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Europe » Austria September 16th 2019

Quería empezar a las 7 pero he empezado a las 7:30, después de desmontar el campamento en mi terraza maldita de St Leonhard. Una vez dejas el camping la cosa se pone seria enseguida. St Leonhard parece estar en un agujero a unos 700m de desnivel, el siguiente pueblo, Moos, ya esta a 1000m. Pero todo puede empeorar, en Moos empieza la serpentina a través del bosque, y arriba donde clarea da un poco de tregua. Y así se llega al paredón. Desde la carretera ya se ve una pared de roca y hierba hasta los 3000m (en los picos). Y si, el camino es por ahí. Como he comido bien (bocata de queso) y me he gestionado los plátanos he ido subiendo sin mucho problema y sin calambres. Arriba del todo hay un tunel y ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 15th 2019

Well today required an early rise and trip to the beautiful new Vienna Station. Enjoyed my last best gluten free breakfast so far with fruit, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and an assortment of warm gluten free European sweet buns with home style pear jam. Oh how I will miss this. Just as well I’m one of those people who are always early as so was my pickup. Checking out I was gifted with a small jar of their branded jam for the journey ahead. Being a Sunday and early, Vienna was a quiet as a church mouse. My driver was jovial and dropped me off at the door. The station was just as quiet which meant an easy bathroom stop- if you have a euro! I have learnt to keep my 1€ for such important occasions. Security ... read more
Budapest Station

Europe » Austria » Tyrol September 14th 2019

Plan fin de semana: En el cercanías de las 5:23 para pillar el tren de las 6:30 y empiezo en innsbruck a las 9:30 El brennerpass es la travesía de los alpes mas fácil. A mi me lleva unas 3 horas de media. Ya lo he hecho innumerables veces, algunas mas folklóricas que otras. Con huracán, con temperaturas de -20 grados, con antisistemas y policía austriaca... Bueno, 3 horas de reloj y arriba, comprar lotería, destruir el baño y bajo pal otro lado. A Sterzing lo mejos es pasar del carril bici. Si tiras de carretera estas allí en 20 minutos, si te vas por el carril bici te lleva por todas las granjas, cuesta arriba y todo. He cruzado sterzing y a las 15:00 estaba empezando el paso numero 2. Me ha dado medio pájara, ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 13th 2019

Train to Vienna Prague Station is big but not to hard to navigate. Was standing comfortably waiting for my platform number to come up and along come a ‘transport gypsy’. First met one at Krakow Station. They spot the bewildered looking travellers(solo or groups) and advise you were to go, take you to your platform and tell you the exact spot your carriage will be. Not aggressive and very helpful. At the end they rub their fingers together for a little payment. Train pulls in and he was spot on. The usual push and shove to board which is unnecessary as we all have allocated seats. Then chaos reigned as people got on wrong carriages or simply the wrong end of their carriage - which is no one’s error as you wouldn’t know. At least there ... read more

Europe » Austria September 12th 2019

Berge, Seen, freundliche Leute und vieles mehr. Österreich hat in der Tat so einiges zu bieten. Ganz egal ob im Winter, Frühling, Sommer oder Herbst. Doch immer nur mit dem Auto unterwegs zu sein, kann mit der Zeit auch etwas eintönig werden. Warum also nicht einmal mit dem Rad die Reise antreten? Bevor man sich auf den Sattel schwingt und losfährt, sollte allerdings einiges überprüft werden. Vor allem das Rad selbst sollte einem ordentlichen Check unterzogen werden. Die Kette muss im Vorhinein mit einem passenden Öl geschmiert oder im Notfall ausgetauscht werden. Bei den Pedalen sollte man darauf achten, dass die PTFE-Gleitlager geölt sind, sodass alles einwegfrei funktioniert. Auch die Bremsen dürfen auf keinen Fall außer Acht g... read more
entlang den Feldern
kurze Pause
atemberaubende Landschaft

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 6th 2019

Last day in Vienna, and pretty much the last day of our holiday, tomorrow we head back, via Frankfurt and Brussels back to Wilmslow on Sunday. Leisurely start, not much for breakfast because our first stop is going to be the Sacher cafe - home to the original sacher torte ! small queue outside to get in at 11, not that there wasn’t enough tables inside - think they were waiting for the daily delivery of cake - the lorry was being unloaded right on the street in front of us - there goes the illusion, it’s being made on an industrial scale in a warehouse (no doubt) somewhere on the outskirts of Vienna! Anyway, we were in ! - cafe und kuchen - it was yummy but rich. Took the Ubahn to see the gardens ... read more
Lindt bunny?
Sacher cafe

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 5th 2019

Early start with a train at 8-15 to Melk from Vienna for our boat trip down and up the Danube. Arrived in Melk in good time - smashing little town with the most enormous Abbey, which is also a school. Would be worth a visit another time but we really only had an hour for a coffee before the boat trip. Gorgeous day and great scenery. The area is called the Wachau and is famous for its fine Austrian wines - esp Riesling grape and also apricots - they make a lot of apricot pastries as well as a liquor. Vines and fruit trees were manicured - neat terracing and row after row up the hill. The Danube, just like the Rhine had a steady stream of barges carrying who knows what up and down the ... read more
Castle - jump or starve!
One of many castles

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 4th 2019

Just to say we did have one eye on the goings on in Westminster - each time we checked it seemed something momentous had happened. Maybe we should go away more often ! We made a plan for the day, before going out - and broadly stuck to it ! First stop was back to St. Peter’s church - a website had suggested they had a organ/soprano concert later - they did, so back there for 7-30! Next we walked to the Hofburg Palace. We didn’t know much (anything) about the Austrian / Central European empire / Hapsburg family. So it was a real education - my goodness they were wealthy ! The Hofburg was their main palace and now it’s the place where they display a lot of their stuff - they ruled for 650 ... read more
napkins folded for the emperor
Table decoration!
More table decorations

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 3rd 2019

Woke up to sunshine - phew! Not too early a start - train to Vienna at 11 and only a short walk to the station. Train ride through hills, farms - lovely countryside. Arrived in Vienna - Airbnb this time, in the area of Nestroyplatz - fairly close to the old town. We had messages from owner, keys were with a local cafe - but only mention his name, not the flat ( sounds as though he shouldn’t be letting out the flat !!) Anyway, we got a set of keys - shame they were the wrong ones! So Pete hot-footed it back to the cafe and returned with the right ones. It was good to stretch out in a flat - and we popped into the local supermarket to stock up on some essentials (Wine ... read more
Inside cathedral
Memorial to plague victims

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg September 2nd 2019

Today was the first day of my retirement and it felt pretty good 😁 We woke up to rain 😩 and the forecast was for it to rain all day - luckily it was just drizzle and stayed dry whilst we visited the massive castle overlooking Salzburg - the Fortress Hohensalzburg. Quick ride up the funicular, (via the oldest bakery in town for a snack! - couldn’t resist the amazing smell - their flour ground by a waterwheel! ) to the fortress - and what a fortress! Various Archbishops had added extensions to the original basic castle over the years - each outdoing the previous it seems, until the fortress you see today dominating the city from a great height. The audio guide was helpful to understand how the castle developed with each Archbishop - seemed ... read more

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