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January 10th 2010
Published: March 3rd 2010
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picture's outside the "Circuit" clubpicture's outside the "Circuit" clubpicture's outside the "Circuit" club

I would loooove a copy of this for my apartment. I have it "french themed!"
A nice quote from Thoreau there. =) 3 of the cruise was quite interesting. I'd gone to bed the night before at about 4:30am. Marcia and I had plans to get up at 8 or 8:30....I was going to die!! Well, we were going to be chilling beachside, possibly some snorkling on Royal Caribbean's private island; Cocoa Cay. It was going to be beautiful.

Until we got up at 8:30. A note was under the door.

"I bet that is saying our day at the island is cancelled," Marcia said. I hoped she was wrong. I got off the bed and went to check our night.

"Revised day at Sea" it said. Our day at Cocoa Cay had been cancelled due to the weather and increadible waves, making it impossible to dock at Cocoa Cay and have us "tender" in to the island. I was beyond disapointed.

We decided to make the best of it. I'd be at the pool all day, I figured. I changed into my bathing suit and put on a sun dress over it. We headed to b-fast, grabbing a table by the window. God, the sea is beautiful. Until we
Le Eiffel TowerLe Eiffel TowerLe Eiffel Tower

Another pic that I would love for my apartment
went outside and caught a gust of wind. Oh.My.God. It was FREEZING. I know some are thinking "you're in the Caribbean, how can it be freezing?" trust me, it was. COLD COLD COLD!!!! There was not going to be ANY lounging by the pool.

Well, the agenda was this:Marcia and I would split up for a few hours. She would go to a cooking demonstration. I would go and .... do....well, something. We;d meet in a few hours for the 1:00 comedy show. The 1:00 ADULTS comedy show that is. Well, I purchased a book from the gift shop with the intention of reading in the lounge. I got to the lounge and ordered a .... drink, I couldnt tell you what it was, I dont remember. So I was there, sipping my drink, before noon, and reading. Nothing could have been better except maybe some sunnier weather so I could get a tan! Some older ladies sat with me and we played a game w/ some others in the lounge.

After that, it was time for the show. I sat near the back of the auditorium, expecting to see Marshy-kins any moment....somehow I never ran into her.

Me and my drinky poo!! It was 11am...or maybe 10am...I dunno....but Im on vacation!
We did, however, get free Mimosa's for attending the show. Free alchohol? Don't mind if I do.... a couple sitting next to me didnt want their mimosa and gave it to me. TWO free alchoholic beverages? Dont mind if I do....

After the comedy show....STILL no Marshy. Where in the world was she? Well, I had to pee and was about to make a mad dash to the bathroom when I ran into.....Chris and his drunken (now hungover) buddy from the night before!! They both asked me what I was up to the rest of the day and I said I didnt know, no plans were in effect. So they invited me on the top lounge, the 14th deck of the would be a nice afternoon of drinking! I kept ordering wine...and getting tipsy and dorky and asking Ryan silly things like "So whats the story with your friend? Is he single?" and "So are you a ladies man too?" My best, and worst attempt at flirting. I never got to the point of saying "I love you" to people, so I suppose I wasnt too intoxicated. But one thing is for sure; I had developed a cutsey
hot asian guyshot asian guyshot asian guys

They were doing some cocktail throw tossing thingy....I was only outside watching them maybe 5-10 was SO COLD!! cute boys though =)
crush on Chris, who the only bad thing about him...he lives in stinkin' OHIO and I live in retarded ORLANDO.... =(

Anyway, Marcia and I went to dinner w/ our dinner mates that night. We were a little bit late, but whatever. I must say, I was not crazy about Royal's food....if I had to compare their food to Disney's food....Disney's is WAAAAY better. I had some kind of dry salmon. Sadly, I ended up getting terribly motion sickness later as the night progressed. I have NEVER gotten motion sickness in my entire life. It didnt help that I had spent most the afternoon being intoxicated....7 drinks and counting! Although, compared to Chris and Ryan...."7 drinks" is rookie status.

Anyway, after dinner I went to lay down where I hoped I wouldnt vomit everywhere. I never did, THANK GOD, Im not typically a puker. But I thought "If I get sick, that means 2 out of the three cruises I've been on, I've gotten sick!" after 2 hours I felt ok....ok enough to head back out to the Circuit. But not ok enough to drink anymore for the night. I may have had a puking incident if I
pic of mepic of mepic of me

me sipping on my....mimosa? Is that what its called? Anyway, it was 1pm and my second drink of the day!! I love vacations....

Anyway, I met up with my new crush at the bar where we exchanged phone numbers and last names. I had every intent on calling and keeping in touch...and I did! And here we are at 2 months later (I am writing this in March)....and we are still talking!! Who would have ever thought that going on a 3 day cruise would lead to meeting my possibly Prince Charming?

Here's to hoping, and here's to more trips!!

My next adventure takes me to Costa Rica!!

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God, I want one right now, just typing this....

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