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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba November 10th 2021

I woke up to the sound of rain teeming down. 'My umbrella is in the car' was my first thought- the car which was already shipped over to La Ceiba. Fortunately by the time I got up and had breakfast, the rain was already done. I sent a quick message to Sylvia and Cherry, making sure they were both up, then finished getting myself ready to go. I got Auri up to say a goodbye, then got a message from Cherry that the taxi had arrived. I headed down with my backpack and purse, and we had the taxi take us over to pick up Sylvia. Once we had Sylvia, we had to double back for a minute to grab her spare car key to have, 'just in case', and then we were on our way. ... read more

Most tourists pass through La Ceiba quickly to get to a ferry to one of the Bay Islands or transport to Rio Cangrejal for rafting, hiking, etc. The city itself is probably not worth a visit on its own, but it's fine for a night if necessary. I spent a week here at Honduras Spanish School. The owners are very responsive and kind, and I enjoyed my stay in the middle-class community of Colonia Sauce. The historic city center consists of dilapidated colonial buildings, a defunct train line, and a fledgling mercado, a result of mass corruption and an influx of (and tax cut for) fast food chains and big box stores, which causes the periphery to resemble an American highway town (see photo). The heat is absolutely stifling during the summer, and the daily power ... read more
American Fast Food Invasion
La Ceiba

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba February 17th 2017

Honduras is a country with some dangerous regions because of gang war,etc... The Atlantic side is more quiet and has many tourist facilities. We stayed in a very nice B&B in the mountains. I give it a 5 stars: nice gardens and surroundings, quiet, comfortable, good meals, owners always ready to suit your needs. We visited most of the interesting things in the region: 1- Pico Bonito national park: entrance was 2 minute from our B&B. Nice forest, but very steep trails! 2- Cayos cochinos: series of corals keys + 2 real islands. Beautiful, good for snorkeling. We saw the famous pink(ish) boas. 3- Cuero Y Salado National park: nice tour in the mangroves to see birds, monkeys, and yes one manatee. We stayed one week. Our minds disconnected after 2 days, so we really ... read more
Dock at Cayos Cochinos
Coral reef
Carribean reef squids

Good morning all! Well it might make you feel a bit better to know that we will not be waking up on the Caribbean island of Roatan today as we missed the last ferry. Our bus was late picking us up then a belt went on the engine, then a flat tyre, and then the belt went again so the driver decided to use the rope from the curtains on the bus as a replacement. It was at this point that another bus passing picked us up and took us to La Ceiba (the town where the port is) but we were an hour late. Our tour guide sorted us out with a nice hotel where we are spending the night before leaving on the 9:30 ferry in the morning. It will be an easy day, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba October 6th 2014

La ropa. Clothing. It is proving to be an ordeal at the hospital. As a volunteer it is expected that I wear "formal" clothing to the hospital, which was loosely defined as no flip flops, no "tourist" clothes, and no t-shirts. Dresses, pants, blouses, and skirts would be acceptable. As I was packing, I tried to figure out what I own that fits that vague description (not much). On my first day, I curiously observed what the two girls that had been here for a month wore to the hospital: nice sandals, casual pants, and dressy sleeveless tops. I thought I could match that. Except, when the director came to meet me before my first day, my outfit of a long printed skirt, my Birkenstock sandals, and a plain black tank top was deemed inappropriate. Easily ... read more
Where I Wash My Clothes
The Changing/Storage Closet
Lunch Break

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba October 4th 2014

I am starting to feel a but conspicuous. Not entirely because I stand out as a gringo but it seems like everyone knows where I live and work. Leaving the hospital, the taxi driver prompts me with my address. Or all I need to start to say is "en frente de" and they finish my sentence with "el hospital viejo." They know. Apparently I don't even need to know where I live to get home. We took a cab the other day home from dinner and the driver asked us if we knew Tina from Canada. After consulting his phone he recited her number to her correctly. Tina's old phone. Then today, as I was walking home from dinner, a young man started up a conversation with me...and proceeded to ask me if I knew ... read more

Our Arrival We caught the Diana Express bus from San Pedro Sula which arrived in La Ceiba at 4pm. It dropped us off at their offices near the Mall Megaplaza. A taxi to the town centre cost L25 per person. Where We Stayed Hotel Granada - in the market area on Avenue Atlantida between Calle 4 and 5. L280 for a double room with TV and bathroom. We originally shared a taxi to Banana Republic Guesthouse however they only had dorm beds which were $12 each! We walked up the road into town and there are plenty of hotels around the market. Where We Ate We had dinner in somewhere next to the hotel not worth mentioning however there was a supermarket on Avenue 14 de Julio just next to our hotel. There are also a ... read more

July 22 - I woke up today a bit later, around 7:30. Unfortunately, I had another bad belly this morning. Not great. But I had a nice skype call with Jeroen for two hours, got to see my cats, did some planning for the trip, and washed a couple things. It was nice to have a day to do nothing, especially after my hassles yesterday and being on the road for 11 hours in a boat, 6 buses and a taxi. I decided to go out a little before noon and look for something to eat for a change. I ended up going up to the roof area to have a look at the weather, which was the first blue skies I had seen in days. While up there I ran into the owner and he ... read more
View from the roof of my hotel
People are actually on this pier
Under the old pier

Traveling for 8 hours, entertaining ourselves by fighting over the window seat and trying out the local snacks that were being sold at each stop, we finally made it to La Ceiba, Honduras after a lovely relaxing week in Omoa.We arrived into Honduras last Friday by boat after some interesting immigration procedures and then headed straight to Omoa. What was supposed a one night stop over quickly turned into a one week vacation! Enjoying the luxuries of our very cheap hostel, including air-con, tv, and bikes to go explore with. Omoa is where the local mainland Hondurans holiday at so no wonder it was so beautiful! We were in a bay and were surrounded by vast mountains filled with jungle on our left and nothing but sea on ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba February 7th 2012

Jan 3 ... Let's see week in review. Bea and I went Roaton Friday afternoon after class. It's was about an hour and half boat ride and quite rough, lots of kids were throwing up. When we got there the first hostel we went to was full and the second one had only 2 beds left so we snatched them up. We went out for an amazing BBQ seafood dinner. Saturday we had a massive breaky and just relaxed drinking coffee then we went on a walk from west end to west bay. It was a nice walk on the beach. We stopped to have lunch along the way. When we got back I went snorkeling a bit in half moon bay. At night we again had a delicious dinner at a place that was owned ... read more

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