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Today we went to the national park by the hostel. It's an enormous mass of jungle that you can hike through and explore. It also has one of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches. The park is famous for its exotic wildlife so the group of us setting off from the hostel were excited to see what we would find. The park did not disappoint. Within the first 5 minutes we had seen a sloth, lazing around in the canopies. We saw iguanas, lizards, birds and even a deer! The sounds of the jungle were almost deafening around us. When we got the the beach there were loads of monkeys everywhere! They were absolutely adorable! They were prancing about for everyone taking photos as if they knew they were the centre of attention. We settled on the ... read more
Lounging around feeling full after eating my banana
Umm... that's my banana
Before he stole my lunch

Ok before you get excited, Manuel Antonio isn't a sexy Costa Rican guy who wants to marry me. It's a national park on the Costa Rican coast where the jungle meets the beach. I arrived here and so far I've not seen much but I went to the beach with two Dutch girls and an American guy from the hostel and it was amazing. The sand was BLACK! The reason is because it's actually volcanic sand, a mixture of ash and the rock from the nearby volcano. Photo attached of my feet in the sand. I had my first swim in the Pacific Ocean and the water was warm and beautiful. There were strong rip tides and currents so I didn't go far but it was still lovely. We sat and drank vodka and ginger ale ... read more
Palm trees with real coconuts to collect!
The Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean

Costa Rica is beautiful! Maria (my Russian friend from 6th form) and her Costa Rican boyfriend Omar picked me up from the airport. Their flat is spacious and almost like a jungle because of all the plants Maria likes to grow. We went out for food at a Caribbean-Costa Rican restaurant with a friend of Omar's called Jorge from Cuba. I had a traditional Costa Rican meal called Chifrijo consisting of rice and beans (frijoles), pork and plantain. It was absolutely delicious! Then today we went to a fruit market (another blog post about that to come) and then to see UWC Costa Rica, the sister school of UWC Atlantic College, where Maria and I met and went to school together. The campus is small and adorable, Maria says she teaches lots of lessons outside!! After ... read more
Me and Maria in the mountains
Costa Rican mountains

So since I have been here I have eaten so many weird and wonderful things. Fruit and veg is a huge staple of the Costa Rican diet and at the moment because it's the rainy season you can get loads of really exotic fruits. We went to a fruit market this morning and it was unbelievable. I didn't know where to look there were so many colours and smells and noises! I love coconut water. Usually in the UK I buy a carton or something in Tesco. Here you get a coconut, stick a knife in to make a hole and stick a straw in. Some of the fruits look kind of disgusting but taste delicious!... read more
Fruit market
Fruit market
Fruit market

An article in Travel and Leisure wrote about the places to see the bluest water in the world. I have my own choice, but here are theirs: Crater Lake The deep blue waters that fill the caldera of the sunken volcano Mount Mazama help make Crater Lake one of America’s most beautiful lakes. The deep blue waters are almost crystal clear thanks to the fact that there are no incoming streams or rivers to make the water turbid. All of this makes it ideal for scuba divers willing to brave the chilly water. Crater Lake, located in Southern Oregon, is also the deepest lake in the United States, plunging to depths of 1,943 feet, with sunlight extending 400 feet down. This is a lake that I have best seen from above, on a flight to or ... read more
Crater Lake, Oregon
Chapman Peak, South Africa
Torres del Paine, Chile

Zip-lining through cloud forests and amazing wildlife! 17/07 white water rafting! Puerto Viejo is a small surf town, the kind of place where there's more holiday-makers than backpackers so it's well equipped with restaurants, shops and tour companies. For us it was just a stopping point to catch a white water rafting tour which included transport to San Jose. We had bumped into Annie and Adam at the border queue and they'd made friends with another traveller who'd booked a hostel already in Puerto Viejo. So we went with them to see if there was room for us (we were a bit behind with our planning). We thought it was on the main drag but it was down a load of back streets, a bit out the way. But the owner was really welcoming and the ... read more

It‘s been 5 month since I flew to Mexico. Crossing the boarder to Costa Rica felt like coming home. Itinerary for CR: Seeing my friends again. However, Costa Rica and the Ticos had more plans – and impressed me again or maybe even more than the first time. Hunter and Silvia had invited me to a Puja (Arati) ceremony, so the first destination was Guanacaste. On the way there it was pouring rain, definitely something I haven’t missed about Costa Rica. During the ceremony we sang many mantras and ate together. I did not understand very much – the mantras were in Sanskrit and the conversation was at a very advanced level of Spanish vocabulary. Fortunately, words are not everything and it was a fascinating new experience. Later I learned that we offered the light of ... read more
Bird eye view of San José
When is rains... March 2016 vs. May 2017
Hiking along crater ridges.

25.6. Wir fahren heute nach Quepos, weiter im Süden. Die Strasse führt durch Felder und Wälder, über Hügel und durch Dörfer und schliesslich wieder der Küste entlang, die Fahrt dauert rund fünf Stunden. Die Strasse ist meistens in tadellosem Zustand, Verkehrsregeln werden von den Einheimischen allerdings meist nur als Empfehlungen angesehen, was uns bisweilen entweder zu einer Verkehrsbehinderung macht oder in Gewissenskonflikte bringt... Vor Polizeikontrollen - die erstaunlich regelmässig am Strassenrand stehen - werden wir von entgegenkommenden Autos jedoch zuverlässig mittels Lichthupen gewarnt. An die Bodenwellen, die zu Entschleunigungszwecken vor Ortschaften eingebaut sind, haben wir uns bereits gewöhnt. Sie haben uns auf der ganzen Reise durch Mittelamerika immer wieder genervt (in dichter besiedelten Gegenden führten sie zu einem unangenehmen steten Gasgeben und Ab... read more
granulierter Pfeilgiftfrosch
Sandfloh-Strand auf Isla del Caño

19.6. In strömendem Regen verladen wir unser Gepäck in den nagelneuen Pickup – wir sind die einzigen Fahrgäste - und fahren los, zur costaricanischen Grenze. Unser Fahrer, ein älterer Herr, kennt sich offenbar mit dem Fahrzeug noch nicht aus: als es lebensgefährlich wird, da er offenbar nicht weiss wie man den Scheibenwischer schneller einstellen kann und deshalb blind fährt, schreiten wir ein. So sind wir nervlich bereits etwas gereizt, als wir das Übertrittsprozedere beginnen – schlechte Voraussetzungen. Wir legen uns mit den nicaraguanischen Grenzbeamten an, da diese noch diverse undurchsichtige Gebühren verlangen für die Ausreise (bezahlen schliesslich alles, erhalten aber immerhin für jede Gebühr eine Quittung), beklagen uns lauthals über die Stunde Wartezeit in der Hitze (mittlerweile scheint wieder die Sonne) auf den Bus (den wir immerhin zum Voraus teuer bezahl... read more
Schlange auf der Strasse
Sonnenuntergang an der Playa Guiones

Wow, was just skimming the net and found our old blog. 2012 was my last entry. Life moves too fast! I am not going to update on what happened that last 5 years as most of you have connected with us through Facebook or some other from of social media. What is new now? we just opened another location in Playas del Coco. This is more like an office for Brenda and a small Scubapro retail shop. why would we move just down the street? First of all it is because we needed a separate office space. Our divemaster internship program has become very popular and this makes the shop loads of fun with movement of people moving in and out but it made working a lot harder. Trying to concentrate behind a computer with all ... read more
Our new view
Platinum Course Director

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