End of el sal bob and andrews trip

Published: April 1st 2012
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Bob and Andrew closing el sal surf chapter
Hmm let's see the past week or so has been a blur of surf eating and naps. I could end the blog there but I'll try and recap a few of the surfs. I have to add the first night bob was here there was a town party/fundraiser which was a blast. Good food decent street dancing and music and beautiful local girls. Oh one liner about Sarah as we picked her and bob up the same night. She seems like a nice girl little stange but we didn't even hang out with her much because we were surfing all the time. I kind of felt bad but oh well. She said she had a good time and just wanted to relax. We did end up scoring pretty good surf through out the week. We hit up Mizata a few times but the first time was the best. We surfed the right hand long point for over 2 hours then paddled over to the beach break and I had an awesome session there. Finally riding the new board as it should be riden. The surf has been so big and good the board has been pretty much maxed out the entire time plus I made a pretty drastic change in board shape and design so I haven't been surfing to my normal potential/having as much fun as normal but hopefully I have learned a bit and advanced from it. I think I'm going to order another more all around board when I get home. Anyway we went back to mizata a couple of other times but didnt score it as well. We did have some sweet chilled breakys there though. We went back to the Ks alot to surf both bob and Andrew liked it there. We did score it pretty well one day still wasn't like the Monday morning jay and I got it but it was pretty solid. Let's see bobs last session we finally made it to punta roca. I had some fun ones it's a really good wave my last one was a 15ft ish bomb so sick. Andrew got frustrated there because he wanted to sit out deeper and get bigger ones but we didn't let him because we didn't want any problems with the locals. He's never surfed a place like that before you really have to sit inside and pick off smaller waves and be respectful. It shouldnt be that way but that's how it is. Andrews last session was a bit worse he wanted to go back to the Ks but it was a bit to big to work there and there was a massive current we had to constantly paddle against we all got super tired and angry at eachother and everything so we went in and had lunch at one of the places on the cliff on the drive home. Bob made it home yesterday and Andrew is in route today. Jay and I surfed the Ks this am it was decent but we slept in to late the wind got on it and the sets were cleaning us up so we gave up. We're keeping the car until tomorrow so hopefully well score it once more before we leave tomorrow night. Quotes from the tripAndrew- "Kilometer at your spot" is that he thought the Ks stood for. It simply means Ks(Kilometers) because there is a surf break at K59 and K61Calling Andrew "Rick Cane" from North ShoreBob - "Cut it keep, cutting it. Keep cutting cutting....." for me backing out of spots. Bob having some serious bowl problems. And aways speaking italian instead of Spanish. HahaThere was a couple others I cannt think of. Last note I have finally decided to start drinking alcohol a little. It has been on my mind the past few trips to to have one or 2 social ones. Just to try enjoy going out to bars and hanging out with people more. So I have had a few beers on this trip and I can say I still pretty much hate the taste but enjoy the camaraderie it brings. I have not been drunk nor do I plan on it but I have always wanted to have a beer with friends , my brothers/family at a BBQ or something and never knew really why I didnt do it other than it thought it tasted terrible and was against the society norms. I still wish our society wasn't based around it but I guess if you can't beat them join them to a point. Well see.


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