Boating, Boozing and Parasailing

Published: July 18th 2014
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Captain Too TallCaptain Too TallCaptain Too Tall

He was about 6'7'
(I've been too busy or (truthfully) lazy to get this blog entry done, so it's long after the trip was over. I decided to finish it for Jan, Dan and Marilyn)

Our last full day in Paradise we rented a boat and captain for 4 hours. Our captain was Too Tall Derrick, a real nice guy. He took us on a tour of Paradise Island and a couple of the other islands. Once again, it was a perfect day, sunny and 81 degrees. After seeing the two islands where they filmed the classic TV series "Gilligan's Island," Too Tall asked if we wanted to do a little fishing. After about 10 minutes, Dan and I passed the poles to the wives and that's when fish were caught.

Marilyn pulled in a fish every couple minutes. They were small fish that Too Tall called Pogies. Too Tall saved the fish in his live well. He said that they would be eaten, but our waitress at a fish restaurant that night said they taste horrible. (She had another description referring to a woman's monthly!) Jan caught the biggest fish, a nice Grouper. They fished for about a half hour and then Too Tall took us to a little island with a nice beach where we jumped in and did some swimming. There was another boat there with a group of women from the Dakotas and Minnesota. They were partying pretty hard and really liked Too Tall, so they lured him into the water to swim with them. They were having a blast and I think Too Tall got a couple phone numbers for later. Those gals were going to make it a memorable vacation.

After the boat trip, we talked Dan into parasailing at our beach. He loved it and we all got a kick out of them dipping him into the ocean. All in all it was a fun final day to finish a fun trip.

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Restful FishingRestful Fishing
Restful Fishing

Because Dan and I didn't catch anything.
Waiting For a Big OneWaiting For a Big One
Waiting For a Big One

That's what Jan says all the time!
Fishing LessonFishing Lesson
Fishing Lesson

Marilyn shows him how it's done.
First One!First One!
First One!

A Pogie. Whatever that is.
A GrouperA Grouper
A Grouper

Gonna have a Grouper sandwich tonight.

Ours was a bit smaller than this one.
Well Deserved BreakWell Deserved Break
Well Deserved Break

Boozing it up at the pool.
Having a Bush CrackHaving a Bush Crack
Having a Bush Crack

Now that's an interesting name for a beer.
Heading OutHeading Out
Heading Out

Dan going parasailing.
A Little DipA Little Dip
A Little Dip

They dunked him into the ocean.

18th July 2014

Good to see you blogging again. You've traded the snow for the sand. Good decision! Looks like a lot of fun and a few adult beverages.
19th July 2014

Fun times
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun

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