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Africa » Nigeria » Logos June 13th 2012

Wednesday June 13 We're sitting between the borders of Benin and Nigeria and I'm up in the front with the Pastor (more in a minute!) when the truck jumps forward. Looking through the left side mirrors, I see we've been clipped by another truck who doesn't even stop and acknowledge it! This is coming after Benin officials accused us of having fake passports! Good morning! We were giving Pastor Emmanuel a lift into Nigeria as he'd delayed his departure to make sure Cecilia had her visa. Conversation was stilted at first but slowly warmed up as he told us a bit about himself. We'd been close to one border but were advised not to cross there and so we were heading a little further north to another crossing. Upon arrival at the border (a rope separated ... read more
Pre-birthday drinks!
Trying to squish people into the photo!
The road from Abeokuta to Lagos

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 26th 2012

Ella is a tall and beautiful fashion concious Nigerian lady who works in our offices in Lagos, she wears shoes that I would not only need ladders to get into but I would also need stabilisers to wear them but she wears and walks in them with finesse. I taught her last year in first aid and I consider her a friend. she approached me this morning to complain that I had not blogged for a few days... Sorry Ella x "Do you fancy a chinese tonight? I know this great place" Mike made a suggestion for food on Saturday and I thought hmmm why not - he asked Henry (driver) to drive around a bit because he couldnt remember the name of it but he could sort of remember the location. it was dark and ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 25th 2012

Gideon was the Health and Safety Manager in Ghana and has featured many times in my blogs, I grew very fond of him over the 18 months that I knew him, he introduced me to Ghana, he insulted me, he made me laugh, we had many long conversations about Ghana, England, politics, religion and his family and he met my family and Joe when he made his first ever journey on a plane to the UK... and even if he is not politically correct at all I very much consider Gideon to be a friend, as does the rest of the safety team. Gideon got himself another job with career progression, so sadly he left the company last week. Ghana will not be the same without him Good luck Gideon, I wish you all the best ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 24th 2012

Hi all, for the past two nights I have been staying in Port Harcourt, it is filled with hustle and bustle and complete Chaos and no one follows any rules or maybe its better to say they make up their own rules - it reminded me of Back to the Future "Where we are going we dont need no roads" everyone driving on the pavements, driving up and down the wrong side of the road at high speed to get there before everyone else and you cant help but fear for the cyclists! why would you cycle on these roads - are you crazy? no just Nigerian - crazy is in the blood! the last few nights I have had an admirer at the hotel, his name is Prince - not to be confused with Prince ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 19th 2012

Hello all, firstly you will notice my Nigeria Blogs will not have any photos, I will be taking them but on my old camera. For my own securty due to going to Port Harcourt I decided it was best not to bring my SLR. I have not brought the cable for my old camera so I will upload any photos when I get home. This time I flew Virgin airlines and atually they were really good, the plane was almost empty so many of us did the ritual of moving fast to get the best seats so we could lie down - two women even had a row over it. at that point I laid down and got at least 20 winks. On the flight I met a gent called Valentine, he was keen to show ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 18th 2011

it is lunchtime here in Lagos and it is incredibly humid, there are so many power cuts on a daily basis no one even notices them anymore, they just carry on regardless. Horns are beeping and people are walking up and down the street with their shopping on their heads. this morning I came in and listened to the Health and Safety briefing, it was short so I came away to set up for the first aid assessments, I later discovered that they were short for a reason, it was so that Jane and I could be introduced along with all of the Safety committee.... ooops. I have since given my apologies. when I arrived to set up two of the first aiders were already here, they were in full practice, I was really proud to ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 17th 2011

From 8am to 9am every day this week there has been a speaker discussing different aspects of health and safety to 250 people from the whole company - todays speaker discussed respiritory systems, as part of his discussion he talked about smoking, he advised that smoking was neither good for you or bad for you ... infact its up to you to decide for yourself, I thought hmmm I am not sure about this one I will talk to the first aiders about this in the class. we talked about the dangers of smoking, some agreed that smoking is bad for you but if you smoke it is your choice and you still get cancer anyway if you dont smoke. A gentleman asked me about breast cancer, he said that in Nigeria they can predict it ... read more
exam practice
more exam practice

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 16th 2011

“What coffee you like?” Victor asked me yesterday “I always get Mike his favourite coffee when he comes” I smiled and said “don’t worry about me I don’t drink coffee, I am a PG tips girl and Mike says you cant get that in Africa” surprised Victor replied “WHAT? Who told him that? We will see” and then he left with a cheeky grin. This morning Victor came in the office with a box of PG tips, how lush! all the guys had a taste of them too and agreed that PG tips are good ... the attached PG tip pictures are taken for Mike I had my 250 person manual handling course – seemed to be popular – the first aiders helped me – they did the practical demonstrations and then Sheygan (not sure how ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 15th 2011

or so they tell me... its a herbal remedy with magic spells... hmmm I dont think so and most of them dont beleive it either... On driving into work Jane has been pointing out these incredible slums, Nigeria is very overcrowded and is filled with much poverty such as the rest of Africa therefore they build where they can. These slums are built on the water on a lagoon, they are huts built on stilts and this area is called Makako. Many fishermen and families from the country areas come to Lagos in the hope of finding their riches and a better life in Nigerias Oil Rich capital of Lagos; however this does not always happen for them, two out of three Lagos residents live in slums with no access to clean readily available water, electricity ... read more
Nigeria's biggest Slum area

Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 14th 2011

not good when its really hot and you are drinking tons of water to have no loo roll - thank god its only number ones... will remember it tommorow. On arrival at the office today I went out to the yard where they are holding the HSE week meetings, the one hour sessions in the morning, I will be holding one of the sessions on Wednesday - there were at least 200 people there ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh how many?! ok chill out I can cope - there is a first time for everything - just imagine them all naked - eurgh no I cant do that - just forget they are there - yes thats better - hey I will have a mic - I can pretend to be Madonna (without the outfits). For lunch today I was ... read more
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