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Quepos is a junction town in Costa Rica, people come here to transit to different places. I used it as the base to visit Manuel Antonio National Park (the second most visited place in Costa Rica after the Arenal Volcano). The transfer from Santa Teresa to Quepos was a bus ride to Montezuma, followed by a crazy ferry ride (real bumpy, avoid if you get sea sick easily) and another bus ride to Jaco and a final bus ride Quepos. Complex as it may sound, it was actually pretty easy. In the spirt of Chasing Sunsets, I did see some nice Sunset at the Quepos marina and called it an early night to do an early morning trip to Manuel Antonio National Park. A few tips on Manuel Antonio - you have to book the park ... read more
Manuel Antonio National Park
White faced Capuchin
Iguana on the beach

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 5th 2020

Breakfast at the hotel proved entertaining as the Howler Monkeys join us by breakfasting in the trees nearby. One never knew when they would show up. Once again we choose to take the optional tour hoping for some wildlife sightings. It was a short ride to the marina in Quepos. We boarded the nice Catamaran complete with water slides and bar. There were drinks and snacks available. The day was beautiful and the ocean calm, but wildlife was at a minimum. We saw just a few different birds including Magnificent Frigatebirds, Brown Boobys and Brown Pelicans. Before lunch we anchored in a cove where we could snorkel or enjoy the water slides. I chose to snorkel and armed with my camera got a few murky fish photos. After snorkeling, lunch was provided on the boat. We ... read more
Climbing up
Quite a pose
Sitting and thinking

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 4th 2020

We headed out today on the last leg of our journey across Costa Rica. This time to the west coast and the Pacific Ocean. We were traveling to the area of Manuel Antonio National Park staying just outside the park at the Shanna by the Beach Hotel. Our first stop as we left Monteverde was to allow 13 of our fellow travelers to switch to another bus as they were ending their time in Costa Rica and returning to San Jose. That left 25 of us to continue on to Manuel Antonio. This stop was a cafe and convenience store along the Pan-American Highway. The store had beautiful carved decorations. Our next stop was a Jaco Beach where we had time to get lunch, to walk on the beach and to sit along a little stream ... read more
Iguana Planter
Fred and the Macaw planter
Crocodiles from the bus

Today we decided to visit the very famous Manuel Antonio national Park. We had to get up very early as we had been told that park gates open at seven and if you get there too late they’ll be a multi-hour line. Immediately after arriving we were swarmed with offers of tours and parking and somehow decided on our guide Eduardo. He was very nice and spoke great English And had a very powerful spotting scope. He also really liked Tiffany. He showed us the Eagles, two toed sloths, three toed sloths, white face monkeys, Howler monkeys, butterflies, and iguanas. We heard the tucans but never saw them. We then had a swim in the ocean at the beautiful beach. We also had a little bit of a an encounter with something called a coatimundi which ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 12th 2018

We had a leisurely start to our morning before being picked up at our casa for a boat tour through the Damas estuary. The estuary runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean and is filled with mangroves. We had excellent wildlife viewing here as well and saw many birds including the world’s smallest kingfisher. White faced capuchin monkeys scrambled through the mangroves looking for food, we saw tree crabs, bats sleeping under a leaning tree trunk, iguanas in the trees, a four eyed opossum who was NOT happy we peeked in on him and a silky anteater that took forever to spot because our instructions were to look for a brown “clump” in the trees where our guide was pointing. We eventually spotted him (he was sleeping and balled up tribble style). We have so many beautiful ... read more
angry opossum
dirty monkey
Silky anteater

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 10th 2018

Today we drove a measly 192 km....and it took us a whopping 4 hours. Back home, because of our long, flat multi-lane highways, that distance might take two hours max (and that’s assuming you respect the speed limit). Here, you can expect to go between 30 and 60km/hr on the majority of roads. Add to that roads that are mostly single lane, often hilly and sometimes unpaved. Although we’ve read comments about bad drivers, in truth we haven’t seen many (and certainly not more on average than back home). It’s just slow going - steep hills, sharp turns, towns popping up, people and dogs walking on the road, sluggish trucks and motos that you can’t always pass (because of all the reasons just noted). The key, really, is just to accept it. It’s slow because it ... read more
the Pacific
rice and beans
Her favourite spot

I woke up early in the morning. The first thing that came to my mind is that today is my last day in Arenal! I felt a mixture of emotion - I was both sad and excited. I was excited because I will travel to a new place today – Manuel Antonio in the Pacific coast. But the excitement was overshadowed by sadness that I have to say goodbye to David and family. Saying ‘Goodbye’ has been always tough for me, especially when I get emotional. David, Jorge, Carolina have built a special bond with me, showering their unconditional love and friendship; and I know it will be difficult to depart from that strong bondage with an emotional ‘Goodbye’ when I leave. Well, true love and friendship never die. And this one won’t die either, - ... read more
Leaving Arenal
Flight arrives Manuel Antonio
National Park, Manuel Antonio

Photos of beach and restaurant El Avion...... read more
Quepos, CR
Quepos, CR
Quepos, CR

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 4th 2016

The best part of this 5-day stay on this central Pacific coast had to be the Hostel, “Wide Mouth Frog” (WMF): nice people, great guests from all over the globe, Danes, French and Canadians; swimming pool, everything tiled from all common areas and accommodations, to library and kitchens. (And being a lousy backpacker, I even booked myself into a single room rather than a dorm). Many of my fellow world travellers were somewhat luke warm on Costa Rica -- rumblings about too many “touristas”, declining authenticity, and more pricey than other central american states. On that thought, Manuel Antonio Park was absolutely beautiful,with picture perfect beaches……but by 8:00 am just one busload after the other, literally thousands of tourists, lots of them snapping pictures of spots of just vacated by wildlife, or of indiscernably shady spots ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos December 4th 2015

Friday Today is our day to visit the nature reserve, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. It was declared a national park in 1972, preserving it from being bull dozed and razed for a coastal development project (they say with just minutes to spare!). It is Costa Rica's smallest national park and one of Central America's top tourist attractions. We caught the 6:20am bus just across the street from the hostel. The bus stopped along the ocean in Manuel Antonio, with just a 300M walk to the park entrance. We thought the park opened at 6am, but it was 7am, so we had a short wait to get our tickets. In the meanwhile, about five guys asked if we wanted a guide. We said we wanted to go solo. They wanted $65 for a private guide and $20 ... read more
Park Lizard
Ocean View from Park
Park Overlook Spot

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