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4th October 2019

Oh, Torremolinos!
Ahoy, Rob and Lee: I've been reading your blog, and "struggled with you" (fine writing, you) for your problem-laden passage from Morocco to Cordoba. Your description of the Costa del Sol reminded me of Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame, of course) in "The Holiday" sketch. You can check it out here for a good laugh: Great all the way through, but his travel rant starts at the 2:30 mark. Happy travels!
21st September 2019

It’s the Berber or Tifinagh alphabet used by the Tuareg people. I put it as my profile pic on FB!
9th September 2019

Well done, Sir!
Hey, Rob: Congratulations on you and sister Julie finishing the Pennine Way! Sounds like you did a lot of slogging, but manage you did! (Peggy Lee is singing your song, now?) Your report crossing Hadrian's Wall Path, including Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum, brought back great memories. John and I hiked Malta and Gozo Island in 40 degree Celsius heat! Great place, and cheap, but alas, we are back to teaching in full swing. Has whetted my appetite for hiking Corsica/Sardegna. Funny, knowing it would be sunny and hot, I bought a broad-brimmed hat for this recent Malta trip. It had snaps on either side, so I could choose to utilize both, or "Go Aussie-style" with one side up. I was wondering if there was any kind of code for which side is raised, so we googled it, and learned that most everyone snaps up the left side, but you in Victoria, and your mates in Tasmania choose the right side. As those were my two favorite places in Oz, and in honor of you (of course!), I had the right side up! I'm back to work, but looking forward to that Argentinian eclipse in December, 2020. Southern Hemisphere, so it's practically in your "global neighborhood"?! Best wishes to you, Lee, and Julie. Carry on, Sir! MG
25th August 2019

The ? ?
The luggage bus took me to Hawes via Ribblesdale Viaduct, Dent, and the lovely Yorkshire Dales. The driver was very nice and our host at Wensleydale BnB (an Aussie) was able to give me an ice pack after I had a quick walk down the street in the afternoon.
22nd August 2019

Second comment
Robert, we're you referring to Alla when you wrote Ella? I knew you'd miss me! You definitely need an editor!!!! My advice-write your blog THEN drink cider!!!
20th August 2019

The Glorious Twelfth
August 12th -the start of the annual grouse shooting season. Particularly prized is the red grouse. People come from all over the world and it is the money from grouse shooting that goes towards maintaining the Moorlands.
19th August 2019

Lee Farm
Looking good!! What did they farm at my farm?!? I'm enjoying the blog so far!!!! xx
15th August 2019

Almost go!
Looking forward to it?
From Blog: Ready, Set...
4th September 2017

Simple things
You had better watch out Robbie Hoskin or my friends the fairies may bite your bum!! Hey maybe those bites on your legs are fairy bites?!!!
4th September 2017

The fairies may have kissed my bum! The bites are not their legacy I'm sure!
31st July 2017

Something is amiss
I can't get past this page but I know you have posted at least 3 more.
From Blog: KLW + 1B Fussen
26th July 2017

I'm sorry I don't have time to answer these quiz questions as I'm busy eating gluten free chocolate and drinking wine!!
26th July 2017

Suitable response. May have a special prize just for you!
26th July 2017

Quiz 1 (Take 2)
1. English is a living language, it changes as it's users need and preferences change, and therefore there's nothing-ish wrong with anything in your prefixes or suffixes. 2. King Ludwig Walk, I assume (and yes I know what assuming does!) but it would make sense if there was a German version. 3a. They all have a blue/white stripe running around them. 3b. That's the colour they were all painted. (I'm sure there is an historical reason they were painted these colours, but I don't know it. Is it link to red/white barbers polls?) 4. Is that yellow thing a rain cover for your pack? 5. Did you know that if you eat only rabbit you'll die? They're probably just looking out for your well being... 6. Julie? At the risk of loosing points for trying to be funny I'll leave this one here. 7. Wheels.... 8. Wonga Park. I'd guess the armchair closest to the sliding door, but possibly the dining table.
26th July 2017

Three. And that with no deductions as nothing was funnier than me! But which three? The sad and bad news is that 3 currently leads the quiz champions table. But then again Alla is still researching a couple of questions I reckon.
26th July 2017

Would you mind not showing me things you could have bought me and then telling me no you didn't!!! Very mean!! When are you catching up with Hanne Lorre?
26th July 2017

I could not have transported them. Sunday about 2:30 at our hotel. Karsten should be there as well.
25th July 2017

Town poles
Oh I love those town poles!! Gives the town council a chance to have a laugh!!! Have you managed to find rabbit on any menu yet?!! xx
From Blog: KLW 2
25th July 2017

No. I saw a rabbit and shooter on one of the poles and minutes later I saw a rabbit whilst walking but none on any menu. Last night though I had pork in dark beer and vegetable (almost like a thick soup) that was poured over rosti and it was really good.
From Blog: KLW 2
23rd July 2017

And they're off........again!
Hi Rob (and Julie). Looking forward to your new walking adventure. Seems like you are off to a great start. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself again Rob! Enjoy!
From Blog: KLW (at last).
24th July 2017

All very good. I hope you can tell we are having a ball. The KLW has started really well.
From Blog: KLW (at last).
22nd July 2017

Only 2 pieces of cake?!! Bad luck-it seems you've learnt your German numbers!! Sounds like a wonderful time!! xx
23rd July 2017

Only 2! That's enough after 2 litres of beer and half a roast animal. Even I thought I was doing pretty well.
20th July 2017

Thank you Rob and congratulations . I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and following your journey. Definitely qualifies as a trip of a lifetime. On with the next one. Best wishes. ?
21st July 2017

Stay on board, the day after tomorrow sees Julie and commence the KLW in southern Germany. We are in the Bavarian region so the flow of beer and provision of good food should continue. Rob

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