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Published: January 27th 2010
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Marshy and I at our yummy dinner!
Marcia and I have known each other for 6 years. We met while working at Disney world back in the day, January 2004. Both of us share a love for traveling, dogs, and good cooking. Both of us share a love of Sex and the city, and we both definatly share a dislike of lying men. Lol, well, its true. So, us going on a wonderful 3 day cruise seemed fitting for our adventurous personalities. 2 1/2 years ago, Sept 2007 we had "tentatively" set up a backbacking trip. We would plan to leave on jan 2, 2010 to backpack across Europe. We had over 2 years to save up. We'd do it! Well....we didnt. NOTHING got saved up!! (although, I did make a trip out to Europe in the last 2 yrs....lol) anyway, this past Sept 09 we were in early talks of a cruise. Then around November, the day before thanksgiving in fact....we decided to book it! Our dream cruise!

So on Friday, Jan 8, 2010....we left Orlando for our adventure! Marcia came over to my house fairly early that morning, at 10am. I was still in the midst of packing. I was to bring NO pants. All
The CircuitThe CircuitThe Circuit

Us hanging out in the Circuit...before I got drunk for the evening
skirts. I had to look cute. I JUST HAD TO. I mean, this is the Bahamas, and a boat, and sunshine and sexy men (hopefully =) Well, me not bringing jeans or pants proved to be a very poor choice.

We had boarded the ship: Monarch of the Seas. Sad to say, but it was FREEZING! "It's ok," I reassured myself "We're still in Florida, once we reach the Bahamas it will be 80 degrees!" I was optimistic. Well, I boarded the ship wearing a cute little outfit, a pink shirt w/ a white skirt, black jacket and black boots. And my PINK cowgirl hat. Everyone stopped me to say "cute hat" lol....I love hats. I guess you could call me a hat lover.

First things first. The sailing away good bye party. (I forgot what the official name of it is) I had been on two other cruises prior. Both Disney. Both had a farewell party. Both were cheesy and filled with kids, and mickey and soccer moms with bad 90's short hair cuts, and dads who dont know how to dress themselves....well this sailing away party was filled with young singles (Finally!) and old people (but
So cold!So cold!So cold!

The top deck of the ship. It was unbelievably cold!!!
they seemed fun, at least) and alchohol. Glorious alchohol. Marcia and I had planned to sneak alchohol onto the ship so we wouldnt have to pay the outrageous costs of an $8 dollar pina colada....oopsie! We forgot the vodka!! So I ordered alchohol anyway, and a pina colada was my first drink! It was freezing and so was my drink!

Well, the music played on. We tried to dance to the electric slide. And by "tried to dance" I really mean we just stood there mimicking some gay guys moves next to us. We looked neither cool nor stylish.

After the fun little party we walked the ship. There was an alchohol tasting on deck 5!! We scurried in line and waited to be served. They were small little plastic cups filled w/ Bailey's, mind you. Not humungous shots of tequila or anything like that. I sampled a coffee flavored Baileys. She sampled a caramel sample. Well, they had a fantastic duty free deal on Bailey's so we purchased two bottles of Mint Chocolate. (which is now sitting in my refridgerator and the bottle is nearly empty...whoopsie!) We wouldnt get our bottles until the last night of the
Disney's portDisney's portDisney's port

Lol....this is where the Disney ships dock out of
cruise, so after our purchase was our dinner.

We sat with two nice ladies at dinner. One was from south Florida and one was from Washington state. Actually....they were nice, but very picky. I think the waiter hated them. They didnt like the wine they ordered, the rice tasted funky, the steak was overdone. Then when they asked what was on the menu for the next night and the waiter replied "escargo" the two women wrinkled their noses as if they had just smelled flatulence. "I'll try escargo," I thought.

Well, after dinner, we went to, what would become my favorite place on the ship. It was named "Singles Mingles" on the intenerary thingy. And I was hesitant to go. "Singles Mingles?" I thought. I was now classified as one of THOSE people? Lol....but when I walked in...it was nothing but a dance club. With FANTASTIC music. Alot of 70's and 80's music and early 90's. Beegees, the Commodores, salt n' pepa's "Push it", also Lady Gaga, etc. And Michael Jackson!!! "Dont stop til you get enough!"

Well....stop I didnt. I had a few drinks that night. I think....I dunno....4? 5? I usually stop counting at some
us in the clubus in the clubus in the club

Like my scarf??
point in the evening. Marcia ended up leaving a bit earlier than I, and I decided to stay. I decided I'd leave after twenty mins if I felt odd about being there alone.
Well, with in a few minuets I began talking w/ one group who I had seen earlier in the day. All wearing....cowboy outfits. Not the sexy young Clint Eastwood- type cowboy outfits. But the cheesy Im-too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating-on-Halloween type. I just had to find out what was with their get up.

"So I have to ask," I said "What's up with the outfits?" one guy explained that it was a friend of his 21st birthday and when they asked her what she wanted for her b-day she told them she wanted everyone to dress up as cowboys and Indians. My head snapped up. I'd seen cowboys but no Indians. Then my gaze met one crazy drunk Indian on the dance floor. Shirtless, full of face paint, and wearing a bright colored headdress. "Alright, cute," I thought. I mean, for my 21st birthday I wanted a watch, but to each his own. It was kind of cool all her friends were willing to "dress up" and have a good

Where is all the sunshine? How am I supposed to get a tan??!!
time for her birthday. On my birthday, I had three no shows and had to change my Rainforest Cafe reservation seating arrangement. (Thats right, my 21st birthday was spent there....I have since learned the proper way to party....lol) Besides, they looked like they were all having a good time, and that poor girl must have been so hungover the next day.

I hung out w/ them the rest of the evening. It was really a quite fun evening. We went back to the food court, ate pizza at three in the morning, and me, my black boots, and my tired butt dragged myself all the way to my stateroom

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She looks good!!

I love black and white pics
Cute li'l meCute li'l me
Cute li'l me

I just had to put together "outfits" while on the cruise!

I'm drunk!
The tootie twosome!!The tootie twosome!!
The tootie twosome!!

Aren't we the cutest?!

She's drunk!! lol, actually she wasnt...but that drink looks so good!
If you like Pina Colada's...If you like Pina Colada's...
If you like Pina Colada's...

And gettin' caught in the rain...if your not into yoga....and you have half a brain!

One of the interesting guys I met while on board!

Im a cowboy!! Or cowgirl....

Me and my new friend....what is up w/ my eyes?
Drinky pooDrinky poo
Drinky poo

I dont know why I opted for a cold drink....on a freezing cold day!
Weird dudeWeird dude
Weird dude

Everytime I saw this guy....he was filming. I even saw him filming his family at breakfast. Because, you know, that's riviting.

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