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Today we decided we had enough of tours and busy touristy places, as well Charlie had Helped us rent some boogie boards so we decided to stay on the beach. Our suite came complete with beach umbrella and some beach chairs so we dragged them all down to the ocean side. We got the kids under an umbrella digging holes in the sand and gave the boogie board a try. The waves were perfect and we had it down in no time. It was quite a bit of fun. Alexa didn’t take much convincing to get on the boogie board but Scott took some cajoling. Both kids were going 20 or 30 m by themselves by the end. The adults all somehow got burnt to a crisp. Jen is convinced the sunscreen is defective, but I ... read more

For Alexa’s birthday we decided to take a trip into a beautiful set of waterfalls. There were three options to reach the falls. One - hike 4 km up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Two - ride sweaty hot horses four kilometres up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Three - a pick up truck foor kilometres up and down steep dusty rose In the 35° heat. I’ll let you guess what we chose.The waterfalls were spectacular. There were two of them, one for taking pictures at which was the higher of the two, and a smaller one for swimming which had a large pool at the base of it. The water was beautifully cool, clear and refreshing. The children didn’t much care for it maybe because of the fish swimming around ... read more

Today we decided to visit the very famous Manuel Antonio national Park. We had to get up very early as we had been told that park gates open at seven and if you get there too late they’ll be a multi-hour line. Immediately after arriving we were swarmed with offers of tours and parking and somehow decided on our guide Eduardo. He was very nice and spoke great English And had a very powerful spotting scope. He also really liked Tiffany. He showed us the Eagles, two toed sloths, three toed sloths, white face monkeys, Howler monkeys, butterflies, and iguanas. We heard the tucans but never saw them. We then had a swim in the ocean at the beautiful beach. We also had a little bit of a an encounter with something called a coatimundi which ... read more

After seeing some wildlife near our hotel, our taste for adventure had been whet. The next morning we Headed for reptile Park about a half hour drive away. Sure enough we found dozens and dozens of snakes, lizards, Caymans, tortoises, turtles, fish and frogs (Much to Tiffany’s delight). Lunch with some very nice fish tacos in the town of Dominica, run by an American ex-pats. We then hit the beach again, the waves were much different in Dominica. The beach was much flatter so the waves came in for miles and miles. As they rushed back out, the sand but if your feet would become a wrote it in you to sink into the beach. Dinner once again consisted of rice beans ham and cheese.Bedtime seems to be right after dark for both children and adults ... read more

After a couple hours drive on the Costa Rican Highway, we encountered a famous crocodile bridge. True to the legend they were something like 12 crocodiles bathing in the river underneath the bridge.The crocodiles didn’t do very much but every now and then one with emerge from the murky depths. The sudden blast of 35° had us heading back to the air-conditioned car in no time flat. I for another couple hours of driving we are arrived at Charlie’s jungle house situated across the road from the beach. After a quick lunch at the local Cantina we hit the beach, then the pool at Charlie’s Place. The kids liked the beach but loooove the pool. So much so that we came back after dinner for them before bed swim. In surprise to us all, Jen is ... read more

Dear friends, we’re back! Our first night in Costa Rica is in San Jose where we’re waiting at a very nice hotel for Tiffany and Alexa to arrive.It’s a long time to get down here ( thanks Boeing), but we’re finally feeling the tropical heat. We spend the day doing some local eating, local driving, and relaxing in the pool. The traffic is a little bit crazy (I wonder why there’s so many accidents) But we managed to make it to the mall to pick up a Sim card, greet Tiffany and Alexa at the hotel, and have a nice dinner. Tomorrow is an early morning to start a long drive to our destination on the beach for a week.... read more

At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday. I got the full search in Liberia, Costa Rica. They did the full bag search with the test for drugs and firearms. They even wiped down the flip flops! That's what happens when you have the extra stamp from Nicaragua in the passport. The rest of the travel through Atlanta went well. Long lines going through customs, but we were not in a hurry as we had several hours before our next flight. The Atlanta flight was late and i fell asleep before we took off. We ... read more
Pedro at Libreria Airport Costa Rica
Atlanta Airport
Chicago 294

Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. Spent the morning touring in our "Buggy". The tour company was "Buggy Tours" of Costa Rica. Brian was our guide. We went about 30 miles over just over 4 hours. I mapped it out with the GPS on my watch, but missed the first part of it. We saw all sorts of agriculture and nature. Pedro liked the brahma cattle. We saw 3 kinds of monkeys. Howler, spider and capuchin monkeys. The howlers were napping and not moving too much. The spider monkeys were more active and the capuchins were moving around and all over. We saw lots of birds. The big owl was very cool! I think it was a spectacled owl. Mary, you will need to correct me if I am wrong. The ride to the beach took ... read more
Pedro and Lori on the Buggy Tour Costa Rica
Playa Grande Zapotal
Pedro and the brahma cattle

We spent the day visiting a variety of beaches going south from Playa Panama. Jose Diego was our driver today and he did a great job with the navigation and making sure we had a great time. Dantita Beach and Dante Beach were the first stops. We drove and hiked a vista first and then took a walk on the beach. We stopped at Flamingo Beach and took another walk. Another stop at Brasilito Beach . Then we had lunch in Tamarindo and after we took a short drive took a walk on Playa Longosta. We went back to Tamarindo and took our surf lesson from Iguana Surf Shop. We were in a small group lesson with a couple from France. Kendall was our instructor. After a short lesson on the beach it was into the ... read more
Lori surfing Tamarindo
Iguana Surf School Playa Tamarindo
Pedro surfing Tamarindo

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