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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Zell am See August 13th 2022

Letztes verlängertes Wochenende waren meine Mutter und ich in Zell am See. Am Samstag fuhr meine Begleitung mit dem 9-Euro-Ticket vom Raum Nürnberg nach München und wir setzten die Fahrt mit dem Auto nach Österreich fort. Die Lage auf der Autobahn hielt sich dabei in Grenzen und nach dem Inntaldreieck wurde es besser. Am Hotel angekommen checkten wir ein und tranken erst einmal Kaffee. Danach nahmen wir den Bus zum Zentrum und spazierten am Seeufer entlang aber auch durch den Ortskern. Dabei fielen insbesondere die vielen Araber auf, zu denen die Einheimischen eine gemischte Beziehung haben. In einem Souvenirladen kaufte ich auch noch ein paar Pinzgauer Delikatessen. Anschließend kehrten wir zum Hotel zurück, wo wir zu Abend aßen und die Bar besuchten.... read more
Spaziergang durch Zell am See.
Spaziergang durch Zell am See.
Spaziergang durch Zell am See.

Day sixteen. Up with the larks (by comparison with the rest of the week) it was time to ship out. Ash feasted on bled cake for breakfast (when you've got to eat all the food before you go you can be forgiven) and we loaded up the car, got our sunglasses on (no rain today) did one last check of the apartment and headed to the beach for one last paddle. The danger flies joined us as we sat for one final drink at the beach bar, Seth and I ate giant ice creams (god's honest truth Seth made me, he'd got to the kiosk and ordered me a Siberian blueberry before I'd even got up from my chair as he wanted me to have one as well!) Finally bidding farewell to the beach and the ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck June 18th 2022

Après ces petits arrêts sympas nous continuons vers le Sud pour arriver en Autriche... première nuit et même trois à Innsbruck, située dans l'ouest du pays, dans une vallée au cœur des Alpes ; elle est la deuxième plus grande ville d'Europe dans cette situation, après sa jumelle alpine Grenoble. Elle est la capitale du Land du Tyrol, et est traversée par la rivière l'Inn. On y trouve un bon emplacement car ici.. ça vient et ça part, mais tout se passe dans le respect de l'autre.. Une belle vue sur les montagnes et même quelques avions qui volent bas vu que l'aeroport d'Innsbruck est juste à côté, mais cela ne dérange pas... Nous étions venus dans la région en 77 si je ne le trompe...? Nous allions alors vers Pakostan en Yougoslavie d'alors, pour un ... read more
parfois ils sont drôlement enjolivés...
les autoroutes et autres continuent à se moderniser

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte June 11th 2022

Am Samstag vor einer Woche unternahm ich eine lange geplante Fahrt in die Berge südlich von München. Eine Woche früher war die Autobahn dorthin auch wegen des bekannten Bahnunfalls bei Garmisch-Partenkirchen noch gesperrt, aber am 11. Juni war sie wieder frei und nicht allzu viel Verkehr auf der Strecke. Erstes Ziel war der kurz zuvor fertig gestellte Oberau Tunnel, der wirklich praktisch ist. An der Baustelle am Südportal des Kramer Tunnels bin ich auch vorbei gefahren und daneben werden noch zwei derartige Anlagen geplant oder gebaut. Das wird die Verkehrssituation um die ehemalige Olympiastadt erheblich verbessern. Dort selbst kaufte ich in einem Geschäft noch Südtiroler Spezialitäten, die ich nächste Woche essen werde (sie sind eingeschweißt). Von dort fuhr ich an der Zugspitze vorbei nach Österreich in den Raum Reutte, wo ich über die Highline 179 gelaufen ... read more
Ausflug in die Berge südlich von München.
Ausflug in die Berge südlich von München.
Ausflug in die Berge südlich von München.

