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Rebecka und ich erreichten Liberia gegen 11h und sind sofort zu dem Hostel gegangen das ich reserviert hatte. Rebecka hatte nichts reserviert und leider war kein Bett mehr für sie frei als wir dort ankamen. Also haben wir meine Buchung geändert : anstatt 2 Nächte 1 Person, 1 Nacht 2 Personen, denn für den nächsten Tag hatten sie noch Platz und so musste ich meine Buchung nicht annulieren. Die vom Hostel haben dann in einem benachbarten Hostel angerufen und gefragt, ob dort noch Platz sei und, zum Glück, konnten wir dann dorthin gehen. Dieses Hostel, das Pura Vida Hostel, war ziemlich klein und nicht besonders beeindruckend. Es war aber sauber und die Betten bequem, nur gab es nicht wirklich Platz um zu chillen und es waren sehr viele Mosquitos in unserem Zimmer. Die Besitzerin des Hostels ... read more

On Monday, 23rd of April, Rebecka and I left San Juan del Sur at 7AM with our taxi driver Dany who had brought us the day before from Rivas to San Juan del Sur. It was 1 hour to the border and cost us 25$US for both. At the border, there was a huge queue of trucks waiting and Dany said that it’s probably because the last days they were not able to leave Manágua or Granada and now all arrived to the border together. Fortunately, we could pass them all ! Just before the border, there were lots of shops and many people, but once we entered the border building, it got quiet. Since we were there very early (8AM), it was still very quiet and we might actually have been the first ones to ... read more

Montag, den 23. April, haben Rebecka und ich San Juan del Sur um 7h morgens verlassen und unser Taxifahrer der uns auch von Rivas nach San Juan del Sur gebracht hatte, Dany, hat uns für 25$US (für beide zusammen) zur Grenze gebracht. Die Fahrt dauert eine Stunde und ist ganz angenehm. An der Grenze stand eine riesige Schlange LKWs und Dany meinte, das sei wahrscheinlich weil die letzten Tage niemand aus Manágua rauskam und nun alle gleichzeitig an der Grenze ankamen. Glücklicherweise konnten wir an ihnen vorbeifahren! Genau vor der Grenze waren jede Menge Läden und Restaurants, aber sobald man im Grenzgebäude drin ist, wird es ruhig. Da wir sehr früh dort waren (8h), war es noch sehr ruhig dort und wir könnten tatsächlich die ersten gewesen sein, die die Grenze an dem Tag überquerten. Wenn ... read more

The alarm goes off at 6:30am and Karen's not happy. She says she wants to relax. She should know that traveling with me is not always relaxing. I had asked her before we left if there were any excursions that interested her. She offered no opinion and so, out of desperation and so as not to just sit in the port doing nothing, I chose several activities for a few of the ports. Now the day of reckoning is upon us and she's balking at the thought of leaving our stateroom to venture out into the unknown. But I've already spent $90pp for this tour so we need to see it through. Following a quick breakfast, we meet our group on Deck 2 at 8am. There appears to be some delay in boarding our buses. It's ... read more
All Aboard!
The AC on This Car is Manual (Windows)
Our View From Inside

Buenos Dias! With great excitement and glee we are looking forward to our excursion of today (Thursday, February 22nd). We are going to Limon, Costa Rica. We are going to take a quaint, open-air railcar along the historic banana route. We shall go onto a banana plantation with photo stops to catch a glimpse of the various monkeys that thrive in this rainforest region. Hopefully, we might get a peak at some sloths. It’s going to be a wonderful expedition. I know you will love it. Don’t be late! The train won’t wait! Bong, Bong, Bong. An early morning announcement by the Captain burst our journey bubble. Wiped it completely out! Whah, Blubber, Snivel, Heave. At 7:24 AM, due to the bad swell and unfavorable sea conditions and at the advice of the local Pilot, the ... read more
The train we didn’t ride
The bananas we didn’t see

Day 14 Costa Rica - Puntarenas. What a brilliant day we have had. We have been to puntarenas before and took a zip line tour that time. We knew, from past experience, that the town itself is very small with a nice market, walk and lighthouse but not a great deal else within walking distance. You need to consider a tour to get the best out of your stop. So, yesterday evening, we booked a tour for today to the highlands and a coffee plantation followed by a stop at a cart making workshop. It didn’t start too well this morning because we were late docking. Part of the reason for the delay was an equally sized Holland America ship was in port next to us.... only one ship at a time can get authority to ... read more

As though I haven't learned the lesson enough times- the Universe reminded me again that I should really stop planning my travels so much. I had just sent my detailed itinerary to my parents when I got he update that my PHL- FLL flight had been delayed. At least I could slow down eating the meal Orion had cooked me before driving me to the airport. Got to the airport to find out the flight was now delayed by 2 hours, meaning I'd miss my connecting flight in FLL. Spirit was super easy about rebooking me onto an American Airlines flight that would get me to my connection on time. Win! Then that flight got delayed. I had found Jacob, a fellow yoga teacher that is also going to Envision and we killed time at the ... read more

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We had a leisurely start to our morning before being picked up at our casa for a boat tour through the Damas estuary. The estuary runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean and is filled with mangroves. We had excellent wildlife viewing here as well and saw many birds including the world’s smallest kingfisher. White faced capuchin monkeys scrambled through the mangroves looking for food, we saw tree crabs, bats sleeping under a leaning tree trunk, iguanas in the trees, a four eyed opossum who was NOT happy we peeked in on him and a silky anteater that took forever to spot because our instructions were to look for a brown “clump” in the trees where our guide was pointing. We eventually spotted him (he was sleeping and balled up tribble style). We have so many beautiful ... read more
angry opossum
dirty monkey
Silky anteater

Another great day in paradise started with a home cooked breakfast in our sweet digs before heading out to check out some souvenirs. On our long drive yesterday we passed a small patch of souvenir sellers that had colourful tablecloths hung up for sale. They also happened to be next to the (we now know) renowned “crocodile bridge” in Tarcoles. Since it was a beautiful morning three of us hopped in the car to check them out. We made a pit stop on the way to check out a souvenir shop en route - I’m always on the hunt for a magnet as a memento. Mostly we were looking to see what was on offer and what the typical prices were. It took us just under an hour to get to Tarcoles and although the crocodiles ... read more
Path to the beach
Capuchin at the beach

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