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Europe » Austria » Vienna May 29th 2016

Today we only had half a day in Vienna, and after that train to Zagreb in afternoon. We started the day by going museum quarters area. I thought of seeing the Volks Garden and some buildings there. Once there I remembered that this is where we finished the marathon couple of years back. One of the good runs. The volksgarden first appeared closed. So we walked around and saw the other buildings in the area. Then on way back, I realised there is another proper entrance to the garden. We found it and vola! It is such a beautiful garden. This was perfect time for roses, and there were roses everywhere. I wonder if there is such a place in Zurich that I am missing. Unfortunately we did not have lot of time to spend here ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz May 28th 2016

Gestern habe ich mir nach dem Frühstück das Linz-Ticket für einen Tag gekauft. Damit hatte ich Eintritt in alle Museen und auch für den öffentlichen Nahverkehr. Dann bin ich mit der Straßenbahn zum Hauptmarkt und habe die Pöstlingbergbahn (die ist nur beim 3-Tage Linz-Ticket dabei) bis zum gleichnamigen Berg genommen. Von dort hatte ich eine schöne Aussicht auf die Stadt. Danke an Alex für den Tip. Da oben war auch noch eine Wallfahrtskirche, die ich mir angesehen habe. Nachdem ich wieder heruntergefahren bin, habe ich mir den Ars Electronica Center angesehen. Dort habe ich auch Kaffee getrunken und einen 8k 3D-Film angesehen. Danach bin ich noch zum Kunstmuseum Lentos, wo moderne Kunst ausgestellt wird. Vielleicht sind ja beide Museen für 2009 eröffnet worden. Im Anschluss darn bin ich wieder mit der Starßenbahn zum Hotel. Abends habe ... read more
Historische Straßenbahn zum Pöstlingberg.
Ars Electronica Center.
Im Lentos.

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 28th 2016

The Vienna trip started with overnight train from Zurich. The train ride was comfortable and uneventful. I had a packet of mozzarella that was going to spoil, so I was carrying it with me to use for breakfast. It survived the train journey. Once at Vienna train station, we were a bit lost. We were at the other end of train station, and the main station building was somewhere in the middle. At the main building we bought a 48hr unlimited ticket to make it easy to travel around. Our hotel was one station away, and still it was complicated figure out which train gets there. Vienna has 4 different (maybe 5) train systems. At the main station there are multiple levels and different trains go from different levels, and no proper map. After making couple ... read more
The smaller maze
Palace gardens

Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Melk May 27th 2016

Gestern bin ich also mit dem Auto von Linz nach Sift Melk gefahren. Dort waren insbesondere der Marmorsaal, die Bibliothek und die Klosterkirche besonders interessant. Danach bin ich zurück und auf dem Weg noch zum ehemaligen Konzentrationslager Mauthausen. Im Anschluss daran bin ich in den Voorten von Linz an den Stahlwerken vorbei gefahren, die der Stadt den Namen Stahlstadt eingebracht haben. Trotzdem ist Linz sehr sehenswert und war ja auch Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 2009. Abends habe ich dann noch gut gegessen und World of Warcraft gespielt. Gegen 22:00 gab es dann noch eine Art Feuerwerk am Donauufer, von dem ich aber vorher nichts erfahren habe.... read more
Stift Melk - Klosterkirche.
Konzentrationslager Mauthausen.
Konzentrationslager Mauthausen.

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz May 26th 2016

Gestern bin ich also mit dem Auto nach Linz gefahren. Dabei habe ich die unfertige A94 benutzt, weil dort keinerlei Stau war. Im Gegensatz zur A8. In Linz habe ich dank Sygic problemlos mein Hotel gefunden. Im gleichen Gebäude ist auch ein Casino und anscheinend eine Niederlassung der SAP. Was für ein Zufall. Zuerst habe ich einen Apfelstrudel mit Kaffee im Hotelrestaurant zu mir genommen. Danach bin ich auf das schöne Zimmer und habe nochmals den Reiseführer studiert. Anschließend bin ich zu Fuß Richtung Altstadt gelaufen, an Bischofshof, Mariendom und auch dem Donauufer vorbei und habe ein empfohlenes Restaurant aufgesucht. Dort habe ich einen Schweinebraten und zum Nachtisch eine österreichische Süßspeise gegessen (leider habe ich schon wieder den Namen vergessen). Danach bin ich über den Hauptmarkt und der Landstraße (das ist in etwa die Fußgängerzone in ... read more
Der Mariendom.
Die Landstraße.
Blick auf den Pöstlingberg.

Europe » Austria May 20th 2016

We’re back in Austria! Having already been to Salzburg and Innsbruckin the run up to Christmas last year, the final place we wanted to visit was Vienna and we decided to go on the way back north through Europe this year. We stayed at a great free stellplatz at Kriztendorf train station and caught the train in to the centre each day, a great way of doing it. We had really nice weather all weekend with temperatures just tipping over the 20 degree mark each day which meant we were able to really take in the architecture and sights and sit on the grass in the park with an ice cream! Vienna is another city that there is enough to do to spend a week there but the biggest and most impressive sites are the cathedral ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg May 12th 2016

Welcome back, dear reader. This entry and the one immediately following it is this week's DOUBLE FEATURE! Blog written by me, Jordo, and a special edition entry where Rindi compares Hotels to Hostels and the pros and cons of both! I think! I haven't read it yet! We are by no means an authority, as of yet, but we have stayed in our fare share of hostels by now. I'll let her get to the nuts and bolts of that, later. Also, a tip for opening links to the pictures below (so that you don't lose your place), either right click on the link and "Open in New Tab" or use your middle mouse button to click on the link and it will open in a new tab automatically! You're welcome. Budapest, Hungary We left Croatia ... read more

Europe » Austria May 12th 2016

After the disaster we had, we emailed a campsite near by to Vienna the evening of the creepy campsite and had received a reply from them confirming a reservation, so this was a relief! After we had packed up our wet belongings we left and were soon crossing the border (not that you really can tell). We managed to drive through yet more road works - although still unconvinced whether we were actually supposed to drive along the unsurfaced road that they were working on (JCB and all). Anyway, a slightly bumpy and dusty few minutes later and we were back on tarmac - and we didn't have to go on a lengthy diversion! In spite of the issues we had the day before we followed our sat nav faithfully through all the towns that appeared ... read more
The "bridge" across the Danube
Camping Platz in Klosterneuburg
Best meatballs outside of Italy...

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Mieders May 5th 2016

Mieders is a municipality in the southern part of the district Innsbruck-Land in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is located on the right side of the Stubaital 10.60 km south of Innsbruck. Wikipedia... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 2nd 2016

Our final day in Vienna, and this cosmopolitan city has given us a myriad of rich and rewarding experiences, many of which we never envisaged. The unexpected pleasures are the ones you remember most....we took a wrong turn, as we cycled to the Belvedere Museum and art gallery this morning. And, as we were back-tracking, we met two Nepalese gentlemen. They are on a bike trip to try and cover 153 countries......they started in 2005, and are up to country number 119. Their mission is to convey a simple message of world peace. So as we chatted, we shared with them our experience of Nepal, and invited them to come and stay with us, if and when they arrive in NZ next year. Who would've thought we would meet and talk with two Nepalese cyclists in ... read more
The exceptional Belvedere
City hire bikes.
Flower shop on St Stephens Platz.

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