Jan's Reward

Published: February 20th 2014
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For sun and temps in the 80's
It's time Jan got a little payback for taking such great care of me after having total hip replacement surgery on December 27th. Without her help I would have gone to a rehab facility rather than home. It sure was nice to go home. She treated my surgical wound every day until the staples were removed and the doctor was amazed how well it had healed. She waited on me hand and foot...literally. I couldn't put a sock or shoe on my right foot for over 3 weeks.

So, this little trip is a bit of a thank you to her. We have done quite a few winter trips to nice warm places for longer than this one in the past years since my retirement and we were planning a trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora with our friends the Flahertys. But, the surgeon said it was time for a new hip. Jan, being the wiser of us, decided that it would not be a good idea to make all the plans and reservations with the hip recovery going on. As it turns out Marilyn badly broke her wrist right after my surgery, so it was good that we scrapped the Tahiti plans. We've decided we will definitely make that trip next winter.

This won't be too adventurous or unique, but we'll have a great time with Dan and Marilyn. And maybe we'll get a bit of last summer's tan back.


20th February 2014

Nothing too unique????
Really Bob, we are going with Dan & Marilyn...........trips are always an adventure!! "Thanks Babe - I think we ALL really need this trip to warm weather, sun, beaches and RUM!!
20th February 2014

Great to reward her
Bob, Glad that you are treating her to a great trip. She de-serve's it.
21st February 2014

Have a great trip and enjoy the warmth!
22nd February 2014

Another snowmobiler bites the dust
Real snowmobilers schedule all doctor visits between May and November. Glad the surgery went well. Enjoy the warmth.
22nd February 2014

Hi Bill-Real Snowmobiler
Believe me, I tried to put it off until late March or April, but I was limping so bad and needing pain killers to ride in December that I had to get it done. The good news is that it went so well that the surgeon cleared me to ride after 6 weeks and I've already made one trip to the U.P. last week and heading back March 3rd. Hope you're having a great season.
22nd February 2014

Winter finally over !! Trip is on . Got the cripples thru the metal detectors, but of course yours truly was the one with the cavity search. Got my Click beer in hand, + going out to explore Atlantis now --- yeah !!!! Love our vacations with the Kribs !

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