Nauyaca Waterfalls

Published: March 29th 2019
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You’ll be I’m surprised to find out that we chose the truck
For Alexa’s birthday we decided to take a trip into a beautiful set of waterfalls. There were three options to reach the falls. One - hike 4 km up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Two - ride sweaty hot horses four kilometres up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Three - a pick up truck foor kilometres up and down steep dusty rose In the 35° heat. I’ll let you guess what we chose.The waterfalls were spectacular. There were two of them, one for taking pictures at which was the higher of the two, and a smaller one for swimming which had a large pool at the base of it. The water was beautifully cool, clear and refreshing. The children didn’t much care for it maybe because of the fish swimming around or maybe because of the depth or maybe it was just too cool. Nonetheless they found a smaller less fishy and warmer pool a little ways down had a great time splashing around. A large piece of bamboo was found and the concert was played much to the delight of all.
After our intrepid little Corolla made the perilous 2 km journey back from the

This was the picturesque waterfall
waterfall waterfall parking lot, we had lunch at a restaurant that was made out of an old airplane.
After our daily trip to the pool we had a delicious dinner of beans and rice. After so many days of adventure we decided it was time for a beach day.


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