Europe » Austria » Carinthia » Klagenfurt June 10th 2022

I thought we were taking a stroll through the woods. That was my suggestion. I dutifully put on my hiking shoes and we set off. We descended 250 metres to a small lake, the highlight for me was walking through an Austrian farm. At the lake we stopped for cake and coffee in a quaint hamlet. Yes, it was good to see the country side. Then we began the long climb back up 250 metres on endless switch-back roads that rose above the large lake below. What a workout! I will not feel guilty sitting four hours on a train tomorrow. It was lovely walking through the mountain forests. We found a large mushroom that is one of the best kinds. I think we are having it with supper tonight. Later, we did have the mushroom ... read more
Worn down
Austrian barn

Europe » Austria » Carinthia » Klagenfurt June 9th 2022

I have made a goal to have at least one Servas visit per country so that I can become acquainted with the real culture and not just the tourist attractions. I am staying in a lovely house near Klagenfurt, a house built after careers abroad, and in my mind the design and detail are perfect. It has me thinking about my house and perhaps a few tweaks I could do. The views of the mountains are lovely from every window and balcony. I forgot how changeable mountain slopes can be as light changes throughout the day and evening, or when clouds and mist move by. When I arrived yesterday my hosts took me to a tower to get 360 degree view of the area. The train journey here was delightful through mountains and valleys. Pure pleasure ... read more
View from look out tower
View towards Italy
Slide option

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 3rd 2022

I have uploaded photos that should have been included in earlier blogs about Budapest. There is one picture of a bathroom sign, that explains how different cultures can be. I can remember being in a bathroom, in between flights, tired from the 4 o'clock alarm, not quite sure what country/city I was in until I saw the sign that instructed people to put used toilet paper in the bin and not the toilet bowl, and I knew I was in Athen's airport. Travelling has a way of knocking you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. Perspectives change. Now my bathroom at home does not seem too small at all. I had one half its size in a hotel in Santorini, and could function well enough. Throughout Austria the signs for public bathrooms ... read more
bathroom advice
view from on high

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 27th 2022

I decided to take a lazy morning and have brunch in a cafe, then walk in palace gardens. It is lovely walking along cobbled streets or sidewalks, watching people go about their day amongst finely decorated buildings. There is something comforting about the size and stature of these buildings, they seem eternal, as if nothing could knock them down. I strolled around picking out the cafe with lots of people, in shade, serving lots of proteins as well as sweets and caffiene. Along the street I saw the chocolate maker shop and popped in. I bought six round chocolates (am eating them now....OMG, so good) of various flavours; chili, hazelnut, salty, layered nugat. Window shopping is a delight. Finally I sat in a cafe and ordered a cappuchino and omlette. There is no rush to take ... read more
cobble stones
See the dog on the man's lap?
cafe across from church

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 27th 2022

This afternoon I went to Belevedere and paid to see their collection. Worth every penny, so much more enjoyable art then in earlier museums, I thought. Today is a hot sunny day and the streets and museums were crowded with tourists. It felt like a weekend, and I am glad I am leaving Vienna for a few days. I am even more glad that I spent the afternoon looking at such lovely paintings. I will post my favourites, with info tiles for some of them. After touring Belevedere, I went in search of St. Stephen cathedral in the centre of the city. I got lost two days ago trying to find it. For any travelers, take the wide pedestrian street in between the Bristol Hotel and the Opera house, it goes directly to the cathedral, passing ... read more
Everybody wanted a photo of Napolean
line up for tickets
back of the building

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 26th 2022

Today I activated my EuroRail train pass, which means I can get on any train in any direction. (I am sure I will bump into some restrictions) It was a challenge getting to the best train station to activate the pass, and I will end this blog with the frustrating tale. Meanwhile, a festival was going on in Melk, about an hour from Vienna. Every cafe was filled with happy Austrians guzzling good beer in the sunshine. The town could have been the backdrop to Beauty and the Beast movie, and as I walked through the quaint streets I kept thinking Belle would be singing 'there must be more to this provincial life', with Gaston singing in the background. I went to the tourist centre to find the way up to the world famous Abby. Good ... read more
The WOW factor
Entering the village

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