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Hola! Made it safely to Liberia and picked up by Javi the project lead at Cabuyal Leatherback project, he is from Southern Spain. We stopped for some food and a beer before driving 40 mins to the camp, the last leg of the journey included an unsurfaced road, a river crossing and the final section a muddy trail to the camp entrance, only reachable by 4 x 4. Four other people already at the camp, Emma (volunteer) from Seattle, Claudia (Turtle research assistant) from Mexico, Adam from California and Kelsey from Ohio, both the latter completing their theses for their Biology Masters serving as research assistants. Emma heads off similar time to me in early Dec and the others are all here until March! There is a larger Leatherback project a couple of hours away on ... read more
Crossing the river
Cabuyal in the distance
The camp

Buenas Dias, NB you have to scroll down for other photos as the blog software spaces based on text...... I did not expect to write a blog so soon, however a lot happened already in first few days and have some spare time and internet! Flight from UK went reasonably smoothly, lucky me and my knee had an emergency exit seat so more than enough leg room. Took off an hour late and 11 hours later when arriving at San Jose we had to circle for an hour due to some low storm clouds, which resulted in a bumpy landing, had worse. Wish I had some of the magic potion that Dawn Tottle put on my leg.... Checked into hotel near airport for the night then taxi to Dennys at 0515 to meet my shuttle to ... read more
Mud slide!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste September 24th 2017

DISASTROUS JOURNEY TO OSTIONAL Well we did in the end arrive safely at the Hotel Luna Azul in Ostional, but what a dreadful journey we had - even for us ‘seasoned’ travellers … … We left Hotel Cerro Lodge near Tárcoles at 0840 hours with our ‘Greenpath’ transport driver who had GPS on his phone on the front windscreen. He said that the journey would take about 4 hours which seemed to concur with what we could make out on his phone. After dropping off our two new Munich friends in Puerto Arenas and picking up a few supplies we continued towards Limonal and all was well - we thought this is great we are making good time. Alas that was not to last, our driver who did not speak very much English and I am ... read more
Violaceous Trogon (female)
Mantled Howler Monkey
Violaceous Trogon (male)

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas September 18th 2017

MOVING ON It was an uneventful and speedy journey to the our next destination and we were entertained on the way by our drivers, Roderico and Andreas. They had been up since 4 am that morning monitoring Scarlet Macaw numbers around Tárcoles before coming to pick us up. We passed more long rows of African Palms all along the roadside but also noticed several rice fields as well - they need a lot of rice here with all the rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Roderico said that they grow rice in the rainy season and then plant vegetables, like melon and gourd products in the dry season, so get a ‘double crop’ from their fields. Some years though when the weather is drier than normal they have to import rice supplies from China ... read more
Our Bungalow - Cerro Lodge
Overlooking pool and gardens
Blue Tanagers

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas September 12th 2017

CASA BUENA VISTA Well what can I say it was indeed a bit of a shock to the system to arrive at Casa Buena Vista in Manuel Antonio it was nothing like we were expecting. Sergio our driver dropped us off on the road and the B&B was on a steep hillside overlooking the ocean way below. He waited around until we managed to raise Anita - everything was securely locked and we could not get in until she open the metal gate directly fronting the road. However she soon arrived and what a pleasant lady she was making us feel very welcome right from the start. We said our goodbyes to Sergio who had been a brilliant driver and he headed off back up the road. Anita told us that the ‘Cottage’ we had requested ... read more
Casa Buena Vista
Casa Buena Vista
Anita's Breakfast Room

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas September 5th 2017

DOMINICAL We left the Osa Peninsula and headed north passing through great stretches of land completely dominated by African Palm plantations. Our driver, Sergio stopped in Palma Norte so that we could stock up on a few supplies (wine) as we were heading to an area with no nearby grocery stores - well no stores at all of course. Dominical was once a quiet fishing village but was now a popular area for surfers bringing in a younger set to the area. Although we were here out of season and did not see many ‘tourist’, young or old. HACIENDA BARU We had booked a week at Hacienda Baru, a large private nature reserve just off the road. Its amazing how close to a road it was yet straight away it was like you were in the ... read more
Hacienda Baru
Hacienda Baru

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas September 1st 2017

PUERTO JIMENEZ It was an extremely long journey on the Interamericana Highway along the Cerro de la Muerte mountain peaks but we finally came out of the clouds and arrived on the coast near Domincal. We had not quite appreciated how long it would then take to reach Puerto Jimenez and in the end the journey took about five and half hours so it was great to finally reach our destination. Situated near the tip of Costa Rica’s remote Osa Peninsula, Puerto Jimenez sits on the southeastern side of the peninsula, adjacent to a wide bay called the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf). Aside from a few other small towns, the peninsula is literally covered with rainforest, much of which is protected as part of the famous Corcovado National Park and the reason we were here. Puerto ... read more
Puerto Jimenez
Inn Puerto Jimenez
Scarlet Macaws

Completely Costa Rica – August 2017 I have visited this Central American country previously, but never explored it to the extent I intend to on this adventure. I’m going to cover the country from the Caribbean to the Pacific…care to come along for the ride? An overview: All trails lead to waterfalls, misty crater lakes or jungle-fringed, deserted beaches. Explored by horseback, foot or kayak, this country is a tropical choose-your-own-adventure land. Rainforest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails, rushing white-water rapids and world-class surfing: Costa Rica offers a dizzying suite of outdoor adventures in every shape and size – from the squeal-inducing rush of a canopy zip line (I’ve already arranged to do this!), to a sun-dazed afternoon at the beach. National parks allow visitors to glimpse life in the tropical rainforest and cloud for... read more
My jungle cabin oasis
Sarchi painted oxen cart

COSTA RICA Pura Vida from Costa Rica - It has been five years since we spent a wonderful three months in this amazing country and it was great to be back again. This time we are away for two and half months and we are also going to venture into Nicaragua and Panama, but first we are going to explore some of the areas we missed the first time we were here and also hopefully get to see another ‘Arribada’, when hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles all arrive together to lay their eggs on a beach at Ostional National Park. Two mammals we would love to see this time which we missed before are the Giant Anteater and the Bairds Tapir, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able ... read more
A great hike near the waterfalls
Female Resplendent Quetzal
On the River Savegre

My last morning in Manuel Antonio was nice. I went and did a zipcoaster through the jungle, it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life! Zooming past monkeys high up in the trees, holding on for dear life! My bus back to San José (the capital, where I left the majority of my stuff at Maria's house) was at 5pm and hostel check out was 12pm. Luckily the bus stop was right next to... THE BEACH! Best bus stop EVER. So spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing. When I got to San José I had to get across the city by myself and find a public bus back to Maria's house in Santa Ana, in the suburbs. I smashed it! I don't think I would survive here without my Spanish - I have ... read more
My coach to Nicaragua
On the coach - the seats go RIGHT back!

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