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March 24th 2012
Published: March 24th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hi all,

for the past two nights I have been staying in Port Harcourt, it is filled with hustle and bustle and complete Chaos and no one follows any rules or maybe its better to say they make up their own rules - it reminded me of Back to the Future "Where we are going we dont need no roads" everyone driving on the pavements, driving up and down the wrong side of the road at high speed to get there before everyone else and you cant help but fear for the cyclists! why would you cycle on these roads - are you crazy? no just Nigerian - crazy is in the blood!

the last few nights I have had an admirer at the hotel, his name is Prince - not to be confused with Prince at the office or to be confused with Prince William. Prince constantly asked me out and pestered me for my phone number, I explained that I was married but being Nigerian this didnt matter and he still persisted - eventually though this Princess did break poor Prince's heart ...

The First aid exams went very well, everyone passed and as always there was a photo session much like being at a wedding - this is the most painful part of the week for Mike as he hates having his picture taken once let alone thirteen times.

Landing back in Lagos was good, the guy selling dodgy DVD's and CD's was still there however I dont think he will make much with dodgy copies of the Sound of Music and the very best of Chris de Burgh... Lagos actually seems to have some organisation about it today, much less chaotic - that tells you how chaotic Port Harcourt really is!

My fears of Port Harcourt have melted really, you go airport, hotel, office and that is it - as long as you dont mess about and go out elsewhere you are safe.

I have recently discovered that I have many Nigerian followers - so I would like to say thanks to you crazy guys for following my blog, you are very welcome... and thank you for looking after me.

Dont forget - photos will follow when I get home


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