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We drove from Monteverde to Playa Ocotol on Sunday, traveling once again the exciting Costa Rican roads. I figured if tourist buses can do these things so can I. We arrive at Villa Casa Blanca in 90 degree temps and headed straight for the beach. Being a Sunday both Playa Ocotol and Coco were full of local families (Liberia is only about an hour from here) enjoying a day off. Fires cooking fresh fish, kids playing soccer and laughing in the waves, cold beers, just the best. We finished the day off with fish tacos and more on the beach. Then back to the Villa for another evening of cards shared with the owner of the place and her friends. John and Katelyn were the first ones out on Monday, down to the beach to rent ... read more
Playa Ocotal
Villa Casa Blanca hosts
Lunch room

One of the joys of being in Costa Rica is the lack of internet, television, and other so-called necessities in many of the places we are staying. The internet has been spotty at best, so I have fallen behind on this blog. I will catch up the last few days with a couple of posts this morning. The second full day in La Fortuna (last Thursday) was taken up with hiking through the Arenas Volcano National Park. There were no swinging bridges, but we thought we would include a photo of one anyway since we forgot in the last posting. The park covers most of the volcano which last erupted in 2010. However, the last lava flow was in 1998 and that was what we were hiking out to see. On the way to the flow ... read more
Giant Cieba Tree
Lesser anteater
Howler Monkey

After a bone jarring drive, especially for those in the back seat, we reached Monteverde. The surprise here was that the weather battering the US had reached this far south and the winds were howling and clouds covering the mountains. The rain in the upper elevation was being blown down into the town and so, while you might be standing in sunshine, there was always a mist--and this is supposed to be the start of the dry season! Of course, we were hungry and so headed for the recommended Taco Taco and were treated to the best plate of tacos I have had. Then off to the lodge. After being given incorrect directions to our lodging, we stopped at a hotel and were provided with a detailed map which we would need to find the place. ... read more
Red eyed frog
Climbing the Strangler Fig
Don't quit your day job

As I write this we are in for the night and experiencing the rains you get when you are in the rain forest mountains of Costa Rica. For the past twenty minutes there has been a wall of water falling from the skys, it is so loud you cannot hear the river that runs past our cabin. But we missed the rain during the day and had some great adventures. The day started with breakfast, served by Felix, seeming known as Cinderella in the neighborhood. He comes by the name due to his ability to lure birds of all shapes and sizes to his hands with bananas and fruits. Right where we sat for breakfast, on the patio around his home, he has a large 'bird feeder' which he fills with fruits gathered from the yard. ... read more
Rufus Matmat
Helmet Headed Lizard

We started the day in Liberia after a restful night in the Hotel Liberia and a great traditional breakfast of rice, beans, plantains, and some delicious coffee. We wandered the streets of town, checking out the grocery and the city Chistmas tree which seemed oddly out of place on the 90 degree morning. Once we had our rental car, maps, and some snacks, we hit out for La Fortuna. Of course, no hot morning car journey is complete without stopping for cold coconut milk which we picked up at a road side stand just out of town. And we had to stop for lunch, which we had overlooking Lago Arenal and enjoyed the usual 'casado', a plate with a fish or meat, plantains, rice, beans, salad and often potato. We arrived at La Fortuna and found ... read more
Grapefruit on the porch

Well, we really aren't to Costa Rica yet, but this is just a heads up for those of you that get the automatic alert that we are headed south for 10 days! Right now we are still in Columbus as the first leg of the flight has been delayed but two hours, sure am glad we are supposed to have a five hour layover in Houston! From Houston we head to Liberia, CR. Not sure about the wireless, glad to be disconnected, but will try and fill you in on our travels as they progress. Adios!... read more

This year, on my birthday, I decided to go to Costa Rica. 26 percent of the total territory of Costa Rica is occupied by national parks, and I wanted to see everything in 14 days. A distinctive feature of my travels - I do not drive a car and therefore can count only on public transport and I had to re-read a lot of information to prepare for the trip and would like to share the result of this unforgettable journey. San Jose journey I flew early in the morning from JFK with a transfer to Orlando and at one o'clock in the afternoon I landed at San Jose International Airport Juan Santamaria. Nearby there is a busy highway linking the capital, but you need to have the Colons in cash to pay the fare. Therefore, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste November 30th 2017

Buenas dias chicos Pura vida! I am sat in my room in the Best Western Hotel in Liberia, eating nachos with cream cheese and carton of wine, finishing this blog as I have completed my first volunteer project, with the Leatherback Trust. Just enjoyed a steak dinner and beers with some of the gang. Thought this was going to be a boring blog BUT lots of cool things happened so bit longer than usual. Before my normal boring updates I need to share one two three amazing experiences I have had these last 2 weeks! First amazing event, I was on a night patrol with Adam and Alex, It was a moonless dark night and we had walked the beach twice, on our second break at the northern end of the beach we were chatting when ... read more
Lucky the baby turtle
Bay en route to Zapotillal
Beach night

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica November 6th 2017

Pura Vida Just a short blog of my mini break from camp. 5 nights in a Best Western in Liberia. Claudia dropped me off in La Guardia from the camp, then public bus into Liberia, had to stand all the way, 30 mins, as the bus was full. The driver kept sorting his change out as we were driving so little bit scary lol. Checked in and first stop hot shower then down shops to pick up some flora de cana, rum. Also bought myself a new phone so may be able to message when back at camp. Also bought the camp some gifts! Tea towels and some clothes pegs lol we needed both. Booked a day trip to Vida adventure park which was an hour drive then seven zip lines, hour horse riding and a ... read more
Zip line view
Off we go

Buenas dias chicos pura vida! Updates ref turtles, On a wet morning patrol at 0500 Adam and I spotted a Ridley turtle which we thought was dead as on its side but when we got closer we could see her pulse in her neck so we flipped her over and she was ok and waddled back to the sea, so worth the rainy walk to save a life :o) Annoyed did not have my camera with me doh! We have been seeing more turtles each night, as many as 4 a night totalling approx 19 loras (Oliver Ridley) and 3 Negras (East Pacific green turtle) have been seen this season, sometimes they abort or we only see tracks. Peak nesting is usually Nov to Jan. We are relocating all nests as the storm has meant hight ... read more
Early morning beach patrol
Estuary low tide

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