Update - So far I love the University here and the beaches and.. pretty much everything!

Published: May 19th 2016
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Update of my life in Costa Rica, at the moment mainly in San José. One day we've been in the Center, at a free Transarte Festival, with a lot of amazing music all over the city. The coming week we made salami and ham in the laboratory. It is so interesting, that we actually see how things are made. The ham here is a little different, it reminds me more of a sausage with big pieces of meat with starch or proteins. Usually it isnot made of one piece like in Germany. In class we talked about food trends – and the prof brought a lot of things to try. The homework was about going to the market or supermarket and find out what kind of innovating products we could find. University is much more practical here. Friday we made a trip to the volcano Poás, which is nearby. Short walk to the crater, really impressive! In the night we had a big house party in our house, the other night in another house. Sunday we went shopping at this amazing farmers market with fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are so many new fruits I’ve never seen before, have a look at the photos. So many things to try J. After the classes Tuesday and Friday, I went to the beach for two days. Just reading and relaxing, watching the people surfing. A good time at Playa Hermosa. At the weekend I went to markets, the green and ecological ones. They were pretty hard to find, it seemed like no one knew where they are. Well, at the end I found them, and a lot of new products. The house parties went on, this weekend was the farewell party for the 4 French guys in our house. The rest of the week I had so many things to do for the University. Writing avances, tareas, reports, prepare presentations… By now I understand a lot and more writing is much easier, but it still takes a lot of time, especially doing the research in English and translate everything in Spanish, but that’s how I will learn it. Last Saturday I had the first proper examen – we will see how much the prof understands of my explanations. The weekend before, Roland and me went to Playa Dominical and had a great time with many other guys from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In the hostels, anyone speaks English anyway, so it doesn’t matter at the end, no way of practicing Spanish. The beach was amazing, and we had lot a lot of luck – still no rain, though the rainy season has already started. When I came home, I had to study the rest of the week for this examen and so many other things. Nothing more exciting to talk about. Except that Pierre brought two chickens and left them in the garden. They’re growing sooo fast. And we’re coming closer to the final date of one of the projects. We have to create a product, and thats what we are doing now. It’s water ice with Aloe and it sounds a lot more simple than it is. So, thats it for now - a few impressions of studying here.

Love you all, Antonia

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the fertile land of the volcano landscapethe fertile land of the volcano landscape
the fertile land of the volcano landscape

here is all year long strawberry season :D
Playa HermosaPlaya Hermosa
Playa Hermosa

which means simply beautyful beach, and it's true!

so many fruits, i've never seen before :Dso many fruits, i've never seen before :D
so many fruits, i've never seen before :D

Guanábana - green, Rambután o manón chino - red, Jacote - orange

19th May 2016
long nights with Noe y Aroa

I love it! miss u :)

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