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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 25th 2015

It's been exactly three weeks since we've arrived here in Jaco and yet it feels like only a few days have gone by. We've had a great experience living the Costa Rican lifestyle and meeting some new friends during our stay. Since we've arrived our jobs have ranged from cleaning rooms to painting them, fixing and replacing screens, some gardening and yard work and some general maintence around the hotel. We met a couple from Holland Netherlands, Roscoe and Femke, and had our first double date of the trip. We're hoping to meet back up with them towards the end of our trip and spending time with them in their hometown and around Amsterdam. During another night out after a tough eagles loss we made some friends from Austrailia, Dean and Gemma, who were on their ... read more
Taste of home
Sitting in our front yard
Lovely Costa Rican Bus Stop

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 14th 2015

This is my first attempt to blog. Kevin and I were just talking about how it's not us to post pictures and talk about ourselves for everyone to see. We both feel more than fortunate to be living the lives we are living for the next year and hope by writing this it will perhaps open the eyes to someone out there to travel or do something that is out of the "norm". We decided to treat this blog as if it is a diary that is open to everyone that wants to read so you can experience this journey with us. We are sure to have some ups and downs and will be sure to post it all. It's only been 10 days and we've had them both. I was just rambling to Kevin the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 14th 2015

here are some pictures from our first week in Costa Rica... read more
View from our room
Our beachfront view
Our front yard

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica September 7th 2015

We have finally settled into our Costa Rican lifestyle. It's been beautiful and sunny everyday but also very humid. Its taking us some time to adapt to sweating this much but our bodies are acclimating. There is no AC in our room but the fan is doing its best at keeping us cool. Our hosts are very nice and extremely friendly and it just so happens that they're from the U.S.. It's a mother and daughter and they've been here for 15 years but are looking to sell the property and move back to Montana and New York City. Its been fun so far, getting back on a schedule and doing some work. Our jobs have been gardening, cleaning empty rooms(toilets too) and sanding and revarnishing some stools thoughout the property. We rented a bike to ... read more

We made it safely to Costa Rica excited and with a little bit of a buzz too. Thanks to the kindness of our first friends met on our trip, Sergio and Gloria, we were given multiple airplane bottles of rum and wine and a big bottle of red to celebrate when we arrived in San Jose. We will certainly pay their kindness forward.... read more

The sun was shining bright and hot today for our morning in Manuel Antonio National Park where we saw a three and two toed sloth, howler monkeys, lizards, raccoons, and the highlight which was a pack of squirrel monkeys that came all the way down to the path and were close enough to touch. The beaches were absolutely stunning and the wildlife loud. One of the raccoons performed a successful daylight robbery of someone's lunch from their bag on the beach then proceeded to eat it in full view and without a care. Before heading back to miserable San Jose on the bus we had dinner on the beach restaurant again during high tide. On the beach live a pack of white headed capuchin monkeys which are also fearless and come close to people. One had ... read more
Our journey
Great morning here!
National Park viewpoint

The song 'All by myseeeeelf' came to mind this morning as we went to the bus station by ourselves to get on a bus by ourselves to Manuel Antonio where we are now, by ourselves. It was very strange not seeing any of our group and not having Pippa to look after us but we managed okay and the bus was perfectly safe! Manuel Antonio has a beautiful beach and there is a very laid back and relaxed vibe. Annie prefers it to Roatan. We haven't done much today besides walk along the beach where we saw a few monkeys, and we did a little shopping. But tomorrow we are going to the National Park bright and early to see more animals and hopefully another sloth before heading back to the capital. We have uploaded some ... read more
We are joined by monkeys at breakfast
Lunch time on the beach
The wanderer

Something happens to you in Costa Rica where you want to do everything the insurance requires extra for! We went white water rafting today and it was brilliant! Not as tough as we thought but way more fun. The instructors were crazy but very good at steering and we hit some big rapids with two near capsizes but luckily no casualties. We saw another sloth and a giant iguana in the trees as we floated down the river. We didn't buy any of these pictures as the water is covering us in most of them and we looked very focused and determined on the rowing! We then got a bus to San Jose where we had our final dinner as a family which consisted of awards and an emotional farewell to our amazing guide, Phillipa. Scott ... read more
The river
Happy hour!

We rappelled down waterfalls today...and it was amazing! We got absolutely drenched and trudged through waterfalls and over rocks with soaking wet shoes but it was such an awesome experience! Unfortunately the pictures are being sent to us in the next couple of days so we haven't got anything to show you from today's antics. It was a tad impossible to take a camera as we were jumping in the water and walking in rivers up to our hips. We walked abseiled down some waterfalls, jumped down others then free fell down the rest. We only realised how high they were when we looked up from the bottom. The scenery was stunning too. We also saw a sloth! Finally! We've been on a night walk and a rain forest walk and we end up seeing it ... read more

Final Thoughts It's difficult to sum up an amazing couple of weeks in a few hundred words, but I hope this blog has given you a taste of Costa Rica, a beautiful and varied country with a lot to offer. It will soon be easier to get there from the UK, as British Airways announced that they are launching a twice-weekly route from Gatwick to San Jose from May 2016. If you're looking to visit somewhere that's affordable and interesting with outstanding natural beauty, you could do a lot worse than Costa Rica. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you've enjoyed my blog. Pura Vida.... read more

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