What's with all this Bohemian Stuff??

Published: February 22nd 2014
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Sunset on Paradise Island
Modern air travel is miraclulous and miserable. If you're old enough to remember when all airplanes had propellers, which I am, it's amazing to consider that you can leave 30 degrees and snow and be in 83 degrees in sun in a matter of a couple hours if...everything goes well. That's where the miserable part can come in. It seems from our experience that it's damn near a 50-50 proposition for everything to go as scheduled, especially when you can't get direct flights. Changing planes just about guarantees one of them will be late for some reason. Yesterday it was the flight from Charlotte to Nassau. Thunderstorms in Charlotte delayed our departure for 2 hours. Then when we finally got to Atlantis, they had no record of our reservation booked through booking.com. Two more hours later, we finally got to our townhouse.

Anyway, enough crybabying. It's really beautiful here and the weather couldn't be better-83, sunny and breezy. On our ride over to the resort from the airport we had a great knowledgeable driver, Conrad. He gave us some historical info and pointed out several interesting things in the 45 minute drive. As he was explaining about local beers and the new rum distillery, he kept telling us they were all local Bahamian products

After we arrived at the resort, Dan asked us, " what's with all the Bohemian stuff?" We had a good laugh as Marilyn explained that Conrad was saying Bahamian. Slight difference. We spent the first day sucking up the sun at the beach and pools. More adventures tonight.


23rd February 2014

Just wondering
Bob: I'm really wondering what else beside this trip you promised Jan when you were under anesthetic.LOL Have a great time.
23rd February 2014

Just Wondering
Hmmm. I'm sure she will refresh my memory of other promises.
23rd February 2014

Good to see you traveling again
83 degrees beats 30 degrees any time. One more drink and you'll forget about the flight and bumps along the way. Eager to hear what you think of the Bahamas.
3rd March 2014

Bohemian Stuff
Hey, locals weren't exactly speaking the Queen's English ! I misunderstood , but that explains the lack of Beatniks on Island.

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