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The beach today was such a success we decided to do it again (except for the sunburns). Tiffany decided to rent a surfboard and hang 10! She insisted she didn’t need a lesson and to her credit she did get up a couple of times. For some reason the waves this day were far bigger than previous days. This made for challenging surfing but very fun boogie boarding. After a pizza lunch it was, of course, back to the pool. For dinner was, can you guess? Rice and beans. Was early to bed as we had to get up early the next day for a departure into the mountains. It was Jen’s turn to read some BFG which doesn’t really make the kids sleepy as they get very excited. For those of you that don’t know ... read more

Today we decided we had enough of tours and busy touristy places, as well Charlie had Helped us rent some boogie boards so we decided to stay on the beach. Our suite came complete with beach umbrella and some beach chairs so we dragged them all down to the ocean side. We got the kids under an umbrella digging holes in the sand and gave the boogie board a try. The waves were perfect and we had it down in no time. It was quite a bit of fun. Alexa didn’t take much convincing to get on the boogie board but Scott took some cajoling. Both kids were going 20 or 30 m by themselves by the end. The adults all somehow got burnt to a crisp. Jen is convinced the sunscreen is defective, but I ... read more

For Alexa’s birthday we decided to take a trip into a beautiful set of waterfalls. There were three options to reach the falls. One - hike 4 km up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Two - ride sweaty hot horses four kilometres up-and-down steep dusty roads in the 35° heat. Three - a pick up truck foor kilometres up and down steep dusty rose In the 35° heat. I’ll let you guess what we chose.The waterfalls were spectacular. There were two of them, one for taking pictures at which was the higher of the two, and a smaller one for swimming which had a large pool at the base of it. The water was beautifully cool, clear and refreshing. The children didn’t much care for it maybe because of the fish swimming around ... read more

After seeing some wildlife near our hotel, our taste for adventure had been whet. The next morning we Headed for reptile Park about a half hour drive away. Sure enough we found dozens and dozens of snakes, lizards, Caymans, tortoises, turtles, fish and frogs (Much to Tiffany’s delight). Lunch with some very nice fish tacos in the town of Dominica, run by an American ex-pats. We then hit the beach again, the waves were much different in Dominica. The beach was much flatter so the waves came in for miles and miles. As they rushed back out, the sand but if your feet would become a wrote it in you to sink into the beach. Dinner once again consisted of rice beans ham and cheese.Bedtime seems to be right after dark for both children and adults ... read more

After a couple hours drive on the Costa Rican Highway, we encountered a famous crocodile bridge. True to the legend they were something like 12 crocodiles bathing in the river underneath the bridge.The crocodiles didn’t do very much but every now and then one with emerge from the murky depths. The sudden blast of 35° had us heading back to the air-conditioned car in no time flat. I for another couple hours of driving we are arrived at Charlie’s jungle house situated across the road from the beach. After a quick lunch at the local Cantina we hit the beach, then the pool at Charlie’s Place. The kids liked the beach but loooove the pool. So much so that we came back after dinner for them before bed swim. In surprise to us all, Jen is ... read more

Update of my life in Costa Rica, at the moment mainly in San José. One day we've been in the Center, at a free Transarte Festival, with a lot of amazing music all over the city. The coming week we made salami and ham in the laboratory. It is so interesting, that we actually see how things are made. The ham here is a little different, it reminds me more of a sausage with big pieces of meat with starch or proteins. Usually it isnot made of one piece like in Germany. In class we talked about food trends – and the prof brought a lot of things to try. The homework was about going to the market or supermarket and find out what kind of innovating products we could find. University is much more practical ... read more
Poás con Eric, Sofía y Corazon
huuuge trees
the fertile land of the volcano landscape

Our first full day in Costa Rica consisted mainly of us getting situated. We met Casey and Dan at a cafe in the central park of San Isidro del General (the closest city to their place) and they drove us to their house about 25 minutes from the city toward the coast. We got settled in and went for a drive to Dominical on the Pacific coast for dinner at Tortilla Flats, which was very tasty. We brought Jack along because, contrary to our North American sensibilities, dogs are allowed almost anywhere in Central America. Dan got to drive the motorbike home after dinner, which was exciting on that narrow, twisty road in the dark. Our days in Costa Rica were filled with going to the organic markets in Tinamaste and Dominical, making fresh fruit pirate ... read more
Surfing Fun
White Face Monkey
Blossom the Porcupine

After three long days of bus travel from Utila, we made it to Costa Rica. Initially, we thought we'd gloss over this beautiful country because it is more expensive than others in the region. However, we were lucky enough to have found a house sit for 2 1/2 weeks in Platanillo where we would look after a 5 month old puppy named Jack. We set this house sit up through a website called Trusted House Sitters which helps potential house sitters find accommodation in return for taking care of people's homes and (usually) animals while the homeowners are on holiday. Casey and Dan, the couple we were house sitting for, are a couple from the States who have been travelling for a few years and have settled down in Costa Rica with their rescue pup Jack. ... read more
Cost Rica Ridin'
What Did That Coconut Ever Do to You?

Apres deux semaines passées dans la péninsule d'Osa, au sein du Osa Mountain Village, je suis de retour dans ma famille adorée, pour la dernière semaine avant l'arrivée de mon amoureux. Ma première impression en ce qui concernait le propriétaire des lieux se confirma chaque fois que j'eu l'occasion de le côtoyer. Pour vous imaginer le personnage, un vrai américain de New York ayant eu l'idée de venir faire de l'argent dans un coin peu exploité, du moins pour l'instant, du Costa Rica. Un vieux frustré qui pense tout connaître et qui se fait une couette sur le dessus de la tête, un peu plus, il se la met dans le front. Chaque jour il s'installe devant son ordinateur en prétextant qu'il a une tonne de choses a régler. Presque tous les jours, il fait une ... read more

On a map, it looks like it is a relatively short distance to get from San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica on the far south west coast. It took us 3 solid days of travelling, totalling 31 hours of travel time, utilising 10 buses in the process. We had given ourselves 6 days to make the journey south, with a few days allowance to break up the fairly torturous travelling. Before we left San Juan del Sur, we spent another 6 fabulous days there before the hordes started rolling in, and the dynamic and energy of the place changed. We spent 16 days there in total, over 2 different stretches, and saw the place change from a quiet little town, to gringo ground zero with the restaurants and bars ... read more
Ice cream time in San Juan del Sur
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