The other cloud forest

Published: April 2nd 2019
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This would be our second day at altitude (about 3000m) and slightly cooler temperatures. Such a relief!

We enjoyed the lovely breakfast buffet orchestrated by a very French head chef. He pleased the crowd of mostly seniors and very serious bird watchers. We had come to the right place?!

With our tiny bit of advice we started onto the trails in search of a brightly coloured Quetzal, the star of the area.

Sadly we never did spot one but Scott and Alexa managed a pretty long hike in the forest. Aside from arguing over the best sticks and who had the next turn to hold them, the hike was great! Many things were spotted like yellow birds and blue birds and black birds with orange beaks. There were lots of fruit trees, clouds and views from the top.

The rest of the day brought us back to San Jose, near the airport and to another pool. (Oh and rice and beans for dinner.)

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