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Monteverde is on the Pacific side of the Costa Rican continental divide; being close to the divide means constant howling trade winds coming in from the east. If moisture builds up on the Caribbean side, it eventually gets pushed up and rolls over the divide and engulfs Monteverde in fast moving cloud and mist – like today. If it’s mostly dry on the Caribbean side the skies will clear, and from Cabinas Vista Al Golfo the place where I’m staying, you can see clear down to the coast some 50km away. Yesterday, 3 of us ‘young’uns’ from Vista Al Golfo, hiked up vertically to Cerro Amigos the highest peak in the area (1842m), accompanied by various friendly dogs and coincidentally Marcus, the guy who runs all the TV/telecom broadcasting paraphernalia at the summit. Marcus was kind ... read more
2 young climbers of Cerro Amigos
Company on Cerro Amigos

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 4th 2016

The best part of this 5-day stay on this central Pacific coast had to be the Hostel, “Wide Mouth Frog” (WMF): nice people, great guests from all over the globe, Danes, French and Canadians; swimming pool, everything tiled from all common areas and accommodations, to library and kitchens. (And being a lousy backpacker, I even booked myself into a single room rather than a dorm). Many of my fellow world travellers were somewhat luke warm on Costa Rica -- rumblings about too many “touristas”, declining authenticity, and more pricey than other central american states. On that thought, Manuel Antonio Park was absolutely beautiful,with picture perfect beaches……but by 8:00 am just one busload after the other, literally thousands of tourists, lots of them snapping pictures of spots of just vacated by wildlife, or of indiscernably shady spots ... read more

Costa Rica the smallest of the Central American States after Belize and El Salvador has a population of around 3.6 million about the same as Panama . It seems to have moulded itself as a destination of choice for tourists particularly the Americans and offers wonderful beaches and active participation in its many public and private parks and nature reserves. It has shielded itself from world troubles with no army , no palaces of Government and has become wealthy from coffee production. Costa Rica is a well established democracy celebrating over 120 years and has one of the highest standards of living in Central America . Having said all of that San Jose the capital did not float my boat! There is a different feel from the laid back Panama no pretty old town ( every ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara January 29th 2016

Salut! Comme je suis sur le bord de la mer, je fais mon éducation physique dans l'eau. J'ai commencé à faire du surf! C'est mon père qui me montre. C'est un bon prof et on a du plaisir ensemble. J'ai réussi à monter sur ma planche dès la première vague! C'était vraiment "hot"😊. J'étais vraiment content de réussir du premier coup ! Pour réussir il faut être capable de lire la vague, de vraiment vouloir réussir et avoir de l'équilibre. J'ai essayé de montrer à ma mère... mais elle n'arrive pas à se tenir debout sur la planche! On a beaucoup rit... Je vais continuer mes cours de surf et je vous en redonnerai des nouvelles ! À suivre!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara January 28th 2016

Salut! Je vais vous parler de l'iguane vert. C'est le plus gros des iguanes au MONDE! Il peut mesurer jusqu'à 2 mètres. Ici, des iguanes verts, il y en a partout! Il y en a un gros qui vit dans un arbre près de chez moi. Je l'appelle Iguano. Je le vois à tous les jours. Il est impressionnant. Chaque mâle à son territoire, son arbre à lui. Il lui sert de maison, de garde-manger et d'abri. Si sa queue est coincée et qu'il est en danger, il peut s'en séparer pour fuir! Elle repoussera.... Pas mal ;). J'ai lu qu'il passe 96% de son temps à rien faire, 3% à s'accoupler et 1% à manger des feuilles. On peut dire qu'il est vraiment paresseux!... read more
Iguano par terre!
Un iguane vert qui mange son repas préfère!
Un iguane vert au repos sur une branche!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 28th 2016

We were in Costa Rica January 1 - 10, 2016. Since this blog is taking place after the fact it will be a week in a nut shell. It was about a 45 minute windy, hilly drive from the airport. We stayed at the Four Seasons for two nights before going to the Exclusive Resorts house we had for the next seven nights. The first morning a very strange sound woke us up at 5:30 am. In Ohio you have roosters to wake you up, not in Costa Rica, it was a howler monkey. They are all black and hang out in the trees howling looking for fruit and nuts. Once we got to the house our means of transportation was a golf cart for the one restaurant Puri Puri and the fitness center, otherwise we ... read more
Peninsula Papagayo
Black Vulture

R: After Dominical, we took a bus to San Isidro de General, apparently the new upcoming city of Costa Rica. There isn't much to see here, so we ran from bus station to bus station, in hope of making our 20 minute connection to a bus to San Jose. Success! Our next bus was a bit more complicated as we were to get off in the middle of nowhere to visit an Eco lodge. Thankfully it was well signed and there were no dramas. After an 800m walk down a muddy track, we found the place, and it is stunning. C: The lodge is built on the edge of the mountain and is made up of lots of individual wooden cabins. Ours had a great view down the mountain and was surrounded by bird-filled trees. It ... read more
More hummingbirds

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Tortuguero January 21st 2016

Some images from San Jose, Monteverde, Arenal, Tortuguero, Manual Antonio - Costa Rica... read more
National Theater Hall in San Jose
A nice building in San Jose

R: Our transfer took us via Jaco and the Pacific coast road, which crosses several rivers on their way out to the Pacific. At one, we were offered the opportunity to stop at a bridge where crocodiles are known to congregate. The crocs were pretty still, but sat with their mouths open, to remind you who's boss. A brave giant lizard ran out from the undergrowth and tried to tempt them, but they weren't biting... Literally! After a quick browse of more "authentic" tourist tat, we were on our way. We arrived in Manuel Antonio, on the mid-Pacific coast of Costa Rica and it was immediately much more humid again. We were a bit underwhelmed initially as I had booked a hostel with a pool, which was completely dry and empty when we got there. It ... read more
Naughty Monkey
Plunge time
"Rustic" accomodation

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara January 19th 2016

Au Costa Rica, il y a 4 sortes de singe. Aujourd'hui, j'ai choisi de vous parler des singes hurleurs. Ils sont vraiment impressionnants! Ils font partie des animaux les plus bruyants au MONDE! Je les vois à tous les jours en fin d'après-midi près de chez moi. Ils se tiennent dans le haut des arbres en groupe de 8 à 20. Je peux les repérer facilement grâce à leurs hurlements! Même s'ils sont très bruyants, ils ne sont pas très gros, de 60 à 90 cm. Ils ne sont pas dangereux pour nous parce qu'ils sont VEGETARIENS! Ils ne mangent que des feuilles et des fruits. Ce sont les mâles qui font les terribles hurlements. J'ai lu sur un site que quand ils se sentent attaqués, ils hurlent, s'éloignent et.... comme moyen de défense font caca ... read more
Dans les arbres!
un petit!

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