Retreat to the mountains

Published: April 2nd 2019
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We were sad but ready to leave Charlie’s - I mean sure we were all burnt and covered in bumps but we were becoming pretty attached to that pool. The kids’ swimming really making progress and a lot of delight when the cows would arrive in the next door pasture.

So we all piled into “Sammy the carolla” and we started off for the mountains. The first part of the drive was pretty straightforward windy, twisty roads full of aggressive passers. But then we turned off on our road to Sagevre River and things started to feel a little hairy. Steep inclines. Uneven roads and nary a few inches of passing room. But beautiful country, too.

After about an eternity and 8 kilometres we arrived! Our Airbnb was part of a larger hotel / spa. They weren’t quite ready for us so we set off on a long walk to see, you guessed it - waterfalls! The kids just kept hiking and so we actually made it! Passed trout farms along the way; the path following the river.

On the way back we had a lovely lunch that would mostly cover us through dinner, too.

Finally we checked in and made our way to happy hour (2 for 1 drinks for two hours!). Uno was livelier than ever and only two glasses were broken. Not bad.

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