Manuel Antonio National Park

Published: March 29th 2019
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Today we decided to visit the very famous Manuel Antonio national Park. We had to get up very early as we had been told that park gates open at seven and if you get there too late they’ll be a multi-hour line. Immediately after arriving we were swarmed with offers of tours and parking and somehow decided on our guide Eduardo. He was very nice and spoke great English And had a very powerful spotting scope. He also really liked Tiffany. He showed us the Eagles, two toed sloths, three toed sloths, white face monkeys, Howler monkeys, butterflies, and iguanas. We heard the tucans but never saw them.
We then had a swim in the ocean at the beautiful beach. We also had a little bit of a an encounter with something called a coatimundi which looks a lot like a raccoon and was not shy about taking people’s bags.
An ice cream stop was required on the way out of the park. We hit up a grocery store for more rice and beans before returning to their refreshing reprive of the pool back in Charlie’s Place.

From Alexa:
I saw a sloth. I also saw a monkey. At the beach after the park we saw lizards. I saw Monkeys hanging in the trees. Some lizards were trying to eat an apple core.

From Scott:
I saw lots of iguanas. Girl who is feeding a banana to a monkey and our guide told her to stop. There was a type of monkey sounding like dogs but it was actually a monkey. I coyote thing bared it’s teeth at us and had a tug of war with the other girls bags


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