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April 5th 2014
Published: April 6th 2014
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I have often wondered the best way to judge a trip.

Is it in the amount of Disney princess signatures? All of them!

In the amount of naps taken? Few by those over the age of 8.

Or the amount of books read? Did we bring a book....oh that's right, still in the bag or I think I used mine for a pillow on the flight home.

Do you judge a trip by the number of disagreements? By the excitement of the first day? The weariness of the mid-trip?

Or is by the last night? When everyone is still in sync, still smiling and realizing that it might not have been the trip that each one envisioned, but it was a good trip, a really good trip. This trip was about building relationships. With my two year old nephew who now knows my name. With my parents, who more and more seem like the coolest friends I have. With my shipmate, with whom when thrown in amongst eight Ahrens, still stands strong, keeps me sane and who at the end of the trip, still makes us all laugh.

While it will probably be quite sometime before I can digest anymore of that Disney magic; seeing my nieces squeal at the abundance of "acceptable" activities (and ice cream) at their disposal, or exploring the cruise ship on the heels my nephew, or of finding the only "kid-free" zone to play games, drink too much and watch my parents dance the night away. On this trip our relationships were all strengthened and those "one of the kind" memories were made. That, I believe, is the wonderful world of Disney and the best trip I could have imagined.

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Don't ever grow up.Don't ever grow up.
Don't ever grow up.

Coolest 5 year old I know.
Pool timePool time
Pool time

Unfortunately it was only the kiddie pool.
Our own private islandOur own private island
Our own private island

With about 1,000 kids screaming in the background.

The beer of the Bahamas

Needed this one to keep me sane.

8th April 2014

Great Blog
Mandy, you write a wonderful blog. Its so much fun to read and the pictures were great! I'm sure Shannon is missing you terribly :) and Meredith and Jeremy too. Glad you guys enjoyed the trip. You do have very special parents!

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