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Published: April 17th 2016
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Casa Mundo Casa Mundo Casa Mundo

My home with all the inhabitants and friends
7 weeks in Costa Rica now. The week after the Roadtrip I stayed in San José. There is not that much exciting stuff to tell about. Gina and I had a look at the Fería Verde, a hippie style street market, and the agricultural market in Zapote, where we buy basically all the fruit and vegetables because they are fresh and a lot cheaper than in the supermarket. What else, we’ve been exploring the nightlife of San José and had a few gorgeous nights in the house. With so many people there is always kind of a party here and during the day I studied most of the time. As is might have mentioned earlier, University is more like school here and we have a lot more work to do during the semester.

Anyway, spontaneously I joined Pierre, who’s living in the Casa Mundo as well, on his trip to Nicaragua. We left Wednesday night after the classes. He already had a ticket for the bus, I didn’t. This did not work out quit well because the bus was booked out, but in the end I arrived with another bus 2h later in Granada. Granada is beautiful. The houses are
so colourful and nice, all the life is in the streets and on the markets. We made a little boat tour to the Isletas, 365 little islands in the Lago Nicaragua. Nearly all of the islands are sold and not natural anymore and the monkey island highlight consisted of four monkeys which are fed by humans – tourist trap. But it was still a nice trip and the sunset was incredible. The other day we went to the Laguna de Apoyo – a little lake in the crater of a dead volcano. Cristal clear water and a lovely day, we met Erwin with his daughter and Lisa, a German girl. She’s been travelling for a while now and told me a little bit about how it works here and that we paid way too much for the transport here. So afterwards, when I heard the word tour or shuttle we left and finally, saved a lot of money. It takes some time to get into “travelling”.

Anyway, we had a pretty good time in Granada. Saturday we took the local buses to the island Ometepe, spend the first day at the beach and climbed the second day Volcan Concepción. Wow, one of the hardest walks I have ever done but the view, after the sky cleared up, was priceless.

The island itself was beautiful. So many domestic animals which walk around in the streets and on the beach, people get around with horses, motos or buses and it hardly has any cars. Everyone we talked to was just so lovely.

The last day we rented a scooter, drove around the island and to the Ojo del Agua. The morning after we left, I listed to the advice of the German girl and took the local bus – and paid a 3rd.

Wednesday in San José we visited a company which makes ham and sausages and tried the first time to make chips of rabbit meat. One of the projects is creating a new meat product. It was surprisingly tasty for the first time.

And that’s how I say goodbye now. It’s time to go to the market. xox

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Iglesia San PedroIglesia San Pedro
Iglesia San Pedro

If anyone asks where I live - thats the answer. Next to the "Inglesia San Perdo"
Frijoles Frijoles

Gallo Pinto, Arroz con Frijoles, ... there is no food without it
Las IsletasLas Isletas
Las Isletas

Unfortunately they're all sold and with houses

Such a lovely bird! Such a lovely bird!
Such a lovely bird!

But they cut his wings so he can't fly :(

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