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Modern air travel is miraclulous and miserable. If you're old enough to remember when all airplanes had propellers, which I am, it's amazing to consider that you can leave 30 degrees and snow and be in 83 degrees in sun in a matter of a couple hours if...everything goes well. That's where the miserable part can come in. It seems from our experience that it's damn near a 50-50 proposition for everything to go as scheduled, especially when you can't get direct flights. Changing planes just about guarantees one of them will be late for some reason. Yesterday it was the flight from Charlotte to Nassau. Thunderstorms in Charlotte delayed our departure for 2 hours. Then when we finally got to Atlantis, they had no record of our reservation booked through Two more hours later, ... read more
Atlantis Resort

It's time Jan got a little payback for taking such great care of me after having total hip replacement surgery on December 27th. Without her help I would have gone to a rehab facility rather than home. It sure was nice to go home. She treated my surgical wound every day until the staples were removed and the doctor was amazed how well it had healed. She waited on me hand and foot...literally. I couldn't put a sock or shoe on my right foot for over 3 weeks. So, this little trip is a bit of a thank you to her. We have done quite a few winter trips to nice warm places for longer than this one in the past years since my retirement and we were planning a trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora ... read more

4/8/12 - Galveston– We plan to start around 8 am but as usual are late. We leave the house at 8:30 am and start the long drive to Galveston. Rohan is his usual cooperative self, taking a nap most of the way. We stop at the rest stop in Columbus, TX and feed him and let him stretch his pudgy little legs. We reach Galveston at 1 pm and park at the EZ parking lot very close to the Cruise terminal. We catch the shuttle to the ship and are checked right away and are on the ship in less than 20 minutes. We love our room with a great balcony and lots of storage area to store Rohan’s stuff. We go to the Lido deck (Deck 10) and get some cheese pizza, the first food ... read more
Formal Dinner at sea
Key West

I woke up at noon, glorious noon. Today was the day it was supposed to be 80 degrees! It was going to be warm! And I was going to lay out and get a tan and drink pina colada's on the beach and -- It was freezing!!! We started the day off in the diner. Breakfast food was already gone so we ate lunch food. My breakfast was pork and rice and ice cream and tea. It was very good, actually. We hadnt signed up for any excursions. We just planed to explore the island on our own, take a trip out to Atlantis and then on to Senor Frogs. Yes it is the "touristy" thing to go do, but I had never been. And besides, we had gotten word that they have excellent beef nachos. ... read more
The tootie twosome!!

I’m a month and a day away from the end of this contract and going home. Meanwhile, something exciting is happening to help the time go by - my sister Melanie and her friend Jessica have come to cruise with me!! The girls arrived yesterday when we were in Miami. They stepped on the ship and I immediately took care of them at the lobby bar! I had to work both in the afternoon and evening, but in between we had a lovely dinner in the dining room and then we closed the night in the crew bar. Today is their first port and we’re in Nassau, Bahamas. Of the things to do, they wanted to see Atlantis. So we took the water taxi across to Paradise Island. At this point, I’m becoming a bit of ... read more
Around Atlantis
Around Atlantis
Around Atlantis

Nicole, Steph, and I had been waiting weeks to visit the Atlantis Resort while we were in Nassau, and we were finally all off duty in the port together, so off to Atlantis we went. We were super excited to see sharks, as Nicole has a great fear/strange obsession with them and we knew it would be exciting for her to see them. We purchased the "Discover Atlantis" package, and spent the day exploring the aquariums. There were tons of cool fish, a manaray, sharks, and I finally got to see what a sea horse looks like! I was surprised at how many of the fish I could identify and name. I guess my fish ID course from diving paid off! We had a lot of fun hanging out today for the day, as it was ... read more
Big Chair!
The Dig
mini-Dec. 30 - Atlantis (17)

We were calling this trip an escape from our everyday life...although, since neither Beth nor I have started our new jobs yet (although we are both employed!!) our everyday life still seems pretty damn good to us! But nonetheless, Beth, my mom, her friend Jackie and I all went on a fabulous trip to the Bahamas for a week. After hearing some positive experiences, and researching how amazing Atlantis Resort looked, we decided to splurge. Well....although the trip itself was a lot of fun, I don't think any of us will be coming back to Atlantis anytime soon!!! I don't know how the resort stays open, because almost everything about it was horrible!! The rooms were outdated, but that by itself would be fine. The service was horrible, housekeeping was horrible, and the prices for their ... read more
Protect Ya Tings!
A Gorgeous Chihuly
One of the Lagoons

hey hey hey!!! well I think this will probably be my last blog, its been a while, and I have been horrible with this I apologize for not writing more! lets just say I havent had much time to write:) So I dont know if you all know but its been hectic the last month on here...this what happened... Tim one of our male dancers got fired..for possession of drugs was a sad day, as he just made a stupid mistake which cost him his job! he was a great guy and a great partner. I was so sad to see him go. Laura(dance captain) went home for a10 days and I took over that role:) it was a long 10 days being dance captain. Then we hit one of our show weeks, and ... read more

Mom & Lee signed onto the Liberty yesterday and I love having them here. Seeing them emphasizes to me how much has happened in the time I’ve been away. It feels like a long time ago, last fall when I was home and living in Toronto. Already I feel lighted, happier, more energized than I have since my transfer. This morning we were in Nassau, Bahamas. Mom, Lee & I went on a “Harbour Cruise” and tour of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.. There wasn’t much to the Harbour Cruise - I think I learned more on the water taxi when I was here last year. But being on an official tour, we got to see a lot more of the resort than when I’d come on my own last year with friends. We were ... read more
Me at Atlantis
Mom & Lee

Wow! What a great day! It all started dreadfully early though...our alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. We made it to the airport and our flights through Miami and then on to Nassau went well. The flights are so short from Tampa there isn't even time for "Beverage Service". Basically, by the time you get in the air it's already time to come back down. This is our second trip to Atlantis but Cannon was pretty young the last time (it was five years ago) so he is sure to enjoy it even more this time. One great addition since our last visit is the addition of "Aquaventure" a 63 acre water park which is incredible. We couldn't wait to try it out since we had done a little research prior to arriving and found out ... read more
Inside the Main Lobby
Gerry and Cannon on the way to Aquaventure
Can I go now?

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