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March 26th 2012
Published: March 26th 2012
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Ella is a tall and beautiful fashion concious Nigerian lady who works in our offices in Lagos, she wears shoes that I would not only need ladders to get into but I would also need stabilisers to wear them but she wears and walks in them with finesse. I taught her last year in first aid and I consider her a friend. she approached me this morning to complain that I had not blogged for a few days... Sorry Ella x

"Do you fancy a chinese tonight? I know this great place" Mike made a suggestion for food on Saturday and I thought hmmm why not - he asked Henry (driver) to drive around a bit because he couldnt remember the name of it but he could sort of remember the location. it was dark and I watched everyone heading out to nightclubs and parties or taking their girlfriends out to dinner. It took a while so Mike gave up and said "this one, Asian Village, this will do"

As we walked up the stairs the restaurant was fillled with cigarette smoke, yet the very large restaurant was empty except for a small oriental group of people smoking and a Nigerian man in a glass box ??!. Looking back, this should have been our cue to leave....

We looked at the menu and after much consideration I chose sweet and sour chicken (played it safe) and Mike chose Beef Stripe in chilli sauce, (assuming this to be a spelling error and actually to mean strips - infact he asked the waiter and he confirmed this!)

Our dinner finally arrived, mine was Chicken in what we think was worcester sauce and Mikes was tripe (it looked like a bowl of dead caterpillars!) ... he was livid - he sent it back and got the beef - but by the time they brought it we were ready to leave so we had them pack it up and gave it to Henry...

Today in the office Victor handed me 166 copies of feedback forms about the HSE week last week, the were at least 20 people that had negative comments about my sessions, "from cant understand her accent" to "get a doctor to do it next time" I told Victor I knew nothing about eyes - it was a bad subject for me!! at least there are another 146 with nice things to say 😊.

Today I helped Mike to complete a safety training update, the Safety committee wanted more knowledge on Accident investigation. we also handed out the first of the Safety Representative Books that I created with the help of the safety managers from the different countries - I was really pleased to see it go out finally as I have been working on it for over a year now!

I will be off to the airport and heading home tommorow,

take care



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