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Published: January 27th 2010
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Formal nightFormal nightFormal night

I clean up well...if I do say so, myself
I woke up at noon, glorious noon. Today was the day it was supposed to be 80 degrees! It was going to be warm! And I was going to lay out and get a tan and drink pina colada's on the beach and --

It was freezing!!!

We started the day off in the diner. Breakfast food was already gone so we ate lunch food. My breakfast was pork and rice and ice cream and tea. It was very good, actually.

We hadnt signed up for any excursions. We just planed to explore the island on our own, take a trip out to Atlantis and then on to Senor Frogs. Yes it is the "touristy" thing to go do, but I had never been. And besides, we had gotten word that they have excellent beef nachos.

Anyway, we de-shipped and found ourselves in one of the coldest days that the Bahamas had seen. And there I am in my cute white hat and my tub top blue and black dress and my purple flip flops. I was cold and wanted a sweater! And some hot cocoa!! This wasnt Colorado, this was the Caribbean, where is that sunshine

Some weird bull statue thingy inside Atlantis

Soon we found ourselves on one of the public streets of Nassau. Without a plan. We knew we wanted to go to Atlantis but didnt know how to get there? Taxi? Would we be taken for a "ride" if we took the taxi? And I dont mean a literal ride, I mean figeratively. Would we be ripped off? Taken to a remote location and robbed? Or worse....? I realize that this isnt Thailand, but still, scary things can still happen!

We opted for a city bus. Marcia confidently walked on a city bus asked the driver where he was going and to our surprise....he kept playing with his tape deck. No, thats not an enuendo for something else. He really was playing with his tape deck!! We couldnt hear his response over his music. I dont even remember what kind of music it was, he had it blarring! Then all the sudden, he pushed stop. So Marcia asked her question again "Are you going to Paradise Island?"
"Mumble mumble" then the loud blare of the music again. He kept doing this for about 5 mins, every so often when he would mumble his response my eyes got

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming!
sight of his shiney brown, chipped teeth.

Marcia got pissed "never mind" she said "lets go" and we both marched off the bus. The streets were bustling. Some guy was selling maps of Nassau, another guy was playing with his bongos (again, not an enuendo, he really was playing w/ his bongos!) and some other bizare guy was standing on the sidewalk, holding a bible and chanting loudly how we needed to "repent our sins" he too, had less than perfect teeth. No one was listening to him, he just went on and on and on and....

Suddenly, a nice woman heard us complaining how we were confused and she directed us onto a city bus. Within minuets we were at the base of the bridge that would take us to Paradise Island. All we had to do was walk over the bridge! Easy, 15, 20 minuets and we'd be there sippin' some yummy drink in the casino bar in no time....

Then the rain came down. "So much for my hair" I thought. And the wind. By god, that wind. Enough to make you quite nipply, if I do say so. I began to laugh. Not
The tootie twosome!!The tootie twosome!!The tootie twosome!!

us at dinner lookin' .... S-I-Z-Z-L-E !!
that it was particularly funny, but that we were particularly stupid.

Finally we reached the base of the bridge. Marcia kept feeling like she was going to slip so she took off her flip flops. I was drenched. She was drenched. My poor pathetic white hat drooped over my eyes like a limp noodle, sans spagetti sauce. We found sanctuary in a cute little shopping area just outside Atlantis. I took a pic with the infamous "ice cream chair", I purchased a cute Starbucks coffee mug for a friend back home and we headed towards Altantis.

We took some cute pics then headed towards the casino bar. I was starving, thirsty, and wanted to dry off. For such a huge resort, how is it that they have such a small bar area? EVERY single seat was taken, either at the bar or table. We gave up and went to play slots. Now, mind you, I'm no big gambler. I've played slots maybe 2 other times in my life. I have no idea how to do any of the "big" games. So after 2 or 3 times of my dollar basically getting eaten by the machine, I get bored and want to move onto something else.

Until we made a little friend. Some guy came up out of nowhere and said "What's ya;ll doin'?" he had one of the thickest southern accents I had ever heard. He asked us if we were on the same ship as him. Yep, we were. "I'm Cecil, what's ya'lls names?" Who in the world is named Cecil? Him, apparently. "Macy," Marcia said. "Bianca!" I blurted out. "Now, those ain't ya'lls real names" He was on to us.
"Yes they are!" we said. It was a strange meeting. He kept talking about his wife, we kept wanting him to go away. I couldnt tell if he was hitting on us or just being plain obnoxious. Or both.

Long story short, we left Atlantis and found a taxi which took us to Senor Frogs. Now, that guy was pretty nice, filling us in on the history of the island and we asked him plenty of question regarding the Bahamas. Then, he dropped us off.

COLD COLD COLD!!!! I cannot believe how freakin' freezing it was! We made it inside Senor Frogs and I immediantly liked the place. Big bar, loud music, good...no,

Another new friend I met on the ship!!
GREAT food. Seriously, those nachos? I cant believe I lived my whole life without trying a nacho from Senor Frogs. We gobbled it up and drank our Margaritta's. I actually hate tequila and Margaritta's but....I drank one. Not too bad.

Then some dumb old blonde drunk guy came up to us and proceeded to give us a lecture on how we needed to have "more fun" I tried to be nice to him "we are having fun!" Marcia tried to be a subtle rude to him "yeah, we're fine....you can go away now"

Long story short....back on the ship....fell asleep for THREE hours and missed dinner completely. We woke up at 9, got dressed, and went to the midnight buffet which we THOUGHT was Mexican food...it was some weird chinese food thingy. With good pork though. Afterwards, I was anxious to head back to the club for the evening. "The Circuit" Marcia said she would meet me there, so I went on my own, hoping to run into the same group from the night before. I never did run into them that night, but I did meet some other nice, interesting people who were there for some kind

Look how windy??!!! WINDY!!!!!!!!!
of group function. Some drunk guy came up to me, who apparently was hitting on EVERY woman there and said something to me, I cant quite recall what he said to me at all, but I was introduced to his friends, who were a bit more sober than he, and a bit more enjoyable to converse with.

Suddenly, Marcia came into the club with her news, "I just won a hundred dollars at the casino!" Punk. I could easily lose a hundred dollars and she wins it??!! lol. She was pretty excited about that.

Well, the night ended with me joining my new group for pizza at three am again, staying up til past 4:30, and getting myself excited for our next day of our wonderful cruise.

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Chris and I again

Bridge to Paradise Island
Cruise shipsCruise ships
Cruise ships

Cruise ships in the distance
Pretty waterPretty water
Pretty water

Pretty water and the cruise ships!

We walked across this bridge in the freezing cold!
Ice Cream ChairIce Cream Chair
Ice Cream Chair

me and another cutsie outfit!!
no makeupno makeup
no makeup

me being vain and taking pics of myself....

...in a hat!
Senor FrogsSenor Frogs
Senor Frogs

About to order FOOD

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Ice Cream Chair

Ice Cream Chair
How can I get this chair?

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