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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 20th 2019

Forty five and a half thousand steps. About 31 km, although 26.5 in theory. And another day on the Pennine Way bites the dust. And just a little hint don’t tell your sister that you finish in Hebden Bridge when in fact it’s 2 km further and every one of those steps is uphill. Didn’t matter that those 2 km were 2km we don’t have to walk tomorrow, just don’t do it. I was saved from physical harm only because I walk faster uphills and she could catch me. But a bath, a feed and a cider makes her human again and all is fine. We kitted up to start. Coats, waterproof pack covers, gaiters... because it was pretty ugly. Rain, dark clouds and strong winds. That combination on the moors is not good but when ... read more
There’s no such thing as a bad trig point.
She just keeps follow me.
Told you. She does.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Marsden August 19th 2019

When more and more moor is just right. Despite the fact we were wet and the unbelievable fact that our accommodation gave us a packed lunch without a box drink or any fruit we have had a delightful day. Julie’s mood has improved so much she is now only swearing mildly at me and only intermittently wondering why she came along to walk the Pennine Way. During quite a cloud burst another walker proclaimed that ‘the weather is always better in the pub’ - if only I can get that attitude into Julie! No really things are good here. More moor suits me although I think less moor would suit Julie better. But some of the scenery (and even the photos) more than compensate for the wet shoes, coat, pants and shirts we persevered with for ... read more
Around the spillway and through the forest.
Is that God laughing?
Up, up ,up and through the bracken.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Glossop August 18th 2019

Day 1 of the Pennine Way beats quite a few walkers, we may have met one of them. It’s a difficult and long day. Any day with a section named Jacob’s Ladder is going to be tough. If it was called Jacob’s Incline even that would give walkers some hope without being misled. I’m waiting for sections with names like Rob’s Gentle Meander or Julie’s Easy Decreases in Elevation. I’m waiting but not expecting. It blew incessantly today and we were lucky it only rained briefly as it could have been bitter. We both walked in shorts (not the same pair) and for a while in t-shirts but the wind got the better of us. I didn’t stop blowing until we managed to get off the high plains. The plain is named Bleaklow and you don’t ... read more
Wait for me.
Uphill (even gently) I lead.
It’s so we don’t get lost.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Edale August 17th 2019

It’s the day before tomorrow so we went for a walk! Up over Mam Tor, around the escarpment and down into Castleton and back home. On my pedometer about 2560 steps, on Julie’s about 28000 which translates to about 18 km. Considering tomorrow’s walk is 31 km today’s should be regarded as little more than the amuse bouchée of the buffet that awaits. I met a couple that had just completed the Pennine Way and had walked it north to south which is very unusual. They were full of praise for the walk although they did have a couple of scary stories. Additionally there is a couple staying here commencing the walk tomorrow named Rob and Lesliegh. Scary but true. One couple looking a little bedraggled and a little tired but pleased and relieved and savouring ... read more
Our first BnB, Edale.
Really ready.
That’s the way.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Castlefield August 16th 2019

It’s Pennine Way day. Well really it’s Pennine Way day minus two. Thanks Bun for getting me to the airport and for the nice goodbye kiss. Something to remember. Julie wasn’t far behind and despite having checked in electronically the same inching queue was our fate. No drama just frustrating. And the matches I so carefully took from my hand luggage and stowed in my luggage needed to be retrieved. Walkers need to carry matches (compass, whistle and the like) to make them feel like real walkers. No longer is a T-shirt proclaiming ‘I walked the Coast to Coast’ good enough. From Melbourne and as of now 12 hours towards Doha. In flight data has informed us that in just over 2 hours we should arrive in the sunny capital of Qatar where the expected temperature ... read more
The obligatory airport shot.
Both ready.
Always the tourist.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Yarra Valley August 14th 2019

Not quite go. But pretty close. Best read to ‘Waltzing Matilda’ but somewhat embarrassing if you do if there are others around. But then again reading my blog qualifies as embarrassing even if no one’s around. Once an old teacher and his little sister Headed off to England to walk day after day We’ll trudge and we’ll tramp and walk and walk We’ll go a walking the Pennine Way. Ahead lay hill, dale, cairn and tarn Each day a labour and certainly no play But over, around, to and through we go We’ll go a walking the Pennine Way. Starting at Edale and heading towards the north Through the peaks of Yorkshire hey, hey, hey What? Nothing compared with the TMB We’ll go a walking the Pennine Way. Traversing the peat and bogs of the Pennines ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 16th 2019

It’s Thursday 16 May and no it’s not time travel time or anything bizarre or weird. I’m home and in fact it’s 3 months before ‘real blogs’ begin but I’m experimenting with blog sites hoping to find one similar to the site I’ve used before. They closed, something to do with me being their only user! The site was good as it provided maps, excellent provision for photos, easy access for readers, means for feedback and the ability to drop text and photos into a hard copy book at a very reasonable price. If I have to explain ‘hard copy book at a reasonable price’ you better stop reading now as it’s going to be really tough for both of us. What follows, in text and photos, is one of my daily walks from home, around ... read more
Almost English.
Janus before he became ‘the dog’.
The dog!.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Yarra Valley March 3rd 2019

I’m back walking. That’s not walking backwards although there are a few who think I’m crazy enough! Really it’s another experiment, hoping to find an app that I can navigate through and have some control over.... read more
Falkirk ponies.
Ben Macdui.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 26th 2017

Back on the real bus now that the 2 day ticket for the hop on hop off bus has expired. Back on the bus and for me it's off to Macs Adventures, the company that organised my TMB walk. Simply called in because I could and to say thanks for their efforts. Very trendy workplace, very open, bikes hanging on the wall, table tennis, open plan...but good atmosphere and lively work place. But really today is about the Willows Tea Rooms. Big build up in the Scotland guide book and various websites and with the reputation of Charles Renee Mackintosh to uphold there was quite a bit riding on the Willows. sadly doesn't really deliver. The architecture is OK but it is only 2 rooms and they are not that special. All the figures and fittings ... read more
It's no Belfast Goliath but...
Peacock design, modern but good.
Willows Tea Room.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 25th 2017

Just about to go to the local brewery for evening meal and drinks. Almost enough to engender a belief in something or someone divine when the closest decent place to eat is a brewery! The pubs here are best described as 'atmospheric' or 'with character' otherwise they would be credited as pretty downmarket, dingy or disgusting! They look like they missed out on being condemned by some council oversight! Sure they have cheap beer but... One of the major pubs in town did not allow women in until the late 70’s and there are a few around here I wouldn't take a woman into! We may have seen them initially at their worst as they were full of Celtic fans after they had seen their team thrashed again (and as usual) by their arch rivals. They ... read more
Spray can graffiti for Comm Games.
'Squinty' or not straight bridge.
The 'armadillo'.

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