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February 24th 2014
Published: February 27th 2014
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King of Jerk???King of Jerk???King of Jerk???

I don't think so. One of the many booths at the festival.
After lounging around a good part of the day swimming and getting some sun, we decided that we would visit the Rum Bahamas Festival in Nassau. It was a weekend long event with many rum distillers showing their wares. It was at a very interesting location, Fort Charlotte. The fort dates back to British Colonial times, built in the late 1700's. It's built on a hill that's the highest point around Nassau. It's kind of a ruin now and a cool location for the festival. The whole festival wound around the fort.

There were many booths offering rum samples and all kinds of tropical rum drinks. There were a few bands playing Bahamian music and some other performers roving around. After sampling a few of the rums, Dan and I went for a drink made from pure sugar cane syrup, laced with a light rum from the local Nassau distillery, John Watling. The guy put a stalk of sugar cane into a crusher and it squeezed out all of the juice. Jan wasn't too impressed with the sugar cane drink and Marilyn wouldn't even taste it, but Dan and I enjoyed it. We tried a couple different drinks as we
King of Jerk???King of Jerk???King of Jerk???

I'll let Marilyn decide that one.
walked around. With a mellow buzz, we had an enjoyable late afternoon. After sunset, the whole place took on a different look with lights shining into the sky and music wafting over the whole scene.

It's nice to not have to drive on this vacation. Everywhere we went, we just got cab rides. The cab drivers were very interesting. All of them were formally dressed with at least a white shirt and tie. Some of them even wore jackets. They were all extremely professional and courteous. They all owned their own vehicles. Very impressive entrepreneurs.

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Part of The FestivalPart of The Festival
Part of The Festival

Overview of Fort Charlotte.
Another Laverne and Shirley ShotAnother Laverne and Shirley Shot
Another Laverne and Shirley Shot

But not as good looking as these ladies.
Balancing ActBalancing Act
Balancing Act

This 14 yr old kid was pretty good.
Which Drink?Which Drink?
Which Drink?

Getting a little help from the locals.

4th March 2014

It's good to be King !!
4th March 2014

Clean Up photos
Personally, before hitting the town , I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a '' How's your father ? ''. Nice photo of Betty Buzz Kill + Debbie Downer !!

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