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6 month stay - visa and flight questions...help

questions about visas and flight stuff...........
13 years ago, December 12th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #124624  

Just curious if anyone here could offer some advice or insight into my current situation. Im an australian citizen and im planning to stay with my Austrian girlfriend for 6 months next year. Apparently our countries have some agreement where i can stay for 3 months visa free, leave, then re enter for a further 3 months. Does anyone know if this is accurate or have they attempted this before? My girlfriend said we could just travel to Croatia for a few days then head back, but she is also slightly unsure about this. Im also going to be booking a 6 month flight, arriving and departing from Vienna which also concerns me given the 3 month stay, like should i be concerned that i will be turned away by immigration or would it be satisfactory considering im not spending all my time in Austria, at least a straight 6 months.

So yeah, if anyone can offer some advice it would be appreciated by a confused and worried australian.

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