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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria July 10th 2015

After lunching at 'Schlogen Loop' and watching the massive cruise boats slide around the 180 degree bend (Schlogen Loop), we rode on 5km to Gastof St Nicholas for the night. We had only just sat down for a beer on the verandah, when who should arrive, but the dragonboat kids in their three boats. They unpacked their tents, tables, food, cooking and sleeping gear - the lot, and set up camp in military style precission. Hardly a word said and they worked like clockwork (true Austrian style precision). In no time at all (before I had finished my beer) camp was set, and food on the go for maybe 50 teens. All the activity was exhausting so we decided to take a leisurely stroll to the peak behind us for a view over the famous 'loop'. ... read more
Chocolatebox Danube
Live jousting
My kinda basket.

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 8th 2015

Our days in Vienna are now over and we begin our journey through the Alps to our next stop...Innsbruck, Austria.... read more
Train from Vienna to Innsbruck
Train - speed
Weisses Kreuz Hotel

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria July 7th 2015

Visited a Monastery and other old town... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 6th 2015

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Today was about tough choices...visit another museum or go to the doctor. We decided on the later. Mary's cold was getting worse and Nancy rolled her ankle. The first doctor's office we were referred to was closed but there was a note on the door...of course not in English. Thank goodness another 'sick person' stopped by and told us the note was referring us to another office. When we finally arrived, there was another note...of course not in English, but it had a time written on it - 14:00. We figured we had 4 hours to kill. Since Nancy was doing the slow hobble, we decided on breakfast in the Sky Café overlooking the skyline of Vienna - delicious. After 3 hours, Viennese meals are REALLY slow, we returned ... read more
Sky Cafe
Sky Cafe - View
Small Cafe

Europe » Austria » Salzburg July 6th 2015

Salzburg Austria. Walked around the city saw the sites where Mozart lived etc. Saw the smallest house in Salzburg.... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Kufstein July 6th 2015

Montag, 06. - 10.Juli 2015 / Kufstein Kennst Du Kufstein die Perle des Tirol?..... Die Perle welche im „Kufsteinlied“ besungen wird besuchten wir für einen Kurzurlaub. Wir buchten ein Zimmer im Hotel Alpenrose, welches zur „Best Western Hotel Gruppe“ gehört. Die Fahrt führte uns via St. Gallen, Feldkirch, über den Arlbergpass. Der Arlbergtunnel war wegen Renovierungsarbeiten bis in den November gesperrt. Die Fahrt war angenehm, bei wenig Verkehr. Am Ankunftstag besichtigten wir die Festung Kufstein, welche über der Stadt auf einem Felsen thront. Am nächsten Tag fuhren wir mit dem „Kaiserlift“, einer Sesselbahn, zur Brentenjoch-Alm. Es war ein sehr heisser Tag, wir schwitzten schon auf dem Weg vom Hotel zur Talstation. Die Fahrt von 500 auf 1270 Meter über Meer dauerte mit Umsteigen in der Mittelstation, rund 40 Minuten. Wir hofften, dass es oben auf der ... read more
Die Festung Kufstein
Die Altstadt von Kufstein
Das Auarcher Löchel

Europe » Austria July 5th 2015

Morning view of the sunrise in Switzerland. Drove to Innsbruck on the way to Salzburg Austria.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 5th 2015

We enjoyed a beautiful day on the Danube River exploring the Wachau and Danube Valleys. The scenery was spectacular with the small villages and castle ruins dotting the shoreline as we traveled from Spitz (the famous wine growing town from which 1000 buckets of wine were harvested...1 bucket=56.5 liters) to our final destination the Benedictine Abbey in Melk (winner of the "Best Historic Destination of the World" in 2008).... read more
Prinz Eugen
Danube - Departure Spitz
Danube River

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 4th 2015

Happy July 4th U.S.A...but no parade in Vienna. We decided to sleep in and do some odds and ends today. Mary needed to purchase a new suitcase; who knew that cobblestones and suitcase rollers don't mix. Mom and I went grocery shopping. Thank goodness the packages had pictures on them. For all I knew I could have been purchasing a can of sardines! We were able though to squeeze in a few hours of sightseeing and stop for a Torte in Café Sacher. The Capuchin Church is very unassuming from the outside, but its importance lies underneath...the Imperial Crypt for members of the Hapsburg dynasty(149; including 12 emperors and 19 empresses). Oddly, it's only the bodies and not the organs that are buried here (guts are in St Stephens Church, and hearts are in Augustinian Church). ... read more
Capuchin Church - Imperial Crypt
Albertina - Monet

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 3rd 2015

We have arrived! Another year has passed and the traveling girls have gotten together again.... read more
Home Sweet Home in Vienna
Ballgasse 8
Stairs to 3rd floor

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