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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Alston August 31st 2019

Yesterday is ancient history. Gone are the mist riddled moors of Cross Fell, the rain soaked dales of Knock Pike and the unsighted peaks of Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell (6 m height difference and what a difference name wise!) and instead gentle gradients overs well maintained pathways. Sure the gentle gradients go through a heap of fields and yes they were a bit wet taking a toll on Julie’s boots but the biggest obstacle is the fact that just about each fence needs to be crossed using a stile. As such heaps of stiles were the order of the day. They come in all shapes, sizes, configurations and each presents it’s own unique problem. Some are so skinny you pack gets stuck which is a bit embarrassing, some so skinny at the base ... read more
Fresh faced and ready to go. Yesterday is history.
That’s Julie up ahead!
That’s me, a head.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Alston August 30th 2019

Friday the 13? Not exactly but it is Friday and it is the 13th day of our walk. And disaster strikes. We could not make today’s walk. We left Dufton prepare for a tough day and knowing we had 25 km and just on 1000 m ascent. But the mud, bog, a slight navigation error and then howling winds, thick blanketing fog and pelting rain forced a decision. We had reached Knock Fell, the highest point on the walk so far and had 2 km to reach the highest point of the Pennine Way but the fog made it unsafe for us to continue as the track was barely discernible and for us dangerous. There was no one around anywhere so we simply turned and walked the 10 km back to almost where we commenced this ... read more
Nearly missed a Pennine Way signpost. Didn’t. Still OK.
Dufton Pike. Don’t have to climb this one. We have bigger fish to fry. Still OK.
Lovely. Not really OK, it can’t continue.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Alston August 29th 2019

I’m fairly certain we have walked from County Durham into the county of Cumbria. Tomorrow we do walk to Alston and that is Cumbria (how come everyone says Cumbria not County Cumbria but no one says Durham and everyone uses Country Durham?) whilst tonight we are sort of half way. We are actually in Dufton. And the excuse for the lack of blog yesterday. You’ll be surprised to know it has nothing to do with cider or pints of anything. We had walked 37 km so that’s a big day but that too had nothing to do with it. Our accommodation the Langdon Beck Hotel which was really good had very old electrics and Julie’s universal plug was a mystery to the system. The ipad is my camera but it also contains much information that I ... read more
Even farmers have to have a little fun.
We’re off. Start of our big distance day.
God’s Bridge. Think he could have done a bit better.

Europe » United Kingdom » England August 27th 2019

Never heard of Bernard Castle as in the location guide but it’s not heard of Bowes either. I know we crossed county lines and are now in Durham so you will have to use your imagination a bit. Several people have remarked (and that’s surprising as I thought only 2 read my blog) that I may have been a little merry, two sheets to the wind, somewhat molly the munk, a little worse for wear...but the truth is it’s takes time to drink 3 pints then a few glasses of prosecco and I simply run of time because I had to get up early the next day. So back to yesterday. That’s the Hawes to Keld day. Another day without Julie who is still recovering from a pretty bad ankle twist. The colour is fading a ... read more
Today’s landscape.
Julie’s back (in more ways than one).
How good is Yorkshire stone!

Europe » United Kingdom » England August 26th 2019

Moved from Hawes but Keld does not figure on the map that Travel Blog provides. Today’s blog is cancelled. Not because I didn’t walk the now standard 22 km or so but because of 2 pints of cider, a pint of good ale and a few glasses of Prosecco (why does spell ch insist on capitalizing that?). Will try and catch up sometime. I’ll download as many photos as I can. You’ll have to search for them though.... read more
On the road again.
Through the fields and up the hill.
That’s me.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Hawes August 25th 2019

Seven hours walking the Yorkshire dales on the hottest day of the year. Equipped with my jumper and coat in my trusty pack I set off without my walking partner. Julie’s ankle is rather ugly so she gave herself the day off. This means she travels with the luggage and takes a somewhat circuitous route but still beats me to our Hawes BnB by several hours. So if you want to know what the luggage transfer vehicle is like you’ll have to contact my twisted sister. Without her pedometer the exact number of steps is a mystery but again it must be close to 38000 as the distance was 23 km. Relatively easy walking on very clearly defined tracks made for a faster rate than we have maintained on any other day. That’s a reflection on ... read more
It’s actually Robbie’s track. No I couldn’t.
Julie likes sign signs. So here we go.
Sign. Mean much more to us.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Skipton August 24th 2019

We’re in Horton in Ribblesdale. Not exactly the centre of the known universe but a lovely spot, by that I mean the pubs good and our BnB is good. Here I can stand up at least which is something I could not say last night. I’m typing off line and will simply dump when I can. Very comfy here but that may reflect the 3 pints I’ve had. Our BnB mum came and collected us from the pub after we’d eaten pretty well and had a good start with a couple of ciders. Again the ciders are very generic and really only so so but we all make sacrifices. But after showering and making ourselves sort of human we treated ourselves to a cheese platter and a beer. Very nice way to see in the evening ... read more
Up to Malham Cove.
Malham Cove.
More Malham Cove. Not so great when you know you have to climb up to the top.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Malham August 23rd 2019

1. Lee’s socks, well not Lee’s socks because they’re my socks, but socks that Lee knits are better than even I thought. Two or three pairs will get me through the worst of conditions. My boots were so bad at one stage I dunked them in a cow drinking trough just to get mud off them. 2. Jake and Marie’s map wallet, well not their map wallet because it’s mine, but a map wallet that they gave me has served me really well. It has survived several big walks and is still waterproof and still with me everywhere and every time I walk. It is actually waterproof. 3. I should write a guide book. Then there would be no phrases like ‘right at the top of the incline turn left’, ‘taking the right turn will lead ... read more
And a table with a view to boot.
Always an easy walk along the tow path.
Unusual architecture.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 22nd 2019

Things I’ve learnt (recently). We are not really in Hebden Bridge. The blog site likes it and it’s sort of close enough. The weather is always better in the pub. I should write Alla as Alla not Ella. I should blog prior to 2 pints of cider. That mud sticks. Take that how you like but really it‘s a hiking reference. Read the map and guide book twice and walk the route once. Despite how good I think I am I don’t walk on water or mud. And the Pennine Way? Well the pictures tell the story really. Not a long day but 42526 steps which translates to close to 21 km and I’m trying to think if any were not in mud, soggy grass, water or boggy peat. Yes, some weren’t but not a lot. ... read more
See it was worth it.
The start of my first full English in forever. (No fruit, no yogurt and no muesli!).
Serious business this map reading.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Haworth August 21st 2019

A couple of house keeping issues. We are in or near Stanbury and Ponden but they don’t rally register on many maps let alone travel websites. And I don’t have a proof reader and Julie has pointed out a few errors post publication. Sorry. Anything that does make sense just make up yourself. And great job Ella. Two people on the planet know that the ‘glorious twelfth’ is the official opening of the grouse season. Ella continues a rich tradition of taking out quiz questions and has continued where she left off. I think I dismissed her comment without sort of knowing so if it doesn’t post sorry. I’ve been chastened by Julie so I’ll never do it again. On that note. We walked past a hidden direction marker this morning and overshot the path a ... read more
Ready, well almost.
Pretty little place.
And that’s the Main Street.

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