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Europe » Austria » Vienna February 3rd 2015

Hello all! My flight left Chicago a couple of hours late, so I got bumped to a later flight to Pristina. I barely remember the flight, except that the seats were very spacious, or it felt that way because the flight was about half full. They fed us something that I don't really remember, and I watched part of the King's Speech before losing interest. I'm pretty sure I slept for a certain length of time. I've wandered around the Vienna airport a bit, and it seems desolate. I see people, but they're all quietly going about their business. I somehow wandered into and out of several security areas before getting caught and made to go through a proper security check. They didn't seem too angry - it must happen a lot because the security areas ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck February 2nd 2015

This place is awesome. I left Salzburg at 7 to get here, spent the entire day exploring the mountain and the old town and am now sitting in a bar figuring out what to do since I leave in two hours to go out in Munich for a bit then catch a 5am train tmrw to Prague. I got here early, went to the tourism office and got an awesome breakfast at the breakfast club, then headed to the top of the mountain where it was a bit cloudy but none the less gorgeous. If I had ski gear and a friend I could probably spend a couple of weeks here exploring all the mountains in the area. Kitsbuhl Italian alps and Swiss alps all meet here. The town is gorgeous and people are very nice ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg January 30th 2015

Well Salzburg was absolutely gorgeous. Not that I'd live there but if all I wanted was good food, mountains, classical music and relatively cheap prices it would be a good play! Women were not to be seen unfortunately... The day I got there I went on the most incredible run. I ran up the side of the mountain and ended up at mozarts house, which was at the top. It was completely snow covered and something about running in the woods alone up to a castle makes it a really special experience. I also got the most amazing view of the sunset. After that I pretty much just went to bed. I got up early Saturday and went for a similar run except up to the Salzburg fortress, which is absolutely breathe taking, I followed that ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna January 27th 2015

Vienna was again amazkng. I spent the week with a bunch of abroad friends from school. Tuesday night; got in and didn't even have time to eat. Went straight to the bar with my friends and tried all these speciality shots. Example - breathing fire out of your mouth shot The place is called travelshot and is highly recommended. We went from here to a club and it was quite a late night. Wednesday: spent the whole day exploring the city and had one of the best meals I've had yet on this trip. I still don't know what it was but I think it was beef goulash with lover dumplings - try it. Then went to the museum of modern art and met up with an American I had been traveling with in Budapest. We ... read more

Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Wiener Neustadt December 23rd 2014

Oh Austria! The birthplace of Mozart, Hitler and Schwarzenegger just to name a few. With its magnificent views of the Alps and a deep cultural love for dogs, who are all very well-behaved and are allowed in most public places such as grocery stores, restaurants, trains and other areas where you normally wouldn't see pets. Kebabs, cigarettes, and coffee are the other weaknesses of the local community. Being at the crossroads of Europe, Austria has a long history of being a multicultural country. It has one of the highest standards of living and statistically is much safer, compared to its neighbors. We arrived in Vienna in mid-February. It was still fairly cold outside, with snow covering most of the ground like a blanket. Coat, gloves, and a hat were a necessity. We were picked up at ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck December 13th 2014

Another day of "work" checking out a few things. This time we went to Innsbruck to arrange for our group to visit the Swarovski Crystal shop. As the "Kristlalwelten" in Wattens is closed until mod 2015 - all groups now have to visit the store in Innsbruck - which means it will get a little crowded at times. Buyers will be disappointed as the store does not have anywhere near the range of product that was on offer in Wattens. Have to report that there is absolutely no snow in the Inn Valley - and this means no snow in Innsbruck. The locals and the store-keepers do not mind this - as it usually means more business as skiers now spend more time shopping instead of having to travel to the nearby glaciers to get on ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Seefeld December 11th 2014

Spent the day visiting suppliers and making sure all is in order for our guests when they arrive from 20 Dec. Am a little concerned about the lack of snow in Seefeld. The lift services wanted to being last week - but they had to postpone because of lack of snow. There is no "based on which to build the pistes - so they are desperately waiting for snow. They have snow-making machines working in some areas - but it won't be enough :(... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg December 8th 2014

Last year for Christmas, I went to the markets in Vienna. Over the summer I spent one rainy and amazing day in Salzburg. I wanted to go back. On Friday afternoon, Kathleen and I left school and got on a train. On the way there we listened to and discussed the latest episode of Serial (obsessed). When we got to Salzburg it was dark because December in Europe is generally dark. After taking the wrong bus, taking the right bus, and wandering around a lot, we finally found our couch surfer Jojo (pronounced Yo-yo). We went back to his house, which felt like a ski lodge. There was a super nice Canadian couple, so we hung out with them that evening and went to bed early. In the morning we got up and headed straight into ... read more
Castle Christmas market
Me and Bartholomew

Europe » Austria » Vienna December 7th 2014

I’m actually 2 days behind, but for now I'll go straight into today. My travel partners left this morning, so I'm on my own now for the rest of my trip. I'm staying in Vienna again tonight, so I started my day off slow. I found my way to the Café Mozart where I had coffee and a torte. After a quick back and forth to my hotel for headphones so I could do the Rick Steve's walking tour of Vienna on my phone, I finally begged a free pair from a tour bus! Headphone story: I always carry several pairs in my bag but decided on only two pair for this trip. The ones that came with my iPhone and a Bluetooth pair. I broke the iPhone ones on the flight over and my Bluetooth ... read more
Cafe Mozart, Vienna
Capuchin Church - Kaisergruft, Vienna
Hofburg Palace

Europe » Austria December 6th 2014

I have now experienced two famous ‘Matura Ball’s’; The HBLA where Claudia works and the Wimmer Gymnasium which is one of Jacob’s schools. The Matura ball is the Austrian equivalent of our school prom, however is much bigger and exciting and therefore deserves a whole blog post to be dedicated to it. ‘Matura’ is the name of the exams which Austrian school students sit when they finish school. It is usually compared to A-levels in the UK as the pupils are 19 when they take them and it is not compulsory; there are other routes or qualifications that can be taken instead, however they are the most popular route in education. The Matura ball is a leavers ball which is held for the students who will be taking their Matura and leaving school in the coming ... read more

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