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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas February 18th 2024

We woke up well rested and ready for the day ahead! We were booked on ‘Shore to Shore’ Three Island’s snorkeling tour and made our way to Bay Shore Marina to board the speed boat that would take us into the ocean. Our shoes were collected and gathered into a basket and we were seated and ready to sail…or was it fly?! The Captain Mike and his mate Jamal introduced themselves, turned on the music and set the boat in motion accelerating to speeds up to 35- 45 knots. As we departed the marina in Nassau, we passed Paradise Island. Jamal pointed out to us celebrity homes -beautiful, plantation style condos belonging to Oprah, Beyoncé, Tiger Woods and other celebrities. It was a beautiful day, the sky was a beautiful blue and the waters wore multiple ... read more
Goldies restaurant - pioneer in the Fish Fry village
turtle sighting - Green Turtle Cay
island view

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas February 17th 2024

A picture perfect view of Nassau island from the airplane. Blueish green waters, deep blue skies with pockets of clouds- a painter’s inspiration. The mid day sun reflecting off water molecules creating an illusion of a silver expanse ( as we approached closer), a lone sail boat in its midst - these were my thoughts as our plane landed in our dream holiday destination - the Bahamas! After a hour long wait on the tarmac, the plane finally made it to the gate. The immigration lines were long and the arrival hall was packed with tourists. We hailed a cab the old fashioned way(no Uber or Lyft here) in the direction of our hotel, the British Colonial. Our cabbie, named Hafeed was chatty, and he told us that the Bahamas was a British colony just like ... read more
the sweetest coconut water
blue waters and blue lounge chairs
Carnival Cruise - illuminating the night

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 20th 2022

Saturday, March 19, 2022 Nassau, Bahamas Our voyage last night went off without a hitch. We had some lateral movement, very slight something akin to a vibrating platform is how it felt to me – when I woke up to answer to call of nature. Quite minor. The lateral stabilizers did their job admirably. These beds are EPIC. That’s all I have to say about that. This morning we woke up in Nassau. It was supposed to be a sea day, but Mother Nature and Neptune had other ideas – and their ideas are bigger and stronger than this ship. Know what I mean? I’d rather not sail into 30-foot swells, thank you very much. Nor do I want to be around others at that time. HARD PASS. Morning ablutions done, we dressed and took the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 19th 2022

Friday, March 18, 2022 Port of Miami This voyage across the Atlantic will transport us from Miami to Rome. We have rescheduled this trip multiple times – all thanks to a global pandemic. And here we are FINALLY on-board Riviera and ready to relax and sail the seas over the next month. Yes, you read that right – 28 days from Miami to Rome – with a few stops in between. We spent the last week in Naples, Florida with the dearest of friends – some who came from California and Boston to bid us farewell. Now that’s friendship, or perhaps love. Our “family of choice” as we have referred to this particular group consists of a rag-tag bunch of global wanderers who seek adventure at every turn. Most of us are retired. Some are still ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas December 17th 2021

When the pandemic hit I was just at the end of an 8 month contract on a cruise ship. I was supposed to go home for my vacation but that changed really quickly when the company announced the suspension of all cruises in mid-March 2020. While some ships were even struggling to bring their guest home, we still managed to disembark all our guest safely in New York City. Most of the crew also got a chance to fly home that day. Not me though, I only disembarked the ship around two and a half month later. The first days were good, they opened up the guest buffet, the gym, the pool and there were a few activities. Till the beginning of April we were docked in Nassau and at that time they still managed to ... read more
Views of Nassau
Dolphins passing by
Enjoying some beers

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas April 4th 2017

It is official! We have left George Town and are slowly making our way north. In a way, it seems surreal that we are finally back on the road (or more aptly, the open waters). George Town was a wonderful hideaway for the last three months and we are taking many fond memories of the area with us. We had so many opportunities to embrace new experiences and to make many new friends; some who we have now been traveling with for the past week. Last Wednesday, after some consultation with the weather forecast (although not always accurate), we headed out of the harbour and into the big blue. For several days prior, the winds had been playing it up again, but Monday and Tuesday were calmer and so we anticipated Wednesday to be a good ... read more
Welcome to Black Point
Walking the Street of Black Point
Kids on the Dock

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 9th 2015

The Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau Bahamas As one of Nassau’s most famous and popular sites, Blue Lagoon Island has been repeatedly voted as the number one Bahamian natural attractions and family activity. This incredible island has been virtually untouched for centuries, and is often referred to as the “real Bahamas”. The natural vegetation gives this private island the illusion that it has stayed intact from human civilization. Blue Lagoon Island still has secluded, white-sand beaches for visitors to savor, and a natural lagoon with crystal clear blue waters. Visitors comment on the tranquility of the island, and how far away from their normal, everyday life they feel here. Blue Lagoon Island’s official name is Salt Cay, and has been an intricate piece of history for the Bahamas for centuries. This island, located three miles off ... read more

This year my mom's birthday was the same day as mother's day and so my brother and I decided to surprise her with a weekend cruise. We decided on Norwegian Freestyle Cruising. Friday was departure time and we enjoyed the afternoon by the pool. That night we encountered some bad weather and spend the rest of the night feeling sea sick. The next morning we arrived in Nassau where we took a cab to the Atlantis. At the Atlantis we did the aquarium tour and the water park experience. It was a wonderful day spent in the company of friends and family. For those traveling to the Atlantis Hotel it is wise to know that they only take credit cards, no cash allowed. There is a variety of restaurants to choose from, many with considerable ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas April 5th 2014

I have often wondered the best way to judge a trip. Is it in the amount of Disney princess signatures? All of them! In the amount of naps taken? Few by those over the age of 8. Or the amount of books read? Did we bring a book....oh that's right, still in the bag or I think I used mine for a pillow on the flight home. Do you judge a trip by the number of disagreements? By the excitement of the first day? The weariness of the mid-trip? Or is by the last night? When everyone is still in sync, still smiling and realizing that it might not have been the trip that each one envisioned, but it was a good trip, a really good trip. This trip was about building relationships. With my two ... read more
Wall worthy?
Don't ever grow up.

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 30th 2014

We don't have internet here- have to go to a bar. So this will be short for now! We left Bimini and had a nice crossing over the Bahama Banks. What wonderful blue water! It's a bit scary at first to see grass and maybe coral below you , but after some time you get used to it and relax a bit. We made it to Chub Key by nightfall to anchor. The next morning we continued on to Nassau. We were able to sail for a bit and then of course the wind changed and we had to motor. We ran into some issues that I will get into later, but let's just say for now that we are in Nassau doing repairs. We have been here over a week, and we are hoping to ... read more

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