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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas April 4th 2017

It is official! We have left George Town and are slowly making our way north. In a way, it seems surreal that we are finally back on the road (or more aptly, the open waters). George Town was a wonderful hideaway for the last three months and we are taking many fond memories of the area with us. We had so many opportunities to embrace new experiences and to make many new friends; some who we have now been traveling with for the past week. Last Wednesday, after some consultation with the weather forecast (although not always accurate), we headed out of the harbour and into the big blue. For several days prior, the winds had been playing it up again, but Monday and Tuesday were calmer and so we anticipated Wednesday to be a good ... read more
Welcome to Black Point
Walking the Street of Black Point
Kids on the Dock

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas September 13th 2015

If you ever wonder to see how heaven looks like, you should definitely visit BAHAMAS! Bahamas is a such a beautiful place that people compose songs for it. At least I did (just 2 sentences in the lyrics :) I can share its studio recordings later on. Just kidding :) All right, I now start telling you a bit about Bahamas: If you travel from the U.S.A, I definitely recommend you to fly there instead of taking a cruise. There is a direct flight from Atlanta and it is very quick. Taking a cruise trip might be longer and I do not like being on the boat for a long time (especially not recommended for the people feeling seasick). So, the first day we arrived, shuttle service picked us up from the airport. You should either ... read more
Blue Lagoon Island

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 9th 2015

The Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau Bahamas As one of Nassau’s most famous and popular sites, Blue Lagoon Island has been repeatedly voted as the number one Bahamian natural attractions and family activity. This incredible island has been virtually untouched for centuries, and is often referred to as the “real Bahamas”. The natural vegetation gives this private island the illusion that it has stayed intact from human civilization. Blue Lagoon Island still has secluded, white-sand beaches for visitors to savor, and a natural lagoon with crystal clear blue waters. Visitors comment on the tranquility of the island, and how far away from their normal, everyday life they feel here. Blue Lagoon Island’s official name is Salt Cay, and has been an intricate piece of history for the Bahamas for centuries. This island, located three miles off ... read more

This year my mom's birthday was the same day as mother's day and so my brother and I decided to surprise her with a weekend cruise. We decided on Norwegian Freestyle Cruising. Friday was departure time and we enjoyed the afternoon by the pool. That night we encountered some bad weather and spend the rest of the night feeling sea sick. The next morning we arrived in Nassau where we took a cab to the Atlantis. At the Atlantis we did the aquarium tour and the water park experience. It was a wonderful day spent in the company of friends and family. For those traveling to the Atlantis Hotel it is wise to know that they only take credit cards, no cash allowed. There is a variety of restaurants to choose from, many with considerable ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas April 5th 2014

I have often wondered the best way to judge a trip. Is it in the amount of Disney princess signatures? All of them! In the amount of naps taken? Few by those over the age of 8. Or the amount of books read? Did we bring a book....oh that's right, still in the bag or I think I used mine for a pillow on the flight home. Do you judge a trip by the number of disagreements? By the excitement of the first day? The weariness of the mid-trip? Or is by the last night? When everyone is still in sync, still smiling and realizing that it might not have been the trip that each one envisioned, but it was a good trip, a really good trip. This trip was about building relationships. With my two ... read more
Wall worthy?
Don't ever grow up.

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 30th 2014

We don't have internet here- have to go to a bar. So this will be short for now! We left Bimini and had a nice crossing over the Bahama Banks. What wonderful blue water! It's a bit scary at first to see grass and maybe coral below you , but after some time you get used to it and relax a bit. We made it to Chub Key by nightfall to anchor. The next morning we continued on to Nassau. We were able to sail for a bit and then of course the wind changed and we had to motor. We ran into some issues that I will get into later, but let's just say for now that we are in Nassau doing repairs. We have been here over a week, and we are hoping to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 8th 2014

Castaway Cay is like marmite for the crew on this ship. You either love it or you hate it. I can honestly say that I despised to place during my first contract. Possibly due to the fact that it was the morning-after head ache that we all had to endure after our infamous thursday late nights. Nothing is less appealing than having to work on a hot and sticky island , covered in sand and 4 year olds screaming in your ears. This, I am sure, anyone can do without! But it is this island that seems to attract our cruisers. Nothing says "exclusive" more than a privately owned island by his royal Mickeyness , where the passengers of one cruise ship can have all to themselves for the entire day! So, it's the 100m dash ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas February 24th 2014

After lounging around a good part of the day swimming and getting some sun, we decided that we would visit the Rum Bahamas Festival in Nassau. It was a weekend long event with many rum distillers showing their wares. It was at a very interesting location, Fort Charlotte. The fort dates back to British Colonial times, built in the late 1700's. It's built on a hill that's the highest point around Nassau. It's kind of a ruin now and a cool location for the festival. The whole festival wound around the fort. There were many booths offering rum samples and all kinds of tropical rum drinks. There were a few bands playing Bahamian music and some other performers roving around. After sampling a few of the rums, Dan and I went for a drink made from ... read more
King of Jerk???
Part of The Festival
They Clean Up Pretty Well

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas January 25th 2014

Hi all, well Cuba and Havana a real experience, we arrived via the harbor and garrisons both to stop the pirates in the 1600's, we then were taken on a city tour with 1950's cars our was a 1952 chevvie but with a 2010 Toyota diesal engine, went along the foreshore and into the old town to the capital building, Revaolation Square then to the hotel Hemingway frequented for a cocktail, this is also where there is a museum room with photos of the film stars, Gary Cooper, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn and many more, plus the mafia bosses from the USA. houses were very poor and needed lots, yes lots of work done one them, off to to another bar Hemingway frequented for a look and cocktail, well put strait into a jet plane sure ... read more

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