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Im 25 I love the outdoors and traveling is my passion. Im trying to figure out how to make a career out of the 2 so my parents will be happy and get out of their house haha. But for now i work as a waiter at the best restaurant in the world and i lifeguard on the greatest beach in the world as well. When im not saving money im out Traveling Surfing Spearfishing, Snowboarding, anything crazy/fun, and Sightseeing along the way

Alright final week.... So I did decide to head to Playa Gigante I almost convinced Lauren to come for a day or 2 but she didn't want to have to deal with all the buses and walking in. I wound up missing my 12:30 bus from SJDS to Rivas because it left early then the 1pm bus left super late so I was worried I was going to miss the last bus out towards the beaches but luckily I just made that one. I got off at the intersection and started hoofing the 5/6 km to the beach. I got a couple Kms in and a construction truck filled with sand and cement bags slowed down enough for me to hop on the back with some local school kids and a couple workers. The kids and ... read more

Nica cont.... So I catch a bus up towards Leon in hopes another bus will take me to puerto sandino or I'd hitch in. I always use to have to bother the bus driver or the bus ticket collector as to where I get off but with my iPhone and google maps I can keep and eye on where I am and figure it out myself. It's amazing how much iPhones have changed the travel game. Anyway apparently this bus was on the old road and boy was it old and bumpy. Google maps said 20 mins to the intersection probably an hour later we finally arrived there. Where I get off with a couple other people. It was a pretty barren intersection a gas station and a tienda/tiny store. I found out a bus would ... read more

March 11 guate to nicaragua Alright so today's tip started out being transferred from the hostel to the bus station around 5:30am and having to wait till 7am. Even though I checked yesterday to see if the bus left at 6:15. Anyway during my wait I realized I left my favorite travel towel I had bought years ago in New Zealand. It had been all over with me. I decided to run back to the hostel. I wasn't really sure where it was but thought I'd give it a shot. It was about 6:45 when I asked the guys working there if I could leave my bags with them and run back. Wow full sprint in the direction I thought it was I asked a few people but they directed me else where because the hostel ... read more

So I haven't kept up with my blog at all this trip so I am going to try and catch it up. I apologize this is going to be all over the place and probably the worst grammar I'm just writing things as I remember them. Jan 12 .... Guatemala Mom and dad drive me to Hoboken to have dinner at an awesome cuban restaurant and then crash at Terry and Katie lennons house for the night. Well we didnt really sleep though we staying up drinking and hanging out. I took about a 45 min nap then caught my taxi to the airport. When I landed in Guate city I was greeted by a guy that had a sign with my name on it as well as a few others. So we had to wait. ... read more

Bob and Andrew closing el sal surf chapter Hmm let's see the past week or so has been a blur of surf eating and naps. I could end the blog there but I'll try and recap a few of the surfs. I have to add the first night bob was here there was a town party/fundraiser which was a blast. Good food decent street dancing and music and beautiful local girls. Oh one liner about Sarah as we picked her and bob up the same night. She seems like a nice girl little stange but we didn't even hang out with her much because we were surfing all the time. I kind of felt bad but oh well. She said she had a good time and just wanted to relax. We did end up scoring pretty ... read more

El sal time warp Alright let's see. I don't know if I mentioned the coffee plantation and waterfall tour we did with the boys in the last post so I'll briefly hit that. We got picked up around 8 am and drove out into the hills for about 2 hours or so to a tiny town where we had to stop to pick up some police officers to accompany us to the waterfalls. We picked up a local girl guide as well and hiked down to the falls. It was very pretty the falls were all around us. We got to swim in some and climb up a bit and jump off. We also went down some man made tunnel the was super dark and sketchy. Haha but it was a good time. From here we ... read more

Central America Caribbean March 16th 2012

Lost in time So it's been over a month since I have done and update so this will be either long or really short. HahaLet's see I finished out my stay in Honduras working at Via Via working with Sayda and Rosa. I was really enjoying my time there. I was starting to feel at home and having a nice routine. I was trying to work out when my knee wasn't hurting. Rosa and I went out to dinner on valentines day then she made me dinner one night she is a nice but little loco girl haha. My last teachers were decent. My second to last one I didn't like to much but my last one was a young kid really enthusiastic about teaching and made it fun. My last night Sayda her family and ... read more

Jan 14... Feb 5 Let's see I didn't realize how long it has been since I have updated. I'll try and make it short and sweet but well see haha. So I arrived at copan took a taxi to the school where I met the 2 women who own the school. They showed me to my homestay, which is kind of a hostel. The first 2 days I slept in the dorm room because there were people staying in he private room. I spent the weekend walking around town trying to get oriented and did some window souvenir shopping. My first week of class was decent. I took 4 hours in the am and 3 hours in the pm for the first 3 days but a school group came so they didn't have any teachers for ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba February 7th 2012

Jan 3 ... Let's see week in review. Bea and I went Roaton Friday afternoon after class. It's was about an hour and half boat ride and quite rough, lots of kids were throwing up. When we got there the first hostel we went to was full and the second one had only 2 beds left so we snatched them up. We went out for an amazing BBQ seafood dinner. Saturday we had a massive breaky and just relaxed drinking coffee then we went on a walk from west end to west bay. It was a nice walk on the beach. We stopped to have lunch along the way. When we got back I went snorkeling a bit in half moon bay. At night we again had a delicious dinner at a place that was owned ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba January 1st 2012

Dec 25- Jan 3 Well it's been almost ten days since my last entry. Lest see. Xmas was weird. We finally had some meat and decent food. Then Alexandra left with the kids so the girls and I hung out on the porch till midnight when there was a massive flux of fireworks set off. It was crazy lasted ages too. The day after Xmas I walked around with Andrea and Kayle to the mall and then to the Dole park just trying to kill time, very slow weekends here. Let's see classes are decent Spanish is very hard though it's gonna take me much longer than I thought to learn it. I'm pretty slow. And hate studying Haha. My teacher was sick one day so I have a extra day at the end of my ... read more

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