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Europe » Austria » Tyrol September 14th 2019

Plan fin de semana: En el cercanías de las 5:23 para pillar el tren de las 6:30 y empiezo en innsbruck a las 9:30 El brennerpass es la travesía de los alpes mas fácil. A mi me lleva unas 3 horas de media. Ya lo he hecho innumerables veces, algunas mas folklóricas que otras. Con huracán, con temperaturas de -20 grados, con antisistemas y policía austriaca... Bueno, 3 horas de reloj y arriba, comprar lotería, destruir el baño y bajo pal otro lado. A Sterzing lo mejos es pasar del carril bici. Si tiras de carretera estas allí en 20 minutos, si te vas por el carril bici te lleva por todas las granjas, cuesta arriba y todo. He cruzado sterzing y a las 15:00 estaba empezando el paso numero 2. Me ha dado medio pájara, ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Seefeld August 30th 2019

Today will be a short blog as we are having a day of rest and relaxation in the Tirol. We have been invited for lunch at Anne’s in Seefeld. Seefeld is approximately 30 minutes from Axams and I love the drive there as we drive down into the Inn Valley and up Zirler Berg on the other side. It is dramatic scenery all the way. Anne has been another close friend since the early 1980s when I spent three years living and working in Seefeld. I have spent many weeks over the past years at her home - either using one of her apartments for a skiing holiday or dog-sitting for the lovely Rory occasionally when she went on one of her exotic and exciting trips. Needless to say I am really excited about returning to ... read more
Views of the Rosshütte behind Seefeld Church
View from behind the Church
Seefeld Town Centre

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 13th 2019

Apologies to those of you have already read this bit. I decided to split the last one into two but forgot to delete this text from the last one. The photos however are different and correspond to this blog. _------------_-----------_------------_-----------_------------_-------- Saturday 13th July Our next stop was the Austrian Tyrol. As we drove along, the scenery changed from tall grey craggy mountain tops to high, grassy peaks changing to rock at the very tops, but just as beautiful in their own way and equally as high. Our guest house in the Tyrol was again a traditional wooden alpine house with bright red flowers flowing over from multiple balconies. Close by was a fantastic restaurant we could just walk to and eat amazing food cooked especially for us. Petra the owner of the guesthouse informed us that ... read more
and serene lakes
More gentle peaks
Low cloud hanging in the Valley

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 11th 2019

Our five days in Breganze were at an end and it was time to start the long journey home. First stop were the Dolomites, Italy. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking with the tall craggy grey mountains towering up against the clear, deep blue sky. Every turn of the road brought on a new amazing view. The camera was on overtime and the journey took much longer as we were constantly stopping by the roadside to take photos. We stayed in a small traditional guest house the first night set in the tranquil little village of San Vito di Cadore. Next day we moved further along on the long road home. After another day exploring the area we stopped off at Cortina De Ampezzo where the winter olympics had been held in 1956. There was still evidence ... read more
dramatic scenery at every twist of the road
and again

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Walchsee July 1st 2019

16th June to 21stJune We came on a three week holiday to Slovenia six years ago in our first campervan. It was during that trip that I decided to take the leap from having a permanent job to picking up ad hoc work in between doing some travelling. I loved Slovenia then and being back has reminded me why. The scenery is stunning everywhere you look. Even the more industrial towns look beautiful sitting in lush green valleys with a backdrop of wooded hills and grey jagged mountain peaks. We spent our first couple of nights in Slovenia in Camping Menina in Varpolje, east of the Julian Alps. We spent a day doing some cycling through picturesque villages before moving on to Camp Danica at Bohinjska Bistrica. It was a bit of a revelation when realised ... read more
Mostnica Waterfall
Camp Spik, Kranjska Gora
Austria, East Tyrol, cooling off in the snow

Europe » Austria » Tyrol April 27th 2019

Today was a travel day to get us to Austria where we will be staying two nights. We are in a quaint ski town in the Alps called Kitzbuhel. Along the way here we stopped at a former palace near Munich, Germany called Nymphenburg. It was the summer home of many rulers of Bavaria. It was started in 1664 but was constantly being added on to through the late 1800's. It was very beautiful there in spite of the bad weather. After a bus tour around Munich, we walked to the old part of the city. We arrived just in time to hear the glockenspiel show. It is a large glockenspiel in the town hall which has a show three times a day and attracts a very large audience. Once the show was over we headed ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck December 16th 2018

16:38, le bruit de la neige fondue qui tombe goutte à goutte sur ma fenêtre, le soleil déjà derrière les montagnes. J'étais parti pour ne rien écrire et bosser ma présentation, mais ça me ferait trop mal de ne pas garder de trace écrite des merveilles de ces deux derniers jours. Un des grands avantages de mon boulot, c'est qu'il me permet de voyager régulièrement dans différentes parties d'Europe. Cela fait un peu plus d'un an que j'y suis, et déjà j'ai pu me rendre à Bruxelles, Sophia, Pünderich, Dublin, et aujourd'hui Innsbrück. Comme à mon habitude, je me suis pris quelques jours avant pour pouvoir partir explorer modestement la ville. Au carrefour de l'Europe, Innsbrück et la région du Tyrol sont à quelques encablures seulement de l'Allemagne, l'Italie, la France et les Balkans. J'ai donc ... read more
The Inn
Le toit du monde

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 17th 2018

Since we'd seen so much of Innsbruck yesterday before checking into the hostel, we had to walk quite a ways to see our first sight. Heading towards the one place I wanted to visit, the Glockengiesserei, or Church Bell Museum and Factory, we passed by a few new sights, especially on Marie-Theresien Strasse. The Spitalkirche was decent and the Hard Rock Cafe was a must see too. Near the beginning of the long street that became Leopoldstrasse later, you can see the Marie-Theresien Statue and the Triumphpforte. The Marie-Theresien Statue makes a great photo with the Alps in the background. The Triumphpforte reminds me of the Arc de Triomph, as I'm sure its supposed to. As we neared the Church Bell Museum, we spotted the Bergisel Ski Jump/Panorama at the end of the street, waaay up ... read more
Spitalkirche (Hospital Church)
Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck
Marie-Theresien Strasse with the Alps

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 16th 2018

Yesterday we met a young South Korean girl named Chi yesterday evening when she checked into our room. She was very nice and able to speak and understand English pretty well. Her and Manoli got to talking a lot, so this morning when we were packing up to leave for Innsbruck and found out she was going there too, we offered to give her a ride. We found out along the way that she already had reservations at the same hostel as we did, the Youth Hostel Fritz Prior-Schwedenhaus. The trip to Innsbruck was pretty short, at around 100 kilometers. We quickly passed into Austria, and realized we hadn't stopped to get our U.S. passports stamped. We'll ask at the Rathaus or Police Station to make sure we don't need the stamp. We might get it ... read more
Kids getting ready to play futbol (soccer)
Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church)
Der Backer Ruetz where we had pastries

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Kufstein September 3rd 2018

We've had the perfect biking day today. It was coolish but not cold and the bike trail went through some beautiful countryside. The Zillertal valley that we left is well worth returning to but time does not permit to explore it. Out of Strass we passed several ruins and castles until we reached Rattenberg which we stopped at to view the notable old town dating back to the 12th century. On the hill behind the town is a ruined castle or fort below which is the small but delightful town complete with alleys, cobbled streets, archways and a touristy main street with many glassware shops. We indulged in a very nice "kaffe und kuchen" from Hackers which is renowned for it's lovely cakes and pastries. From hereon it was full speed ahead through lovely countryside until ... read more
Rattenberg town
Kufstein Fort
Me at the covered wall over the main courtyard

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