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Europe » Austria » Vienna May 21st 2019

Was Vienna just as I remembered it? No it was not and I don't really know why. I have this vision in my brain of a busy city full of buses, trams and horses. They were all there in abundance. It was a dice with death trying to cross the roads sometimes. Crossing the tram lines, missing the oncoming trams and avoiding the horses and carriages and cyclists. That was the same as 20 years ago although I imagine there are more cars there today than there were last time I was here. 1998 or 1999 I cannot remember accurately. It was cold . The fountains were cloaked in wooden overcoats to keep out the cold and prevent them freezing. They were uncloaked today. It was still cold though and raining. I remember the impressive white ... read more
Outside the UBahn
Something Vienna does well
The madonna and Christ Child at the Dom

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz May 20th 2019

Good day - that's how the conversation in the small washroom began. We have not seen many Brits during our travels so it was strange hearing English spoken so naturally. The accent though was from someone from a land down under. I turned round to see a man and his wife carrying a huge bag of washing. My Australian friends told me that they had flown in to Holland three weeks ago, picked up their hired van and had meandered thi had called into Amsterdam and Koblenz , followed the river , entered Austria and had spent yesterday in Saltzburg. They needed a washing machine as the hire van only had one set of bedding. This needed to last another three weeks. I had washed my clothes, taken them out of the washer and struggling to ... read more
Look for this if you are looking for the Armoury
I just love these signs
One of the painted houses

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg April 28th 2019

Today we left our hotel after breakfast. It was the first day since joining this tour that we didn't have to pack up our suitcases and leave them outside our door to be packed on the bus. This is the first two-night stay at the same hotel. We have about three others during this trip. Our usual agenda each morning is to get ready, pack our suitcases and put them outside our door by 7:00, then head to breakfast and board the bus by 8:00 am. It was a 1 1/2 hour ride to Salzburg. Our first stop was just outside Salzburg at the Schloss Hellbrunn Palace. This palace was built in 1613-1619 by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg and named for the "clear spring" that supplied it. It is filled with secret water that can ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol April 27th 2019

Today was a travel day to get us to Austria where we will be staying two nights. We are in a quaint ski town in the Alps called Kitzbuhel. Along the way here we stopped at a former palace near Munich, Germany called Nymphenburg. It was the summer home of many rulers of Bavaria. It was started in 1664 but was constantly being added on to through the late 1800's. It was very beautiful there in spite of the bad weather. After a bus tour around Munich, we walked to the old part of the city. We arrived just in time to hear the glockenspiel show. It is a large glockenspiel in the town hall which has a show three times a day and attracts a very large audience. Once the show was over we headed ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 25th 2019

Time really does fly . Our 2 /2 days in Vienna were good . Although it was raining it wasn't particularly cold and I was dressed for it . I really enjoyed the walking tour we did . To fuel up we stopped at the market for lunch first. . I had a great falafel plate with hummus olives and pita. Very tasty . The falafel was moist and had a lot of parsley mixed in . I think k it was even better than Afghan falafel which has potatoes mixed in to kèep them moist ..Our tour lasted close to 3 hours and the guide had many stories to tell . The old town has palaces horses, galleries , museums all housed in incredible buildings ranging in age from the 1300,s Of them all I ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz January 11th 2019

Let's be honest now, the Austrian city of Linz hardly springs to mind when you begin to list out all of the places and cultural facets for which Austria is best known. That said, Linz is the nation's third-largest metropolis, so on that level alone, it would appear that there should be something of interest to capture the tourist's attention, at least for just one full day, as was the quota of time set aside within which to unravel the various threads of Linz and see how the whole package fared. Landmarks here are fairly plentiful, and the key area from which all other orientation can be measured is the main square, with its detailed monument and colourful, stylish buildings flanking it. The variety of churches and cathedrals within the city's confines is impressive enough, and ... read more
The main square, Linz
The old town, Linz
Prominent church, Linz

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck December 16th 2018

16:38, le bruit de la neige fondue qui tombe goutte à goutte sur ma fenêtre, le soleil déjà derrière les montagnes. J'étais parti pour ne rien écrire et bosser ma présentation, mais ça me ferait trop mal de ne pas garder de trace écrite des merveilles de ces deux derniers jours. Un des grands avantages de mon boulot, c'est qu'il me permet de voyager régulièrement dans différentes parties d'Europe. Cela fait un peu plus d'un an que j'y suis, et déjà j'ai pu me rendre à Bruxelles, Sophia, Pünderich, Dublin, et aujourd'hui Innsbrück. Comme à mon habitude, je me suis pris quelques jours avant pour pouvoir partir explorer modestement la ville. Au carrefour de l'Europe, Innsbrück et la région du Tyrol sont à quelques encablures seulement de l'Allemagne, l'Italie, la France et les Balkans. J'ai donc ... read more
The Inn
Le toit du monde

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 13th 2018

Dear Blog Readers, It’s been an uncomfortably long time without a blog, and an uncomfortably low number of requests for an update. However, perseverance is the secret to all triumphs so settle in for a whistle-stop tour of a wonderful summer in Vienna! The sweltering heat of Japan and Korea acclimatized us well for the summer heat of central Europe. On one of my wanders around Oberdobling, I stumbled across the beautiful Turkenshanz Park which is worth a trip out of the city centre to see. It has a fantastic lake with huge fountains and an old lookout post in the centre. Sky now has exclusivity of the Austrian Bundesliga football, so we were treated to go and see the opening game of the season – Austria Vienna vs Innsbruck. Prior to the game, we stopped ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 11th 2018

Like all other European capitals, Vienna is full of mysteries. Tombs of the royalty, unusual museums, and much more. Unorthodox attractions are here in on every corner, some of them being centuries old, and some surprisingly new. Our guide gives you a look on some of the most unique places to see while visiting the Austrian capital: from the (in)famous sewers, to the best Wien escape rooms. If you want your trip to Vienna to be unusual and different to what most tourists there experience, take our favourites into consideration while planning the stay! Arkham Asylum The Narrenturm (most commonly translated to Fool’s Tower or Madhouse Tower) is one of the oldest asylums for insane people - or at least for those who were considered insane by the society back in the day. The inmates were ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz October 7th 2018

Woke up this morning in Brandstadt near Linz, back in Austria. Easy breakfast then Kelly & Dalyse going on the Open Air Village Bavarian Forest. Displays of buildings from 1580 to 1850, oldest German primary school from 1666, old farms, chapels & mills. Farm gardens & animals, also farmhouses furnished as they would have been. Pio & Rob stayed on deck as weather miserable. Back for lunch then have to start packing up as tomorrow transferring to TM Diamond. Water is so low cannot pass through the locks so will transfer to Diamond other side of the lock. We will be busing to Nuremburg for visit & lunch then onto other ship.... read more
Brandstadt. Calm but rainy
View into courtyard

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