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Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur July 10th 2017

I've been sick! Terrible head (some may say it's always terrible) and poor tummy that has really only tolerated liquids and gelato. I've had more nutrients from tablets than from Italian cuisine despite the fact that here the food is surprisingly good. Breakfast at the hotel have seen Julie setting a pace that I'm no where near! I did have some French onion soup that was particularly good last night. Julie had some ravioli flavoured with lemon and mint, again really good. The ham and cheese here is ubiquitous but again good, just a shame I don't feel like eating it. We've had a couple of days as tourists here so I'll drop some of the photos from the cable car to give some impression of the surrounds. In some places (the US and Scotland in ... read more
Look super carefully.
Expensive shopping in Courmayeur.
Out of the Skytrain and up, up, up to Hellbronner.

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur July 8th 2017

Back a couple of days, in order to make up for no wifi. A couple of musings first. I'm big on musing (they really only have to make sense to me!). When you are walking up hill you want to walk down hill. When you walk down hill you want to walk up hill. When it's flat you know it's going to change soon. Calling this entry TMB 3/4 is a bit of a joke (on us though) as there is nothing done by halves or fraction here. This is a full on walk. From now on anyone named Col has some automatic credibility. The 'cols' are the top of passes, not the highest points but the crossing between 2 ranges. The col de Seigne is the French/Italian border. Any 'col' is good as it means ... read more
Early day TMB 3.
Up we go, gently at first.
Well fairly gently.

St@+*%#, bu##%^*, fu£€%#, to#>£¥, Ro£^#¥ .... Sensorship seemed to be the best course of action. It's late and we are both ’walked out'. Consequently I'll publish a few pictures and mention the last 4. I will try and reblog when I feel human again. The first one is just an error. Yes almost unbelievable but it does happen to me sometimes. The second shows 46601 steps and the third translates that to 31 km. Right and wrong. The step count would be accurate but the total distance is approx. 18 km. Julie is playing fit bit and it is going crazy telling us we have been active for so many minutes, burnt enough calories to be virtually see through etc. the step to distance count reflects so many of the steps were so steep, up or ... read more
Our guide, the TMB signpost for direction and estimated time.
Should we take the chairlift?
Are do you do this for fun?

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix-Mont-Blanc July 5th 2017

Not just for you Bun but especially for you. Have a look at the flower basket parade I have assembled from the street of Les Houches. How sweet it is.(yes it's not a big place so really it has only a single mainish street - the only thing that's big is the 'hill' ridge line that runs parallel to and towers over the town). We catch glimpses of Mt Blanc itself as the clouds clear or as we round a corner and it is a majestic sight. We leave it behind, or at least obscured from view after tomorrow and don't see it for a while, but that may be a good thing as it is somewhat overbearing and somewhat threatening.we saw it at about half past nine tonight and in the evening light it was ... read more
For Lee 1.
For Lee 2.
For Lee 3.

Europe » France July 5th 2017

Really, really. I'll skip the stories about the 14 hours to Dubai, the 3 hour wait and the 6 hours to Geneva. Is there ever a good flying story? Suffice to say Julie and I made it. We didn't take the photo bomber along with us. And to think I bought Julie along because she's meant to be good with a camera! I think I've downloaded a couple of photos from the mini bus as we drove to the Chamonix Valley. Julie and I arrived at the hotel just after 3 o'clock- bad luck - reception opened at 4 o'clock. No good luck, a very friendly host was there to greet us and hand our key to Room 302 - bad luck on the third floor. No good luck they have an elevator and even better ... read more
From Geneva to Les Houches.
Mt Blanc (it's there of you know what to look for)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 3rd 2017

Hi. This is a drop of a previous entry which utilised a different format. I think the new one is better but it may enable some readers (note I now have readers plural!) to catch up on recent ancient history. Better get used to the oxymoron use, someone unkindly mentioned the blog is written by an Aussie moron! Again have a read, have a catch up and get ready to go! Hope you enjoy this Travel iBlog entry.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 3rd 2017

Day minus 1. No need to panic as the last moments approach because Lee is doing that for me. I think I'm pretty right as far as organisational details go. That means I'm either OK or in a state of denial but judging by financial outgoings lately I must be well and truly prepared. Let's get straight down to it. It's Quiz time. Who am I walking with? I will be walking in 4 countries. Name them (and I don't mean rename them! The names they have already suit me just fine.) Good.... read more
Paid. (The toughest part!)

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