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Best Shark Diving in the World: Bahamas

Reef sharks are some of the most awesome creatures on the planet. A dive trip to see them feed is the experience of a lifetime.
15 years ago, October 17th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #21046  
The Bahamas is a tropical island paradise known for its wealth of picturesque beaches and swaying palm trees. With hundreds of tiny islands enveloped in warm tropical water, the Bahamas chain of islands boasts plentiful coral, fabulous underwater visibility, and endless SCUBA diving opportunities.
With year-round warm water, tropical coral and hundreds of species of colorful fish, SCUBA divers are treated to the presence of the sleek and beautiful reef shark. The reef shark is a magnificent predator that feeds mainly on the small fish and crustaceans found around the reefs they take their name from.
Because of their highly tuned senses, reef sharks will know a human is near before the human knows the shark is near. They will usually stay away from humans, though, unless bait has been set up to draw them. The reef sharks will generally do their best to ignore humans, although they have been known to sometimes brush very close to divers as if curious about them.
On occasion, highly skilled dive experts supervise small groups of divers, while other dive experts hand feed the reef sharks. Observing divers are thrilled and amazed as the water is teeming with reef sharks, whirling, swirling and feeding. Professional underwater photographers shoot once in a lifetime photo opportunities and film memories on DVD for all of the divers. This is one of the most exhilarating dive adventures in the world.
Aqua Sports, Inc. has a team of professional divers and an on staff marine biologist who escort a small group of divers to this fun and exciting underwater adventure. Reply to this

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