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All of our flights were on time. Made it to our hotel! It is nice and warm! We have a view of the ocean from our balcony. ... read more
Costa Rica!

We were sad to leave Golfito. We really enjoyed our time there. We had a beautiful and comfortable accommodation with a million dollar view, lovely meals, quiet and extra sleep! We had breakfast the day we left for the second time at a nice spot on the Main Street called cafe Mercadito; run by an American woman who had lived in Costa Rica for about 10 years, 8 in Golfito. She had a black 3 legged dog that was the sweetest thing. They made good breakfast and good coffee. Top priorities for a long travel day. We left Golfito a little later than ideal. We made a stop at a brewery in a small beach side town called Dominical. The Fuego brewery was excellent. Housed in a very nicely and well constructed building (rare in Costa ... read more
Driving through the clouds
Cartago traffic
Cartago church

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Golfito February 27th 2019

We left the Nicoya Peninsula and headed south towards the Osa Peninsula. We found a lovely Airbnb to stay at in the ocean side town of Golfito. Samara to Golfito was a 7.5 hour drive according to google maps. Google is not always correct - the road conditions often add a lot of time to these drives. We decided to break up the drive by staying for one night in a town called Quepos just outside of the popular surf town of Jaco. Jaco is a very large, busy with heavy tourist traffic. With it being so accessible from San Jose it has a lot of Tico (the term for local Costa Rican) visitors too. We decided Jaco wasn’t for us. We were looking for quiet secluded locations, not party destinations. Apparently we’re getting old. It ... read more
Crocodile bridge
Puddlefish brew taps - Jaco
Puddlefish brew tour

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara February 22nd 2019

The road down from Monteverde was pretty good. It seems more newly maintained and there’s evidence of fairly complicated blasting and channeling water to protect the road from washing out. All in all the roads to and from Monteverde were pretty good - at least for these two Canadian travellers. We took our time driving. Dave took us on a road out of the way. I didn’t realize this until we were well into it. But the country side was beautiful and we drove through some stunning landscape and farming communities. Stopping to take pictures of cows on the road and whatever else we came across and to get some ice cream on the side of the road. The temperature rose at least 10 degrees Celsius, if not more. It was mid to high 20s in ... read more
Dusty roads to the coast
Cora’s Reef airbnb

Monteverde - the cloud forest. Well... we didn’t see any clouds. I guess that’s what you get coming in the ‘dry’ season. On the bright side, we had beautiful vistas looking down into the valleys below. The guidebooks lead you to believe there’s wildlife everywhere and you can walk the trails and see all kinds of things in the forest. That’s my bad... because obviously I would laugh if people thought they could come to Canada and walk in a national park and see bear, moose and caribou casually strolling along. We took the advice of our host Jonathan at the B&B - he hadn’t led us astray yet! He recommended we not go to the cloud forest national park reserve. He said it’s busy there because everyone wants to go to the cloud forest. He ... read more
Dave being Dave.
Curi-Cancha reserve
Selvatura hanging bridges

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal February 16th 2019

We have had a few adventure packed days in the La Fortuna/Arenal area. We arrived late in La Fortuna (just after dark). We did survive the 2 nights in our un-air conditioned lodging although I’m not gonna lie - it wasn’t comfortable. It is very hot in La Fortuna. Sadly, we did not see any sloths in the gardens. We did however see a few frogs, lizards and plenty of leaf cutter ants. We started our first day in La Fortuna with a hike out to the La Fortuna waterfall (Catarata Rio Fortuna). We trekked down the many flights of stairs to water below. It was quite cool in the morning and with the wind and spray of the falls. We swam in the pool below which was more like a Canadian lake in summer than ... read more
Rio Chollin
Rio Chollin
Wish you were beer

Well... our adventure started off... not quite like the adventure we had planned. When you live in Canada, travelling in February is a great idea - you want to get away from the cold and the snow, get a little vitamin D and come back with a nice glow that will make everyone jealous. That was our plan at least. Unfortunately, the Canadian winter (which was really non existent in Penticton until recently) decided to show its ugly face as we were literally departing on our trip. After one slight delay, we were in the car driving to the airport to get the notice our flight had been cancelled. Not because of snow in Penctiton but because of snow in Vancouver that’s the downside of flying out of a small airport! With highway 97 closed due ... read more

After happily anticipating our third trip to Costa Rica, we were a bit disconcerted about the American government shut-down. However, our layover in Dallas and departure the next day, went smoothly ! The security staff carried on admirably, despite the prospect of no pay. We arrived in Liberia to cloudless blue skies and a temp of 94 F. It felt great after the cold January rain of British Columbia. After quickly settling into our favourite hotel in Hermosa, we set off for the beach and enjoyed a swim. In spite of being high season, it wasn't terribly crowded, even though it was the weekend. Monday was even better! The iguanas were still patrolling among the trees nearby and fish were leaping from the water. Doves still serenading us during the early morning hours. It felt like ... read more
Costa Rica 2019 019
Costa Rica 2019 022
Costa Rica 2019 041

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 21st 2019

It is pouring outside this morning, but we are in the rainforest, so even though this part of La Fortuna in Costa Rica is fairly heavily built up because of its being close to Arenal Volcano National Park, we are still in the rainforest and can expect such drenching rains. While we have stayed in many luxurious and beautiful lodges and hotels on this trip so far, this lodge is not my favorite; the rooms are dark and very cold, and in my first room, tucked back underneath the upper level rooms, my windows didn't even open, adding to the oppressive feeling of being enclosed in a cold tomb. Hearing my dismay while I stood in the open doorway trying to let some warm air and light come in, Esteban, our very young but most excellent ... read more

Caldera the main port and a gateway to some of the most amazing rain forests and national parks in the world. While Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Central America, it is naturally diverse, with lush rain forests teeming with wildlife along side pristine beaches which attract thousands of visitors every year. The protection of this remarkable habitat is a priority for the nations government which focuses on ecotourism. The Reserva Biologica Carara offers a gorgeous nature walk. Costa Rica is a peaceful, democratic country which disbanded its army in 1940. Officially the Republic of Costa Rica population of 5 million, land area 333,000 live in the capitol San jose and 2 million in surrounding areas . The country is Republic with stable democracy, they are highly educated. The country puts more into ... read more
San miquel Rancho

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