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Le 11 août 2022, Ce matin, nous nous octroyons le luxe d'une grasse matinée. C'est qu'on a eu droit à une pluie torentielle toute la nuit, avec de violents orages. Moi et les filles n'avons eu connaissance de rien, mais Carl a passé la nuit à sortir sur le balcon afin de vérifier que les filles se portaient bien... C'est que nos chambres sont uniquement reliées par une galerie extérieure, alors difficile de savoir si tout se passe bien, à moins d'hurler dans les salles-de-bain qui se partagent un mur commun... Il mouillasse encore au matin, alors on en profite pour se baigner un peu pendant le déjeuner. Vers 9:30, le ciel s'éclaicit enfin, nous nous dirigeons alors vers la Playa Linda- belle plage- en espagnol. Sur le chemin, à quelques mètres à peine de la ... read more
Une merveille du Pacifique
Singe capucin

Le 8 août 2022, Enfin, c'est le jour du départ! Un voyage tellement attendu après ces dures années de pandémie! Mais c'est néanmoins un drôle de départ. La situation est totalement cahotique depuis quelques semaines dans les aéroports: annulations multiples, délais interminables à la sécurité, bagages perdus, etc. Ce qui nous a amené à partir avec seulement des bagages à main... Et oui, c'est possible même en famille: 4 petites valises, 1 sac-à-dos, 3 petits sac pour enfants et la sacoche de maman. Et oui, on est pas mal champions! Aussi, j'ai fait quelques changements à nos plans de vols initiaux pour rallonger notre temps d'escale à Toronto, le tout en devançant de quelques heures notre vol initial. Afin de jouer sécuritaire et d'être vraiment, vraiment, vraiment en avance, nous dormons à l'aéroport la veille de ... read more
Enfin, #3 dort!
Fier bolide!

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: COSTA RICA 2022 July 2, 2022 (Saturday) After 4 hours of sleep, the alarm clock rings at 12:30. That is only 30 minutes after midnight. I think this is the earliest I've gotten up for a trip. The luggage is loaded and Bethany drives us to the church. A little earlier I would have seen the police. They were checking for suspicious activity in the parking lot around 1 a.m. We gather in a circle for prayer. I think back to my first missions trip to Costa Rica. Bethany was almost 3 years old at the New Orleans airport and said “bye-bye, Daddy”. Now, 25 years later, my daughter drove me to the church. After our hugs, she waved and said “bye-bye, Daddy”. Our bus left the church at 2 a.m. About 5 minutes ... read more

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: COSTA RICA 2016 July 16, 2016 (Saturday) A 5:15 wake-up call started the day on my 6th trip to Costa Rica. I had already worked 13 hours before Janet and I arrived in Kenner after midnight last night. We got 4+ hours of sleep at our LaQuinta hotel. Recalling my first missions trip in 1997,this is the same hotel our Methodist team stayed in. I just took that as a sign that this will be a great week. Janet dropped me off at the nearby airport at 6:45. Checking in went smoothly and I was at the gate just 20 minutes later. A few minutes after that my phone rings. Matt and Matthew, from St. Mark United Methodist in Mobile, are a mere 20 feet away, trying to find me. As I open my ... read more

The day that the H3O golf outing is taking place – and evidently in good weather, yeah!! Meanwhile, in this part of the world the McClung family and we enjoyed breakfast on the veranda of the B&B: pancakes, cereals, or the Pinto Gallo (leftover rice and black beans) with scrambled eggs and either bacon or sausage. We were picked up for the zip line adventure by the “Original zipline” company van. I wore my long thin pants and a bum bag with small camera & binoculars, tissues, etc., but probably shouldn’t have taken anything but the small camera, as there was never time for any looking around. David reluctantly left his big camera home – and that was absolutely the right thing. First we had to hike up, and up, and up, and it was quite ... read more
C starting Zipline visit
David rapelling
David Tarzan swing

The time has come the Walrus said…. Not only to speak of many things, but to wrap up a spectacular and fascinating vacation. Again, we were too exhausted last night to write up the blog. We had left La Fortuna and our little casita with no bathroom doors but lovely pool and friendly evening toads, when Gerardo picked us up once again. We drove on decent roads up up up – almost to the Poas Crater. There was one small landslide to avoid on the road – it covered our side completely – it’s unusual to have more than one lane in each direction. We stopped at the La Paz waterfall. It is now a fancy hotel and spa and you have to pay money for the extensive tour and viewing platforms, but Emily knew the ... read more

What a relaxing day today! Except for the fact that a neighborhood dog woke us up frequently and we were unable to sleep after 5:30, this was an extremely comfortable bed with very soft sheets. and we woke up refreshed, just not long enough. Oh well. David was happy to do some birding in the am, and said buenos dias a few times to a man who was bicycling. The man eventually stopped and chatted – I could hear from a distance and was so very proud of David! I heard the word toucan and as they walked slightly further down the road I assumed the man knew where to show David a toucan. No, he was inviting David to see his garden (growing pineapples, cacao, and guanabana – that’s soursop) and even the inside of ... read more

Sadly our amazing visit to Costa Rica is coming to an end – just 1 more day till we leave ☹ This morning we had a guided walk thru the Bogarin Trail, a birding (and sloth) habitat virtually 2 blocks from the center of La Fortuna that was highly recommended to us by someone we met at Magee Marsh when birding for warblers a few weeks ago. Our guide Kenneth knew his stuff about birds. He did point out a sloth to the 2 other folks in our group, but he was a birder at heart. We ended up picking up some marvelous new birds – 8 all day: a MARVELOUS boat-billed heron (5 were sitting up in a bush near a pond) and an American pygmy kingfisher. It started raining on us (a little earlier ... read more
Black and White Owl
Black-cheecked Woodpecker
Black-headed Saltator

It was a busy day again today, which is why I didn’t get around to posting until the morning. We were eating breakfast at the very earliest hour of 6:30 am yesterday, but sure weren’t the only ones. Folks get up early here because the sun does too! We were picked up by van to go to the cloud forest walk. And what did we learn? That a cloud forest is different from a rainforest – because it’s where the weather from the Atlantic and Pacific crash into each other. The cloud forest is filled with epiphytes – air plants. We saw some amazing and huge ficus trees where the epiphytes had completely encased the original tree. It’s also full of avocado trees – which are mini fruit types in the wild – and loved by ... read more
Arenal volcano
Arroz con pollo shaped like volcano
black faced solitaire

Thursday June 2nd: It was sadly the day to pull out from our lovely loft on the mountain top, overlooking the Whale’s Tail at Uvita. We all pitched in and got out by 9 am. But we still had had plenty of time for birding!! In fact we picked up 3 more lifebirds this a.m. Then, Great excitement – the well-paved road up the mountain that led to our terrible dirt road had been undermined by the 10 hours of rain (it stopped at 4:30 a.m.) and part of the road had dropped, and at least 4’ at the right edge had dropped even further. Crews were out already but what if we hadn’t been able to pass! We were happy to slow down as David was already trying to take a photo of the gray-headed ... read more
a fiery billed aracari came back
a gorgeous golden hooded tanager
a gray headed kite

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