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May 15th 2012
Published: May 15th 2012
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There are managers toilets and there are the plebs toilets (Plebs being those not yet at management status) for those that have not yet experienced the delights of a managers toilet it is not filling with gold plated toilet seats and monkeys that wipe your bottom it is locked and it has toilet paper - that is the difference. Today I was denied access to the manager toilet "shock horror" I was told "you must use the ladies..." I thought ah well at least I always bring my own bog roll with me as I entered I was a little worried but I neednt be - this toilet was cleaner than the managers toilet, it had lovely smelling hand wash and even had a hand towel - I will use it again! 😊 and when I was stuck in it for my entire lunch break dure to a rain fall I was able to cope.

Really getting going today on the first aid training, the guys are really shy - the shyest of all the groups so it will take some time to get them out of their shells.

here are a few photos for you


PS Skype is out of action this week

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