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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Grein September 6th 2014

We are continuing down the wonderful Donauradweg (Danube bike path), enjoying the beautiful Treppelweg (tow path) right by the river or on top of the dike, or on back roads through villages and towns in the valley. As we move downriver the hills are closer to the river, and the scenery is prettier. Along with the scenery, the weather has been improving as we go, steady rain giving way to showers, then just cloudy with sprinkles, then it's warm enough to wear the short sleeved shirts, and finally a day warm enough for bike shorts and a sunny Friday afternoon in the quaint town of Grein where we rested fro our ride at an outdoor cafe by the river watching the passing scene of cyclists, motorcyclists, and sports car afficiandos. On the way we passed through, ... read more
View of the Ottenshim castle from the other side of the river
Riding on the Treppelweg
Old sundial in Mauthausen

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Au August 28th 2014

Finally a really nice day. Sunny and warm. We did a nice driving tour through the mountains of western Austria. Near the village of AU. No I didn't type that wrong it is the name of the village. The best thing is there's cable car that takes you high into the Austrian mountains. We spent 3 hours up there. We had a great time. We hiked to the large cross that has been placed at the very top of the mountain. And BTW it was not a difficult endeavor. Here are some of the photos from today. Lowell... read more
A "cracker" of a day
Helping daddy
The top

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 25th 2014

Oh, it was such a busy week... After a quiet weekend in Bunesti, we left on Monday towards Deta, via Tg. Jiu and the Danube Canyon. We stopped for a boat ride and it was great :) Deta was also surprisingly nice, with a large cathedral and nice houses. On Tuesday we left for Timisoara, stopped for coffee in city centre, then continued towards Szeged - a beautiful small city, and finally to Budapest. We went near the Danube at night to see the city - the Parliament and the Szechenyi bridge looked even better at night than they did in daylight. We spent Wednesday wandering through Budapest, exploring both Buda and Pest as much as possible. On Thursday morning we went to Vienna and walked around city centre, then spent the afternoon at Schonbrunn. In ... read more
Altar Catedrala Votiva Szeged
Altar mare Sf Stefan
Altar Sf Petru

Europe » Austria » Tyrol August 23rd 2014

A little valley in Austria, Today we have driven out of Germany into a small dead end valley in Austria. We did a small hike only on the easy flat part, maybe 1 mile RT. At the end we have had a soup and enjoyed seeing the small cow barns where they collect the milk. After we have had our meal we realized that we have left our money way back in the car at the parking place. So I left Gloria as a ransom, and hiked back to the car and returned to get her out of hock. It is part of the adventure. This same day we have driven 10 miles before we realized we have left the video tapes behind at the house. So back we go. The pictures I send are of ... read more
Eng Valley
Eng Valley
Without bicycles

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 22nd 2014

Inmiddels zit ik op dag 26 in Ekaterinburg. Lois uitzwaaien was waarschijnlijk het moeilijkste afscheid dat ik heb genomen en ik heb de afgelopen tijd enorm veel afscheid genomen. Ik stond er nu alleen voor en staande op het perron terwijl de Lois' trein richting Marseille wegreed voelde ik me even alleen. Het duurde tot mijn tweede trein die van Nice Ville naar Ventimiglia dat ik mij een beetje kon ontspannen. Dat komt grotendeels omdat ik aan de praat raakte met een jongen uit Geneve, op dat moment had ik niet meer het idee dat ik veel alleen zou reizen. Mijn volgende trein was de trein van Ventimiglia naar Milaan, daar zaten echter alleen maar Italianen in. Het waren aardige mensen, maar geen een sprak Engels. Het fijne van Italianen is hun enorme expressie terwijl ze ... read more

Europe » Austria August 14th 2014

Aug 13 Happy 9 th Anniversary Danielle and Tyler!!! Vienna!!! What a history filled city! It was a cold blustery Austrian day- clouds and intermittent rain was not going to dampen our spirits as we disembarked for new sights and adventures that awaited. Our morning consisted of a tour by bus followed by a 2 hour walking tour of the city center. There is so much to take in. These old cities have buildings dating back to the 15 and 16 hundreds. St Stephens Cathedral (photo attached) - named after Stephen the first Christian martyr- is very impressive. With its single spire, it is the tallest structure in Vienna and no structure is allowed to be taller. On the Pedestrian street, every brand name boutique imaginable can be found. Beverly Hills Boulevard, and New York's 5 ... read more
St Stephen's main sanctuary
Spices in Common market
"Straw " cheese

Europe » Austria August 14th 2014

Great day. Journeyed overnight and through the Wachau valley- the wine country of Austria- early this morning. Beautiful landscapes; terraced vineyards, rustic villages lined with cobble stone roads. Life seems simple here. Our travels took us to Melk. We visited the Abbey that was a castle first built in the 900's and turned over to Benedictine Monks in about 1089. It burned to the ground in 1700 and was rebuilt between 1702 and 1726. 2 million bricks were used in the reconstruction. They are now excavating some ruins where the old buildings were covered by new. This is still a working monastery with 33 practicing monks and 700 students. The buildings are dripping with history- a place where royal families and their courts would travel to when getting away from the bustle of city life. The ... read more
Melk Abbey
Melk forest

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck August 7th 2014

Day 37: Innsbruck. I took a train through Switzerland with my face pressed to the window. Mountains and lakes and blue skies. Beautiful. I also ate Swiss chocolate because always. I got to Innsbruck and my couchsurfer met me at the train station. We went back to his flat, and I made lecso, which is a Hungarian dish. It tasted like home. And it was finally healthy non-carby food. Thank god. By the time we finished dinner it was late, so we went to bed. Day 38: Innsbruck. TODAY I HIKED AN ALP. I woke up, had breakfast, and tried to google hikes in Innsbruck. Seriously, why is it so difficult? My couchsurfer pointed me in a good direction to find trails, but he doesn't do a lot of hiking. On my way to a place, ... read more

Europe » Austria July 31st 2014

Photographs of yesterday's beautiful journey along the Wachau Valley have now been posted. As explained yesterday, the worrying prospect for me for today of having two compulsory 90 minute bus journeys on top of 2 bus tours in Passau was thankfully averted. Viking arranged for us to have the use of a hotel room in Linz for the day! The Dom Hotel (Cathedral Hotel) was only a 10 minute taxi ride away from the ship, and the room was stylish and ultra modern and big and comfortable (see photos). Though you could if you wanted to, we chose NOT to shower in full view of the street! By pulling an opaque sliding door across the glass shower wall you could preserve your privacy. We got a city map from reception and nearby attractions included some museums ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 31st 2014

Austria proved too enticing to leave as we spent most of July cruising the back roads of the eastern part of the country. We have crossed this area a couple of times before and always said there is more to see and do, so we did. Many of our campsites have been on farms or on ski lift parking areas. The farms are usually good value, have fewer campers and often sell their own produce eg eggs, milk, cheese and one site regularly baked streusel which was particularly nice. Some farms are perched on precarious hillsides which can be a challenge to drive to but often give sublime views. It’s funny how things vary from country to country. Austrian campsites are really cheap for washing and many offer free wifi yet there are few public motorhome ... read more
Beehive collection, Bayerischerwald Dorf Museum
Enjoying the local brew and entertainment
Trying to discretely find a geocache

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