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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Ebensee September 19th 2015

After some discussion with Catherine regarding possibilities for the day we figured that we would try the Feuerkogel mountain despite the webcam showing quite a lot of cloud. We had wanted to go up here all week and it was now or never so off we went. The Feuerkogel Seilbahn we've been on before but I never realised how freaky it was. We've been up on many Seilbahns and gondolas but I wasn't too shook on being suspended so high over a very deep valley. Usually they are steeply uphill or not so high off the ground but this one travels across two high valleys up to 1585m suspended only by one wire. It doesn't bear thinking about sometimes. At the top we wanted to do a loop walk but they were either too long or ... read more
A quiet place for rest amongst the rocks

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Berwang September 18th 2015

First we woke up and had breakfast and the breakfast was very nice then we packed the car and drove back to Germany to go to the castle that Walt Disney had copied off. When we got here we got the tickets to go to the castle then we saw a horse and carriage ride up the mountain so we went on a horse and one of the horses was farting and my sister/ Bella tried to record the horse farting. When we got there we looked at the post card shop and got some postcards then was time to go on the tour when the tour finished the man told us that in the bottom of there was a cafe so we went to the cafe, I got a GIANT pretzel and it was so ... read more
View from the castle
The castle which Disney copied!

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Gosau September 18th 2015

The weather was looking dicey for today so we set off for Gosau with raincoats and umbrellas. Our destination was Gosausee which is a small lake at the head of the valley with a smaller one further up - not unlike Langbathsee. You get there by turning off the road along Lake Halstatt and winding up and along a gorge until you arrive at Gosau in a broad, open area. It is not set into a narrow valley like many of the towns in the lake areas. I guess because it's not on a lake. The setting is very pretty with farms and houses dotted up the gently rising slopes. We continued in towards the mountains until we reached the parking area for Lake Gosau and were amazed at the number of cars parked there for ... read more
Perfect reflections on Lake Gosau
Fossils from the Gossau region
More reflections looking towards the head of Lake Gosau

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Ebensee September 17th 2015

The forecast was for a good day in the morning but not so sure about the afternoon, so the Langbath Lakes looked like a good option. It was a warm day with a very warm breeze blowing. The skies were clear and the lakes looked stunning with their mountain background. The Langbath lakes are 8 km from Ebensee and sit in an open basin. They are very popular with walkers, cyclists and bathers. We bought a picnic lunch of rolls, ham, bananas, Snickers bars, apples and a drink and set off around the lakes. The bottom lake is the larger and is a lovely acqua colour with clear water. It is surrounded by forest with wide walking paths. Despite it being Thursday there were still a lot of walkers, hikers and swimmers out and about enjoying ... read more
Langbathsee upper lake
A water snake
The memorial wall in the Ebensee Concentration Camp Cemetery

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Salzkammergut September 16th 2015

The day was looking good which we needed for St Wolfgang on Wolfgangsee. We had gone there 2 years ago on our bikes and got thoroughly soaked in the pouring rain, so we had unfinished business. We got ourselves parked for the day and headed off for the Schafberg Bahn after a walk through the historic part of town. St Wolfgang is a very beautiful town on the edge of the lake in an area lined with hiking trails around the lake and in the mountains. We had heard that the mountain train was a “must see” as you can see 7 of the lakes in the lake district from the top of the mountain. The SchafbergBahn was established in 1893 and is the steepest steam cog wheel railway in Austria. It climbs 1190 metres on ... read more
Wolfgangsee with St Wolfgang town
One of the diesel and water engines on the ScharnbergBahn
A view from the Scharnberg

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg September 15th 2015

We had decided we would have one day in Salzburg while staying in Ebensee so figured it was sensible to go there with Irvahn who was returning to Zurich today via Salzburg. We could at least travel with her part of the way. On arriving in Salzburg we found that the train to Zurich was delayed firstly for 20 minutes then longer due to "technical problems". Irvahn duly got on the train which had now been split into two and sat and sat. We could see that something was happening far down the platform but weren't sure, what. After some time, we figured we should just say goodbye and go. We soon found out the issue. The train concerned had come from Budapest with a full load of refugees and off loaded them here. We found ... read more
The Red Cross tent outside of Salzburg main train station
A portion of the refugee crowd detained in the Salzburg station awaiting processing

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt September 14th 2015

The weather was looking a bit dicey today so we weren’t sure what we would get up around Lake Halstatt where we were headed to visit the main attractions – the Ice Cave, Krippenstein the Five Finger Platform and Halstatt. We had biked in this area in 2013 and figured that Irvahn would love these sites so we bought a ticket that would take us on the Seilbahn to the Ice Cave and to the top of the mountain at Krippenstein. The Ice Cave is at the mid station where we got off, signed in for a tour, then walked slowly up the steep track to the cave entrance which takes about 15 minutes. We put on warm clothes and started the tour into the dry part of the cave which is part of a vast ... read more
Lake Halstatt
Another picturesque view of Lake Halstatt
Outside the ice cave

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria September 13th 2015

Yesterday was a travel day so not posted on TravelBlog for subscribers. Today dawned a beautiful, calm and sunny day, just perfect for a bikeride. Irvahn expressed a keenness to bike so we organised three bikes and headed off down through Ebensee and up Lake Traun. It brought back memories of our biking trip 2 years ago when we spent 10 days biking in the Austrian Lake District, 5 of which were in Ebensee. It is Sunday and the roads were very busy with constant traffic which was the downside of a bike trail running alongside the main road. There is constant traffic noise apart from where the bike trail heads off onto the old road or through tunnels. Our first stop was at Traunkirchen where we parked our bikes on the lakeside and went up ... read more
Our lunch stop by the lake shore
Linds and Irvy at Ort Castle
Traditional cookies at the market

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Ebensee September 12th 2015

Today was a travel day from Ortisei to Ebensee in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria, not far from Salzburg. The drive out of Val Gardena was as hair raising as driving in. The road is narrow and winding, the walls on the mountain side seem to be right by the passenger seat and it seems too fast downhill. Maybe I'm losing my nerve but those walls being so close to the side of the road had me leaning towards the driver. Once onto the autostrada driving is more straight forward but all the way to the Brenner Pass was heavy traffic, often slowed to a crawl, and with many trucks - and this was a Saturday. Strangely, the shortest route to Ebensee was up to Innsbruck, into Germany towards Rosenheim, then back into Austria by ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Galtur September 8th 2015

Day 3 Tri Lander Nek (Where the three lands touch) I roller over and it was ten after 8 am. What a great night sleep, Kirsten was just waking up and heard the cows out the window. She jumps up and looks out and see’s horses being lead across the road to the pasture next to our Zimmer. They are prancing and neighing and Kirsten is excited. She jumps into the shower and I roll over for another 30 minutes. After a hot shower, we both go downstairs and have a great European breakfast. The table was set with bread, cheeses, meats, cereal, coffee and the famous soft-boiled eggs. It was perfect. While eating, the innkeeper brings us these cards. They reminded me of when we were in Bertschesgarten. This card would give you free bus ... read more

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