed for a day of sight seeing. After trying to locate the house in which we lived when I was born, Assisted by a call to Australia to my parents for more information, we pulled up outside the address only to find that the original building has been replaced. (They just don’t seem to leave anything alone. I go away for only 37 years, and everything gets moved around. Clearly I’ll need to talk ... read more
The turku cathedral
By the Aura River, Turku
14th century carving of St george and the dragon

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 2nd 2011

Day 13, Tuesday 2nd August, 2011 Helsinki to Naantali After a few days of ‘doing nothing’ (swimming, sleeping, sauna and food), Yesterday we made our way back to “the big smoke” Helsinki, leaving behind the summer cottage and the green world. On the way we stopped to see my youngest aunt and her children, my cousins, who are the youngest of the cousinly brood, around the age of my own children. It was great to meet yet more cousins, (they’re everywhere!!) lovely young people. This morning I caught a train to Turku, a major city along the south east coast, and my birthplace. The countryside was lush and showing the signs of the ending of summer with ripe-looking wheat fields and harvested hay rolled into white plastic “tractor eggs” deposited randomly in the fields. The farms ... read more
Moomin troll characters created by  finnish Author Tove Jansson
Sunset over Aland Islands, 11pm
fields seen from a train window

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