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Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 18th 2012

Today the exams were taken and all but one passed the course... I am so proud of them all so here are the guys and gal with "Anita" their very own resus doll.... its been a great week, a massive eye opener, people can tell you about Sierra Leone but until you experience it you can never prepare yourself for what you are about to see... it really is the ugly duckling, War, Poverty and Corruption. All these people in this picture grew up in a war torn country and have many tales to tell, some were evacuated to the Gambia and some were forced to be child soldiers and they are all very patriotic and want nothing but the best for their country. They are all grateful for the teaching's they have received and have ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 17th 2012

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 16th 2012

We left the branch a bit later yesterday (15/5); leaving just 10 minutes later can make a world of difference. It took over 2 hours to return to the hotel suddenly appreciating the congestion charge in London. 2 hours of driving through the slums watching how people live, women washing clothes in water running down from the hill, children playing around the drains, men sitting drinking their beer and playing chess and older women sweeping the piles and piles of rubbish that just is never ever going to end because everywhere looks like a landfill site. Men are burning the rubbish and the people are trying to clean it up but the next minute they are dropping it again… It was 6.45pm and I noticed many school children, all in lovely school uniforms looking very smart. ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 15th 2012

There are managers toilets and there are the plebs toilets (Plebs being those not yet at management status) for those that have not yet experienced the delights of a managers toilet it is not filling with gold plated toilet seats and monkeys that wipe your bottom it is locked and it has toilet paper - that is the difference. Today I was denied access to the manager toilet "shock horror" I was told "you must use the ladies..." I thought ah well at least I always bring my own bog roll with me as I entered I was a little worried but I neednt be - this toilet was cleaner than the managers toilet, it had lovely smelling hand wash and even had a hand towel - I will use it again! :) and when I ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 14th 2012

My Flight into Freetown was delayed by 3 hours due to technical difficulties... this is becoming a habit with me! On arrival we were delayed getting off the plane as the truck that has the stairs on it broke down.... and we are back in Africa :) I came through customs and immigration wanted to check my suitcase, this was fine as I had no dodgy dolls in it this time "passport" he announced in a rather gruff voice. so I said "sure" and I chucked it on the table in front of him... he told me off, apparently I should have passed it to him with my photo ready to be looked at. I apologised and he chalked a red mark on my case and I left to find Abdul, Abdul found me easily - ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading March 27th 2012

Hi all the flight home was good, the airport in Lagos was unusually quiet - rumour has it that this is because it was early morning! when I sat in the seat on the plane a woman asked me if I would mind changing places with her daughter so they could sit together - I looked and her daughter was about 5 years old so I couldnt deny it even if the seat I was moving to was rubbish, when I moved there I sat next to a rather large woman who said to me in a very strong Nigerian Accent "I would rather you didnt sit there we wont have enough space" she was right... so I chatted to one of the stwardesses and told her the situation and I was offered either an upgrade ... read more
men at work? on African Time
Port Harcourt..
an oil tanker blew up here last week

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 26th 2012

Ella is a tall and beautiful fashion concious Nigerian lady who works in our offices in Lagos, she wears shoes that I would not only need ladders to get into but I would also need stabilisers to wear them but she wears and walks in them with finesse. I taught her last year in first aid and I consider her a friend. she approached me this morning to complain that I had not blogged for a few days... Sorry Ella x "Do you fancy a chinese tonight? I know this great place" Mike made a suggestion for food on Saturday and I thought hmmm why not - he asked Henry (driver) to drive around a bit because he couldnt remember the name of it but he could sort of remember the location. it was dark and ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 25th 2012

Gideon was the Health and Safety Manager in Ghana and has featured many times in my blogs, I grew very fond of him over the 18 months that I knew him, he introduced me to Ghana, he insulted me, he made me laugh, we had many long conversations about Ghana, England, politics, religion and his family and he met my family and Joe when he made his first ever journey on a plane to the UK... and even if he is not politically correct at all I very much consider Gideon to be a friend, as does the rest of the safety team. Gideon got himself another job with career progression, so sadly he left the company last week. Ghana will not be the same without him Good luck Gideon, I wish you all the best ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 24th 2012

Hi all, for the past two nights I have been staying in Port Harcourt, it is filled with hustle and bustle and complete Chaos and no one follows any rules or maybe its better to say they make up their own rules - it reminded me of Back to the Future "Where we are going we dont need no roads" everyone driving on the pavements, driving up and down the wrong side of the road at high speed to get there before everyone else and you cant help but fear for the cyclists! why would you cycle on these roads - are you crazy? no just Nigerian - crazy is in the blood! the last few nights I have had an admirer at the hotel, his name is Prince - not to be confused with Prince ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Port Harcourt March 22nd 2012

Nigerians to me are friendly, incredibly happy, they make me laugh constantly, they are very smart and then there are those that the media catch hold of, those that we in the UK have heard of but maybe dont understand and they let Nigeria down. one of those is Boko Haram (BH), they are a Nigerian Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram means “Western Education is Sin” and they cause much if not all of the grief that you see on the television about Nigeria. Bombings in Jos and Abuja, and kidnappings and killings. They attack Police, government, teachers and anyone who may get in their way. There are over 160 Million people living in Nigeria, 50% are Muslim and they live mainly in the North and 40% are Christian with the other 10% being other or ... read more

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