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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg May 31st 2015

Today, we took a day trip to Salzburg. Did not have a lot of time there but soaked up all the ambience we could. Home of Mozart and the Sound of Music. Had a bus tour through the area and saw many sites. We are scheduled to leave tonight around 11:30pm on a sleeper train in Venice.... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz May 30th 2015

So this was the unofficial start of our trip as it was our first intended destination, but not the start of the vacationing because Susan was working remotely. Not sure I mentioned it yet, but I fucked my ankle in Oslo and basically could not walk by this point in the trip. I would highly advise you against purchasing Saucony's as they are the shittiest of shit shoes and nothing good will come from wearing them. Anyhoo, we were welcomed on the platform by Carrie after a lovely train ride from Munich. I like trains and include them in our itinerary whenever I can :) We weren't really sure what to expect from Linz because we didn't really do any research on what there was to do since the main purpose was to get to hangout ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol May 25th 2015

Monday 25th May. It was a holiday Monday today, as I discovered when I found out how crowded the trains were, especially this afternoon! I went for a day trip to Bludenz, which is near to the western end of Austria, close to Lichtenstein and Switzerland. The train takes the Arlberg Pass through the Alps, and goes through the 11km Arlberg Tunnel. On the trips there and back I had to change trains in Innsbruck. The weather finally improved today, with patches of blue sky in the morning, and some sun late in the day. The scenery was fantastic all the way there and back, with snowy mountain peaks, green valleys, rushing rivers and picturesque villages. Even the railway architecture was interesting, with many stone-built station buildings, which would have been built in the 1880s. In ... read more
View of Bludenz from the Muttersberg Cable Way
An Alp, between Innsbruck and Jenbach

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 24th 2015

Some friends from work and I decided to put aside the stresses of work deadlines and the like, in order to take full advantage of a four-day weekend! After researching options, we landed on Vienna as the destination! After a rather dramatic landing, complete with a seemingly never ending holding pattern and air flight sickness for one of our group, we managed to make our way to the apartment we had rented for the weekend. We stayed in the second district directly beside a metro stop, giving us quick access to the city’s offerings. Three of us had decided to take in the opera La Bohème at the Volksoper, and so immediately dove in to the Veinna experience. We enjoyed a glass of wine in the restaurant across the street, and started to appreciate the differences ... read more
Enjoying the warm evening before the show
Melk Monestary
Melk Monestary

Europe » Austria » Tyrol May 24th 2015

Sunday 24th May. Jenbach is a bit of a different rail hub. There are three railway gauges in the station, the standard gauge ÖBB main line, the 1 metre gauge Achenseebahn rack railway, and the 760 mm narrow gauge Zillertahlbahn, which runs a half-hourly service up the Zillertahl Valley to Mayrhofen, a ski resort. Today I took trips on both the narrow gauge lines. I first headed along the Zillertal Valley to Mayrhofen. Very pretty scenery, with the mountains either side shrouded in mist and clouds. Mayrhofen is a picture-book alpine village, with many hotels, guesthouses, ski schools, sports stores and restaurants. It was cool there but not really cold. I took the Ahornbahn cable car up into the clouds. A really steep cable car, with some great views, until we entered the clouds. Lots of ... read more
Achenseebahn Locomotive
In the snow & cloud at the top of the Ahorn Cable Car
Zillertal Valley morning

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Seefeld May 23rd 2015

Friday 22 May: When we arrived at our hotel yesterday evening Zachary was very excited to see they had an in-house kindergarten. We talked to him about it and he said he would like to go. This morning we discussed it again and explained how it would be like when he went to Jenny or Denise’s place. Mummy and Daddy would be somewhere else (going to museums). He was super-keen to go so we packed his bag and went down at 10 to meet Olga, the young lady who runs it. She speaks passable English, certainly well enough to communicate with children, so it was all good. We left him to it and headed into Innsbruck. First stop was the Tourist Info office at the Hauptbahnhof. Treviso (and other places for that matter) take note – ... read more
Seefeld in Tirol.
Heather at the entrance to Innsbruck's Altstadt.
View from across the River Inn.

Europe » Austria » Tyrol May 23rd 2015

Saturday 23rd May. It rained all day today! I know there are mountains out there somewhere, but I haven’t seen any of the high Austrian Alps at all, which is really disappointing, considering that’s why I came to Austria. Certainly one can see the snowy hills looming through the clouds as one travels along the valleys, hinting at something beyond, but the intractable low cloud and rain seem here to stay. I had most of the day in Salzburg. After breakfast I took the trolleybus in to see the Mirabell Garden, which I had heard was worth seeing. A very beautiful park, with formal and informal gardens. A walk across and then along the rushing River Salzach, with its many market stallholders setting up in the rain, followed. Returning to the main station, I took the ... read more
Achenseebahn Steam Locomotive

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 22nd 2015

Vienna is one city I've dreamed of seeing for many, many years and I can't believe I was actually here today. The weather was cold, gray and drizzly, but that didn't stop us. The day was clearly in two parts for me. Part 1 was the guided tour provided by Viking, and, as usual, it was great. Since the ship was not docked near the city center, and because the city is so big, we started with a guided bus tour. There are beautiful buildings everywhere and lots of museums (for our return trip) but today we focused on the center of the city where royalty lived and ruled for many years. We also spent some free time in the pedestrian areas near the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The church building was fascinating, but we really ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg May 22nd 2015

Friday 22ndMay. I am conscious that I am now in the last week of my vacation, and the low clouds every day, and rain most of the time here in Salzburg, are frustrating. I am not seeing the mountain-scape. My plan for the day was to take the train from Obertraun as far as Bad Ischl, the railway station there has luggage lockers, then to leave my suitcase there and take the bus to St Wolfgang to ride the Schafbergbahn rack railway to the top of the mountain. On arriving in Bad Ischl, I discovered all the luggage lockers were out of service, and the weather was deteriorating. I phoned the Schafbergbahn and they told me that it was very cold, windy, snowing and raining at the top and they had cancelled some of their trains, ... read more
School at Strobl

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 21st 2015

We started the day in Melk, which turned out to be a big surprise. The largest Benedictine Monastery in Europe is housed there, with 29 monks in full residence. It's also a school for about 900 students of all ages. It's also a museum which houses some extraordinary artifacts, some of which are 1000 years old. We continue to be amazed at the age of things here - not like the "new" history of the U.S. After visiting the abbey and the museum, we finished our tour with a visit to the Abbey Church. Oh my, what a beautiful place. I know there has to come a time when I stop being so impressed by these churches, but I haven't gotten there yet. If I had a dollar for every "Wow!" I've uttered on this trip, ... read more

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